5 Types Of Grass In Michigan – Top Choices for Your Lawn

Nearly absolutely everyone enjoys getting a healthier, green garden that will make their property and house a lot more lovely. Receiving that perfect garden can be difficult if you are not acquainted with the species that operate effectively for your area.

Under, we will listing five kinds of grass best for Michigan lawns, including grasses that perform well for cold climates.

The Top 5 Types Of Grass In Michigan

1. Kentucky Bluegrass

Maintenance needs: High
Water requirements: Weekly
Sun requirements: Full sun/partial shade

Kentucky Bluegrass is a cold-season, perennial grass. It grows most during spring and tumble, although it is sluggish-increasing even then. This grass is very hardy and has exceptional self-repair qualities. Some types can be inclined to tension injury, and most species really don't tolerate also a lot shade.

Kentucky Bluegrass has shallow roots that can make it less resistant to warmth and drought. People love this species due to the distinctive blue/inexperienced emerald colour. You ought to do regular servicing from March to Could.

2. Tall Fescue

tall fescue grass
Image Credit: Sheryl Watson, Shutterstock
Maintenance needs: Low
Water requirements: Occasional watering
Sun requirements: Full sun/partial shade

Tall Fescue is one more perennial, chilly-time grass. It’s very best to plant it during drop and spring, somewhere in entire sunshine or partial shade. This grass species functions flawlessly for folks who want anything minimal-maintenance as it only needs occasional watering. Tall Fescue can expand in nearly any soil and has a decent chilly tolerance.

It can also bear by means of sizzling seasons, but it will require much more water if the temperature will get substantial. The most widespread varieties of this grass sort are the Black Beauty and the Dense Shade blend.

3. Perennial Ryegrass

Maintenance needs: High
Water requirements: Weekly
Sun requirements: Full sun/light shade

Perennial Ryegrass is a cold-season grass that grows really quick, creating it stand out between other grass sorts. You can use it as lawn grass or as pasture grass. It has a lush look, and it rapidly germinates, generating it fantastic for golf classes and faculty areas.

This grass grows ideal in total sun, although it can tolerate light shade. It demands weekly watering and maintenance from March to May possibly. This species is chilly-tolerant, and it can be heat tolerant also based on the selection.

4. Fine Fescues

Maintenance needs: Low
Water requirements: Weekly
Sun requirements: Full sun/partial shade

Good Fescue is one more cold-year grass species, and some of the most well-liked varieties are the Creeping Redd, Sheep fescue, and Chewings fescue. They are superb for colder regions, and they all have a spectacular color. When planting this grass species you should plant it in entire sunshine or partial shade to thrive.

This plant prefers clay soil, though it can increase in various soils. You shouldn’t fertilize often, but it is still good follow on situation.

5. Bentgrass

Bentgrass with flowers
Image Credit: giedre vaitekune, Shutterstock
Maintenance needs: Low
Water requirements: Daily
Sun requirements: Partial shade

Bentgrass is one more perennial, chilly-seasoned grass that thrives in cold, damp conditions. It tolerates lower mowing, making it excellent for lawns and golfing courses. This grass would die from as well considerably sunshine, so it is very best to location it in partial shade. Bentgrass is usually reduced-upkeep, though it demands far more maintenance throughout hot months.

Just before you plant it, put together the turf bed appropriately and include enough compost to advertise germination. When the turf establishes, you want to insert some fertilizer, and your Bentgrass will expand in no time.

Tips for growing grass in Michigan

Most grasses perform well in Michigan if you plant them in early drop. Prior to planting the grass, make certain you have substantial-high quality seeds, and that your soil matches the requirements of the grass you are planting. Just before planting a specific grass kind, usually check for the local weather, soil, and water specifications of the species.

Some grasses need more maintenance than other people, so that’s an additional factor to have in mind. If you don’t have adequate time you can dedicate to your lawn, it’s very best to select low-upkeep grasses this kind of as Tall Fescue, Bentgrass, or Fine Fescue.


Grasses that function effectively in Michigan are frequently cold-seasoned, and everybody should be capable to uncover a suited species for their garden. Before planting, evaluate all the possibilities to uncover the grass type that will function for your needs. As extended as you provide the grass with adequate care and adhere to the planting recommendations, your lawn should seem lovely!


Highlighted Image Credit: Sheryl Watson, Shutterstock