51 DIY Wood Carving & Whittling Projects (with Pictures)

51 DIY Wood Carving & Whittling Projects (with Pictures)

Wooden carving and whittling is a great way to pass the time and produce some thing artistic. If you are a woodcarver, you could be searching for some new initiatives to develop, so we’ve assembled as massive a record as feasible to help give you concepts no matter what your talent stage is. Some tasks are functional although other folks are purely for demonstrate, but every single will assist enhance your capabilities to just take on far more intricate assignments.

Sign up for us whilst we search at each concept and talk a small about it, so you have a excellent idea if it is right for you.

51 Wood Carving and Whittling Ideas

1. Walking Stick Face

The walking stick is a fantastic initial project for any wooden whittler, and you can go away it basic or generate patterns on the side. Producing the going for walks adhere face like the one listed here probably a little a lot more innovative, but you can function up to it with less complicated designs.

2. Comfort Birdie

The Comfort and ease Birdie is perfect for novice and intermediate whittlers, and it assists you get a perception of proportion as you produce. Placing a great end on it makes it stand out, and it would make a excellent tree ornament.

3. Comfort Cat

The Comfort Cat is comparable to the Ease and comfort Birdie. It’s also a great task to aid work on your skills of proportion and results in an desirable attractive item that makes a wonderful gift.

4. Comfort Eagle

The Comfort and ease Eagle is related to the previous two tips, but it is more innovative. As soon as you have hewn your capabilities on the prior two, this Comfort and ease Eagle is a deserving task that will switch heads.

5. Wooden Chickens

These Picket Chickens will enhance the appear of any outdoor region. You can customise them and make them different sizes and colours, and they are a excellent undertaking for beginner and intermediate carvers.

6. Wooden Mice

An additional great project for the beginner woodworker is this Picket Mice style. The ears are made like the bodies and glue into holes like the eyes. You can utilize several different finishes to customize the physical appearance.

7. Wooden Mice 2

Here is a minor bit a lot more sophisticated model of the earlier task which is properly suited to intermediate degree carvers. The angle can be a bit tough, and the ears are a little bit far more thorough.

8. Sparrow

The Sparrow is a fantastic project for novice and intermediate stage carvers. The all round form is easy, but the beak, tail, and eyes will present far more of a challenge.

9. Owl

This picket owl is comparable to the previous idea but is a tiny far more difficult. The tough component will be receiving the beak correct, adopted by the eyes.

10. Chess Set

This Chess Set notion is an superior level project very best remaining to expert carvers. Nevertheless, much less skilled whittlers can get a head commence by generating the general designs.

11. Snowman

The Snowman is a wonderful undertaking for rookie and intermediate woodworkers. The hat is the only true challenging element, and it’s very customizable. You can also apply several different finishes to accomplish distinct effects, and it tends to make a great tree ornament.

12. Pinetree

This Pinetree thought goes perfectly with the Snowman and is a great holiday getaway venture. It’s a minor more hard to create, although, and greatest still left to intermediate and sophisticated degree carvers.

13. Family Figures

Household Figures are a great project for newbies, and you can develop one for every member of the family. They also make fantastic toys for youngsters.

14. River Stones

The River Stones assignments are one of the very best very first initiatives for beginners simply because you don’t have to make the stones flawlessly. It is all about getting the form, and soon after you make couple of you will be able to consider what you have discovered to other projects.

15. Stacker Toy

After you have gotten your stone shape down in the final task, you can consider strengthening more by generating this basic child stacker toy. This thought is also great for game titles the place you require to maintain score.

16. Fable Set

If you are hunting for an advanced project to generate, you can consider your hand at this Fable Set. The Fable Established task characteristics five items, a gentleman, a boat, a cabbage, a sheep, and a wolf, making it possible for you to visualize the historical river.

17. Nativity Set

If your abilities are very good adequate to develop the Fable Established, you can consider this innovative 8-piece Nativity Established. The smaller the parts, the a lot more challenging to carve.

18. Wooden Cat

This Wood Cat project is wonderful for pet proprietors and, with the correct complete, will make a amazing Halloween decoration. It’s moderately difficult to carve.

19. Serene Cat

The Serene Cat is a medium to superior project that benefits in an desirable statue of a cat carrying out yoga. The face and arms are a tough element of this task.

20. Elephant

The Elephant can be a fun venture for moderately expert woodcarvers to tackle. It can be fairly tough to get the ears and tusk correctly proportioned.

21. Yoga Stretch

The yoga Extend is a fantastic project for innovative whittlers that is deceptively challenging but outcomes in a statue that looks good in any house or workplace.

22. Swan

The swan is a undertaking that a beginner can comprehensive with endurance. You can make it any dimensions, and it seems nice with a excellent end.

23. Deer Necklace

The Deer Necklace task is one particular greatest left to experienced wooden whittlers. It has intricate antlers that can show tough to generate, and the ears are also fragile

24. Elephant Necklace

The Elephant Necklace is a lot less complicated to develop than our previous example and should be achievable by a novice or intermediate woodcarver.

25. Heart Necklace

The Coronary heart Necklace is an additional straightforward to develop necklace that is best for Valentine’s working day. It is a basic design and style that seems wonderful when concluded.

26. Earrings

These wood earrings are simple to develop and are a perfect undertaking for newbies. Utilizing light-weight wood, you can make many sets till you produce the best style.

