6 DIY Truck Bed Bike Rack Plans You Can Make Today (With Pictures)

Riding a mountain bike is excellent enjoyable and wonderful physical exercise, but several of the greatest trails are usually considerably absent from residence. Carting the bikes about in your truck with out a rack can scratch and injury them, but many industrial models are wildly high-priced for these kinds of a basic unit. If you have a couple of simple tools and a bit of time, maintain looking through as we provide you with a checklist of projects that will aid you create a bike rack speedily and inexpensively, so you can get back again to the path as shortly as attainable.

The 6 DIY Truck Bed Bike Rack Plans

1. DIY Pickup Bike Rack by eHow

Materials: PVC pipe, PVC cement, spray paint
Tools: Table saw, hand saw
Difficulty: Easy

The Pickup Bicycle Rack by eHow shows you how to make a bicycle rack inexpensively with just a couple of materials. It requires you to minimize and link a number of pieces of PVC pipe using PVC cement to develop the stand. As soon as completed, you just put in it into the bed of your truck. The program only requires a few measures, and it’s also straightforward to personalize to deal with a various number of bikes. You can even paint it any color that you like.

2. DIY PVC Truck Bed Bike Rack by Instructables

Materials: PVC pipe, PVC elbows, PVC cement
Tools: Pipe cutter, sandpaper, tape measure
Difficulty: Easy

The PVC Truck Bed Bike Rack is related to the preceding undertaking but fits less bikes, so it’s a excellent selection if you really do not want to determine out how to customise the strategy. You will cut and connect PVC pipe utilizing PVC cement to create a rack for two bikes just before putting in it into the mattress of your truck. It’s not tough to construct and you can paint it any colour.

3. DIY Wood Bike Rack by Titan Talk

Materials: 2×4 boards, nails
Tools: Handsaw, hammer, tape measure
Difficulty: Easy

The Wooden Bike Rack is a easy-to-develop program from Titan Chat that makes use of picket boards and a few nails to create a bicycle rack for significantly less than $30. It only will take a number of minutes to total, and like the other strategies, you can personalize it to your wants. It needs you to minimize numerous boards to size prior to nailing them with each other so it will keep your bike securely.

4. DIY Pickup Bed Bike Rack by Tacoma World

Materials: 2×6 boards, 2×4 boards, angle brackets
Tools: Handsaw, sandpaper
Difficulty: Easy

The Pickup Mattress Bike Rack is a undertaking for developing a wooden bicycle rack that’s equivalent to the earlier one particular, but it uses angle brackets and colour hooks for additional steadiness and has a a bit far more compact layout. It requires reducing a couple of different boards to size and drilling tiny holes to attach the angle brackets, which screw in. You can complete the project with stain or paint to enhance its look and aid it hold up better if you regularly travel.

5. DIY Bike Rack for Truck Bed by The Gray Adventures

Materials: Aluminum tubing, pocket anchors
Tools: Handsaw, utility knife, drill
Difficulty: Advanced

The Bike Rack for Truck Mattress is a distinctive plan that enables you to build a bike rack or pickup truck with a include. It’s far more advanced than the other ideas on the list, but the instructions are extremely straightforward to follow. The result is a light-weight yet durable bike rack that you can create for all around $a hundred. To complete this task, you will connect light aluminum items and use pocket anchors to hold them securely to your truck mattress cover.

6. DIY Truck Bed Bike Rack by Instructables

Materials: Steel fence posts, eye screws
Tools: Pliers, tape measure, wire cutters
Difficulty: Advanced

The Truck Bed Bicycle Rack is one of our favourite strategies because it supports the front and rear wheels, so your bikes will stay in place even underneath intense problems. The parts for this undertaking are obtainable at any hardware retailer and are reasonably affordable. It uses steel fenceposts, so it’s incredibly tough but a minor heavier than PVC or aluminum tasks. The draw back is that considering that many of the parts are steel, they can be prone to rust.

Bike Rack Tips and Tricks

  • When building your bike rack, take accurate measurements of your vehicle so it will fit snugly in place.
  • Use bungee cords in addition to the bike rack to hold the bikes securely in place.
  • Make sure no debris is lodged in the rack before you put your bike in place.
  • If your bike rack is wobbling, adding weight can help keep it stable.


Developing a Do-it-yourself bicycle rack is not hard, and most ideas require wood, PVC pipe, aluminum, or metal. If you are a novice when it arrives to Do-it-yourself assignments, we suggest starting up with wood since it is low cost, simple to locate, and easy to lower. You can create the task using only nails, ensuing in a sturdy bike rack. As soon as you gain experience, metal and aluminum will assist you generate an very durable bicycle rack that will previous several several years. PVC is also a great choice for durability and is nearly as simple to operate with as wood.

Highlighted Picture Credit: A Custom made Bike Rack Mounted To A Heavy Duty Truck Bed Go over, DiamondBack Addresses, Flickr, CC BY two.