5 Ideas for How to Cover a Closet Without Doors (+20 Examples with Pictures)

If your closet does not have doors on it, your room can seem disheveled and disorganized. Luckily, there are some quick approaches to go over up your closet without having investing a fortune or hiring a skilled for the installation. Under are 20 of the greatest methods for masking closets without having doorways in 2022.

Top 5 Ideas for How to Cover a Closet Without Doors

1. Window or Shower Curtains

The easiest way to include a closet with out doorways is to use a shower or window curtain as the doorway. All you will want to do is install a curtain rod over the closet door. Then, decide on a curtain that matches the decor of your area and dangle it up. It’s as straightforward as that!

The splendor of this notion is that it is easy to set up. It doesn’t need substantial capabilities or understanding, and it is cost-effective. All the although, it will disguise the contents of your closet and make your space look cleanse and put collectively. Since the curtains lie flat, this thought is even ideal for modest rooms.

One thing else which is actually great about employing window or shower curtains is that it is easy to open and near your closet. This can make it straightforward to obtain the contents speedily and well timed.

  • Large Curtain

  • Large Curtains

  • Curtains

  • Separate Curtains

2. Dividers

If you want something a little bit a lot more substantial, you can use a divider in excess of the doorway as an alternative. Dividers arrive in a lot of shapes and varieties. You can really attach the divider to the top of the door frame and let it to open and shut with a sliding mechanism, or you can location it just in entrance of the closet.

The options are nearly countless when it will come to a divider. You can use the basic foldable screen divider if you have ample area in your space. You could also put in a wood panel to generate your very own mock divider.

The tricky thing about this thought is that it does require a bit more space. You want the divider to close off your closet without producing your whole place truly feel as well cramped. If your area is massive adequate for a divider, this can be a stylish and excellent different to a classic closet door.

Some thing else to believe about is that you really do not want to use a divider in this kind of a way that it makes going into your closet a hassle. Alternatively, spot the divider far adequate absent from the closet so that you can easily go guiding the divider. Once once more, this demands a great deal of space to do appropriately.

  • Door Divider

  • Shelf Divider

  • Sliding Door

  • Wall Divider

  • Room Divider

3. Glass Doors

If you really don't at the moment have doorways on your closet, you can constantly insert glass paneling or mirrors in entrance of the door. This will require you to install an genuine doorway-like characteristic, which will need much more money and capabilities. Nonetheless, this is an incredibly classy and beautiful way to go over up your open closet.

If you pick mirrored glass especially, you get to eliminate two birds with a single stone. You get to protect the closet even though providing yourself a mirror to search in when you need to have to verify out your outfit.

  • Glass Wall

  • Glass Door

  • Glass Cabinet Door

  • Sliding Mirror Door

4. Embrace the Openness

Even however you could be tempted to close your closet off if it does not have any doors, definitely contemplate leaving it open up. In 2022, an open up style is the rage. What this implies is that your closet will not search dated or poor if it does not have a doorway.

If you do not put a door on your closet, what you will need to have to do is make confident your closet stays arranged and place together. You may want to add a refreshing coat of paint so that every thing seems put together and organized.

  • Open Closet

  • Open Closet

  • Open Closet

5. Use a Clothes Rack

One more way to embrace openness is to use a fabric rack. The garments rack puts your clothing on show and makes them a piece of the decor. This is a good option if you really do not have a vintage closet but still want everything to appear arranged, set together, and stylish.

  • Open Clothes Rack

  • Divider Clothes Rack

  • Shelf Clothes Rack

  • Large Shelf Clothes Rack


How Can I Cover My Closet Without a Door?

If your closet does not have a doorway on it, you really do not have everything to fear about. There are a assortment of things you can use to protect your door for little to no value. Something from a shower curtain to an extra mirror can be put over the closet opening as a makeshift doorway.

It’s critical to level out that you really do not absolutely need a doorway more than your closet. In 2022, open up types and open up closets will be extremely stunning. So, really do not truly feel compelled to add a doorway in excess of your closet if you don’t genuinely want to. Just preserve your clothing and closet structured, and its open style will seem gorgeous.


At the finish of the day, you can use virtually anything to protect up a closet with no a doorway. The most popular alternative is a window curtain due to the fact it is reasonably priced, easy to install, gorgeous, and offers simple access to your closet. You can also decide for a divider or glass door, or you can even embrace the openness totally.

Irrespective of which alternative you choose, make confident it matches your style and funds. You also want it easy enough to install and give quick access to the contents of your closet. Very good luck!

Showcased Impression Credit history: Pixabay