5 DIY Wreath Hangers You Can Make at Home Today (With Pictures)

You introduced residence a lovely wreath to hang – only to understand that you have no way to cling it. You could purchase a wreath hanger, but then you’d have to hold out on the hanger to get to your property. Furthermore, these are inclined to be remarkably costly.

Alternatively, you can make a wreath hanger fairly very easily. Most folks have the things required for this Diy undertaking lying all around their house. Furthermore, there are many techniques to make a wreath hanger. Consequently, consider another if you don’t have the supplies for a single prepare.

We have detailed several strategies below, making it possible for you to pick whichever option you like greatest (or can do promptly).

The Prime 5 Diy Wreath Hangers

one. Wire Hanger Method by Do-it-yourself Impressed

Resources: Wire hanger, wire cutter
Difficulty: Easy

All you require is a wire hanger and wire cutters for this approach. You’ll need to have to make several cuts to separate the hanger in two. Then, you can bend the wire to hold a wreath. This method assumes that you have anything to hang the back again of the hanger on, as effectively. For that reason, it functions best when hanging a wreath on best of one thing, but it isn’t very ideal for the entrance door.

Either way, this approach is very easy and should only take a few minutes.

2. Pipe Cleaner Approach

Supplies: Pipe cleaner
Problems: Effortless

For this technique, all you want is a pipe cleaner. You will connect the pipe cleaner to the wreath and then make a loop. For that reason, you can dangle the wreath anywhere, assuming there’s a hook. Although this approach calls for discovering a hook of some form, it makes hanging wreaths on hooks significantly more powerful.

You can make a hook from anything at all, as properly. You can also obtain adhesive hooks that can final a long time on a front doorway. Alternatively, you can use a nail, however this would indicate putting a gap in a wall.

three. A bit Diverse Wire Hanger Method by Quite Providence

Materials: Wire hanger
Trouble: Straightforward

For this approach, you’ll also need to have a wire hanger. Even so, you will only be untwisting the hanger—not reducing it. As a result, it works fantastic for those who really do not have wire cutters lying about. The method is fairly uncomplicated.

Nevertheless, we do suggest adorning the wire with yarn or ribbon. Otherwise, it does not look the very best. It could do with a little fixing up.

4. Ribbon Strategy by BHG

Materials: Ribbon, Scissors
Difficulty: Easy

One particular of the easiest ways to hold a wreath is to use a ribbon. Just put, you will want to wrap the ribbon around the wreath and then attach it to the door. As you’d assume, this is extremely easy. There are many approaches to connect the ribbon to your door. One of them is to staple it in excess of the leading of the doorway. Nonetheless, this approach is straightforward to edit, allowing you to alter it to your set up.

Discovering a good ribbon for this approach is incredibly useful. You want it to search great and preferably match your wreath.

5. Box Wreath Hanger by Lady in the Garage

Supplies: Aged drawer, Paint, Plywood, Noticed, Sandpaper, Stain, Hook (and issues to put in the hook)
Trouble: Medium

This method is considerably much more involved than other people. It requires hanging a wreath and producing a total platform for putting it on. You’ll require an aged drawer to use as the “box” for hanging and a lot of paint. The measures are fairly easy, even if the formatting of the recommendations is a bit confusing. Thankfully, there are a lot of pictures, so you should have no issue following alongside.

Due to the fact this alternative is so significantly much more associated, many measures are concerned. Consequently, we recommend this only for people with lots of time. Getting some Do it yourself capabilities from previous initiatives is also beneficial.

You can simply edit this technique to suit your demands. You can alter the paint shade, hook, and stain. Consequently, you can effortlessly make the finished task yours.


There are a lot of ways to cling a wreath. Several methods use wire hangers reduce or twisted to switch them into wreath hooks. Even so, these only perform for wreaths becoming hung on doorways. Ribbons and pipe cleaners can make hoops or hold wreaths straight on doors.

If you have added time on your fingers, think about producing a total hanging box to show your wreath in. Of system, this functions best for indoor displays. It may be a bit much more work upfront, but it tends to make a lovely centerpiece for a wall or fire.

Featured Picture Credit history: Anastasia Shuraeva, Pexels