27. Bear Broach

The Bear Broach is a moderately hard venture that benefits in an desirable pin that you or your beloved a single can use to occasions and functions especially nicely with knitted apparel.

28. Four Leaf Clover Keychain

The 4 Leaf Clover keychain is effortless to develop, however some of the cuts are slim and do not offer significantly room for the knife blade.

29. Cocobolo Key Chain

The Cocobolo Keychain is really a bit simpler than several other individuals on this list and is a fantastic commencing position for entry-amount woodcarvers. There is no distinct style, and you are only going for a basic condition.

30. Crow

The Crow is a great task for novices and intermediate woodworkers. There are no sharp angles, and you can develop a streamlined layout with no much energy. Some black paint can aid full the look of the crow.

31. Cardinal

The Cardinal is very a bit far more difficult than the Crow we have just talked about. Not only is the carving much more in depth, but it will require excellent talent in portray.

32. Bull

An simple to construct project to get started wood carving is the wooden Bull. This project only requires you to get the fundamental shape, and there are no intricate styles.

33. Horse

The Horse task is comparable to the Bull but is somewhat far more hard than the Bull but is nevertheless effortless to produce. The snout and legs are the most challenging part.

34. Milo Horse

The Milo Horse is an additional horse project but is far more advanced and might require more skills than a rookie possesses. The spot close to the head can be specifically hard to carve.

35. Zen Garden Horse

The Zen Backyard Horse is an instance of how a experienced carver can use intricate types to make a straightforward carving seem sophisticated. This horse’s fundamental condition is not that different from the earlier illustrations, but the intricate carving tends to make it occur to life.

36. Whale

The Whale is a fantastic project for newcomers and is simple however tough to get the back fin the way you want it. The entrance fins can also be deceptively difficult, and if you really do not get them right, the whale will rock.

37. Leaf Shaped Appetizer Bowl

The Leaf Shaped Appetizer Bowl is a helpful project for newbies. It’s not challenging to get the form proper, and it’s big sufficient that you can use the wood for other projects if something goes wrong.

38. Wooden Kitchen Utensils

Valuable assignments are the very best sort to make, and wood utensils are surely on that listing. Try out generating the whole set for 6 resources to assist you prepare dinner. Wooden utensils handle the heat significantly much better than the plastic variations, and they will not scratch your pots like steel.

39. Wooden Bowl

Because we’ve previously created picket utensils, it only makes perception to make picket bowls, and the very good information is that you can make them even if you are a rookie. Woodworkers typically make a bowl on a lathe, but you can carve them if you have the tolerance. A set of chisels will aid.

40. Wooden Cup

If you had been successful with the wood bowl, the following action would logically be the picket cup. Cups are frequently deeper and narrower than bowls, and you will also need to carve the handle.

41. Wooden Platter

If you have previously made the bowl and the cup, the platter will be a walk in the park. Most novices should be capable to make it. The hardest element is the lip around the edge and carving it to sit flat.

42. Pizza Cutting Board

The Pizza Chopping Board is not considerably various from a platter. It is easy to carve if you have a massive ample board, or you will need to be skilled in joining boards. The deal with is the only other tough element.

43. Standard Cutting Board

The Normal Slicing Board is an effortless venture and is the place numerous woodworkers commence. It results in a valuable instrument that will final you numerous many years, and the details like size and form are not that crucial as prolonged as it’s big and steady enough to cut on.

44. Pizza Serving Dish

The Pizza Serving Dish is equivalent to the pizza slicing board but with some upgrades. The task cuts the board into pizza-sized parts so you can provide your pizza by the slice, every single with a flawlessly sized picket tray.

45. Unfinished Clock

Another project comparable to the reducing board that you may want to try is the Unfinished Clock. This simple venture adds a timekeeping mechanism to a flat round board. You can cave or paint the quantities in if you like, and you can also adjust the condition.

46. Stake Clock

We wished to give you at the very least one case in point of how significantly you can get the clock style with a minor creativity. The Stake Clock practically appears like one thing from Star Trek but is simple to carve.

47. Eyeglass Holder

If you are a person who loses their glasses when you take them off, this reasonably difficult eyeglass holder is the perfect resolution. A newbie can produce it with endurance, and you really don't need to have the layout perfect for it to work.

48. Cat Phone Holder

The Cat Phone Holder is a ideal example of how a task does not require to be hard to be valuable. You can complete this undertaking in a one day, and it will serve you for many years. It’s also extremely customizable, so you can personalize it.

49. Perpetual Calendar

The Perpetual Calendar is the best task for somebody experienced at woodworking and seeking for something challenging. There is plenty of intricate carving, and assembly is also tricky but benefits in a calendar that lasts forever.

50. Mortar and Pestle

A picket mortar and pestle are less difficult to carve than you may possibly believe. You can also beautify it with carvings on the side. If you grind refreshing herbs, you are going to locate the mortar and pestle very beneficial.

51. Honey Dipper

The honey dipper is a fantastic task for intermediate woodworkers. It’s basic in design, but it may be challenging to develop a honey-gripping condition with good results. If you take in a lot of honey, you have to give this undertaking a attempt.


We hope you have appreciated looking through in excess of this long listing of assignments and identified some that you want to try. If you are new to carving, we advise starting simple with the chopping board or picket earrings just before making an attempt out a lot more challenging projects. Expert whittlers can attempt more challenging assignments, but you can also include a skilled touch to the less difficult kinds.

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Featured Impression Credit rating: fsHH, Pixabay