5 DIY Tree Stump Fairy House Plans You Can Make Today

Trees are a excellent addition to any property due to the fact they supply shade. Regrettably, trees also die, and you will need to cut them down, frequently leaving an uncovered stump that can be unattractive. Eliminating the stump can be costly, so numerous folks look for other alternatives. A single of the very best techniques to rework an outdated stump is to change it into a fairy home, so preserve reading through as we give you with numerous plans that demonstrate you how to do just that.

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The Top 5 DIY Tree Stump Fairy House Plans

1. Gnome House by Living Life to the Fullest

Materials: Plywood
Tools: Screwdriver, glue gun
Difficulty: Easy

The gnome property is a simple program displaying you how to use simple and effortless-to-discover materials to produce an attractive faux property from an old stump. The plan utilizes strips of low-cost wood on pegboard to construct the roof. You also make the entrance doorway and windows out of spare lumber, so it’s extremely customizable. There are also a lot of choices for paint and stain, which support make this a fun newbie task.

2. Gnome Tree Home by Instructables

Materials: Plywood wood, shingles, screws, nails
Tools: Screwdriver, saw, hammer
Difficulty: Moderate

The gnome tree residence is a fantastic undertaking that’s very good for beginners and intermediate builders. The concluded solution seems to be remarkable partly owing to the intricate roof that seems intricate but is only carpenter shims and felt paper. The easy-to-comply with program also demonstrates you how to make home windows and doorways, and the increased your ability level, the a lot more intricate you can make these elements for the residence.

3. Gnome Tree Stump House by Gregg’s Miniature Imaginations

Materials: Papier-mâché, leaves, doll toys
Tools: Paintbrush, glue gun
Difficulty: Easy

The gnome tree stump home is distinct than the other ideas on this record simply because it is not a strategy for recycling an old tree stump. Alternatively, this program involves making a phony tree stump out of papier-mâché. We provided it listed here simply because it’s packed with information on how you can embellish a fairy house. There are numerous fantastic ideas for making use of aged doll household furniture and even handcrafted types to generate the interior of the home. This strategy operates particularly well if your tree trunk has a huge gap in it or if you have the equipment to make a single.

4. DIY Fairy House by Vickie

Materials: Twine, small stones, colored string, Styrofoam
Tools: Glue, gun, scissors
Difficulty: Easy

The Do it yourself fairy residence is 1 of our favorite tasks simply because it uses easy, economical objects that you can obtain at the greenback store or your nearby interest middle to generate anything remarkable. There’s no need to minimize any wooden, so it is a risk-free task for young children and infinitely customizable, so you are sure to finish up with anything that seems great. The recommendations are also in movie format, so they are easy to comply with.

5. Tree Stump Gnome Home by HubPages

Materials: Plywood
Tools: Screwdriver, glue gun
Difficulty: Easy

The tree stump gnome home is a wonderful undertaking that walks you through the different components of constructing a fairy residence. It covers distinct ways to make the doorways and home windows and even discusses the landscape around the house so you can achieve a full influence. It’s a excellent area to start if you’re looking for one thing that supplies tips alternatively of a step-by-action plan.

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Tips for Creating a Tree Stump Fairy House

Safety Equipment

When operating on any undertaking, the most crucial factor is to safeguard your overall health and basic safety, so just before you get began, ensure that you have the suitable safety gear. For example, if you are cutting or carving into the stump, you must shield your eyes and fingers from flying debris, so protection goggles and function gloves are needed. Anything at all that produces dust, like slicing wood, will call for eye protection and a protection mask, and anything that makes a strong vapor, like glue or paint, will need plenty of ventilation and a basic safety mask. Really don't skimp on safety equipment — you can reuse most of it, and an incident can cause long lasting damage.


The roof is very likely the most difficult component of a fairy residence undertaking since it’s huge and has to sit right. Inexpensive plywood is a good selection simply because it’s simple to minimize and make into the shape of a standard rooftop. A newbie can make some thing simple, although an skilled woodworker can make one thing complicated. You can also use a large piece of bark from an previous tree or acquire a completely ready-manufactured roof at your nearby pastime shop.

Windows and Doors

The windows and doorways are what will change your previous tree stump into a fairy house. It’s straightforward to purchase these items at your neighborhood hobby store if you’re not skilled at crafts. However, these products are straightforward to develop making use of aged popsicle sticks, tiny twigs, and similar items, and developing them from scratch can support you make anything special to your persona.


If the stump is really big and in good shape, you may well be able to carve out inside rooms. Adding an inside to your fairy property can thrust the illusion even even more, and you can embellish it with miniature toys that you can acquire at the dollar store or may well even have lying close to the property if you have young children.


Another way to make your fairy property look much more practical is to create a tiny landscape close to it so the small men and women who live there can have a superb garden to play in. Small coloured rocks like these you might put in a fish tank function fairly properly, but you can also use dirt, mulch, or everything else that looks very good.

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Creating a fairy house is a wonderful way to repurpose an ugly tree stump. It is straightforward to produce, and we feel that you will be amazed at how remarkable it can be. It can be tough to find in depth plans, but we’re self-assured that if you start with the gnome residence or gnome tree residence, you’ll get a good sense of what you require to do, and your imagination will take above to help you create one thing that evokes other folks.

Highlighted Picture Credit score: Justine Meyer, Unsplash