6 DIY Potting Bench Plans You Can Build Today

Potting benches make your backyard garden more lovely, no matter whether you are a weekend warrior or hardcore gardener. They enable you to do all gardening obligations whilst standing, saving your again from bending for a long time.

These potting benches are straightforward to build from scratch utilizing covert repurposed furniture or reclaimed wooden. You can incorporate the a variety of types to make your potting bench have an sophisticated appear.

Just before we seem at the a variety of potting bench ideas, let us search at some of the factors you want to think about when developing a potting bench.

DIY Potting Bench Plans You Can Build Today

Below are some potting bench programs that you can use to construct a sturdy wooden bench for your garden. Even although some might be a little bit difficult, they are all satisfying in the potential.

1. Simple Double-Shelved Potting Bench

This double-shelved potting bench is simple to construct for any individual with fundamental woodworking abilities. It has big shelves for housing your gardening instruments and potted crops & flowers.

It is durable, functional, and lasts for an extended time period. The extensive working area has plenty of space to perform on. In addition, the potting bench is compact hence normally takes a tiny spot and is fast to assemble.

2. Pallet Potting Bench

This potting bench is ideal for folks with a restricted funds since it is produced with low-cost developing supplies. But it is strong, purposeful, and durable therefore you see the benefit of your funds.

It is simple to develop and provides an lovely look to your area. It has a big functioning area with a suited height for any individual.

3. Potting Bench with Storage Compartment

If you are searching for a potting bench that is simple to boot, search no other than this one particular. It is just a mere table with an beneath self.

It has a tiny storage compartment that you can use to keep instruments and supplies that need to have protection from the components.

4. The 3-Tier Potting Bench

This is an exceptional potting bench and will add a serene touch to your garden. It is suited for people who want to screen a lot of their vegetation and pot them in one region.

This means that you will set up all your bouquets and plants in 1 spot for a fascinating look. It is straightforward to assemble, and it is sturdy.

5. Covered Potting Bench

This protected potting bench is wonderful, and you will enjoy it. It has plentiful room to store your vegetation and pots. In addition, the bench offers a lot more room for hanging your pots.

The potting bench has a roof masking the total workspace. The leading assists to supply shade, specially throughout very hot times.

6. An Organized Potting Bench

As the identify implies, this potting bench is extremely structured and basic to create. It has plenty of storage spaces to hold a variety of gardening tools, making the potting job less complicated.

The bench has perfect open shelving and a sink the place the filth goes by way of into the bucket beneath, slicing down the filth squander. It is useful, tough, and functional.

Things to Consider When Building a Potting Bench

The Potting Bench Height and Size

The main function of potting benches is to help you function with ease and convenience. Depending on the building plan you want to use, your potting benches can be twin practical, portable, or compact.

The greater part of the potting benches have a length of about forty six to sixty inches and a top of about fifty two to sixty inches. Even so, you need to develop a potting bench as per your wants and technical specs.

For illustration, if you are limited, you need a potting bench that is quick enough to guarantee you do not pressure to achieve the functioning area, much more so when operating for an prolonged period.

Materials to Use

Most potting benches are made of wooden, but others are made of metals and other sturdy components. Make sure you use temperature-resistant supplies for durability reasons.

6 DIY Potting Bench Plans You Can Build Today
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The Use and Location of the Potting Bench

Prior to you start off developing your potting bench, it is vital to consider exactly where you want to property it. Many preserve their potting benches on the again porches even though other folks are in greenhouses.

For instance, if you want to have a dual purpose piece for potting plants & bouquets and entertainment, you want a potting bench that is even bigger than common to house it outdoors on your porch.


Do you want a cellular potting bench? If so, you want to create your bench with lighter materials or attach wheels to it for portability needs.


If you invest most of your time planting various herbs, flowers, and potted veggies, potting benches will make your perform less complicated.

The bench saves your again from bending for an extended interval. It also serves as a storage ability for gardening equipment, fertilizer, potting soil, and containers.

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