6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

Little, nimble and moveable, a jigsaw is an indispensable instrument in any Do-it-yourself stock. Most of us are familiar with it for its ability to cut easy designs in wooden, but it can do a good deal a lot more than that. We’ll consider a search at some of individuals following we get an notion of what it is and how it functions.

How does a jigsaw work?

A jigsaw is truly just a blade mounted to a reciprocating motor, which is a motor that pulls the blade up and then pushes it down. That replicates the action that when necessary employing one’s own sweat and muscle mass.

6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

Jigsaws are portable tools that you can either use at your workbench or take to the place you need to have the perform completed. They utilized to all count on electricity cords and wall electrical power, but there is now a considerable marketplace for cordless jigsaws, and some of them complete very excellently.

What can you cut with a jigsaw?

Although jigsaws are most frequently imagined of as resources that minimize wood, and they do complete ideal generating cuts in softer wooden, they can minimize tons of items and assist you end jobs you didn’t consider they had any software for.

A important element of that is getting the proper blade. Your jigsaw can reduce metallic, fiberglass, drywall, laminate, and tile, but you require to get the proper blade for that. When purchasing jigsaw blades, check the packaging to make sure they are suitable for your supposed use.

Let’s look at some of the causes you’d want to minimize these components.

1. Wood

6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

Jigsaws are meant to minimize wooden, particularly softwood. Since their blades are slim, they are excellent for cutting curves and circles, and they are usually associated with woodworking projects.

There is a good deal much more they can do when it comes to cutting wood, however. You can use them for chopping holes in countertops, and some of them even appear with angling so you can use them to make beveled cuts.

2. Tile

6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
Image Credit: Aleksey Dushutin, Shutterstock

With the proper sort of blade and established to one of the more quickly configurations, a jigsaw is an best way to reduce and condition tile. It can reduce fast, precise angles and curves that would normally need a considerably more substantial, far more expensive specialty saw.

3. Metal

6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
Image credit: yourschantz (pixabay.com)

It might audio odd, but a jigsaw is really the advisable way to cut sheet metallic. The purpose for that is that it is a lot more accurate than metallic shears and considerably less harmful than making use of a cutting torch. As soon as you are done, use sandpaper to easy down the edges. Those will be capable of snagging and slicing your skin.

If you do this, you’ll require to lay the metal more than the prime of a piece of wood you don’t mind reducing. Depending on how it is heading to function, we suggest either taping or stapling it in location so it does not shift whilst you’re slicing.

4. Laminate

6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
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A jigsaw is a ideal way to make the curved cuts necessary when installing laminate flooring. It is thin adequate to get the saw’s blade through and isn’t so dense as to overpower it. Most of the time, you’ll want to reduce with the base dealing with up in case the saw results in chips. With a specialty blade and some talent, you can use your jigsaw on the laminate’s encounter.

5. Carpet

6 Jigsaw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
Image credit: Pikist

You can use a utility knife and adjust the blade a hundred moments striving to set up carpet, or you can take measurements, flip the carpet over, draw a sample matching the form and measurement you require, and use your jigsaw. If you do this, we advocate that you go slow and maintain an eye on your blade. You may nevertheless need to modify it several instances, but at the very least it’ll preserve significant pressure on your wrist.

6. Pumpkins

You did not in fact think your neighbors carved the experience of that useless celeb on their Jack O’ Lantern making use of a knife and creativity, did you? They utilized a pattern they drew out in advance of time and a jigsaw to reduce it out. These make limited operate out of challenging pumpkin rind and allow you carve intricate patterns to wow Trick or Treaters … or at minimum the kid who will come to smash it on the avenue.


Even though it looks like a tiny observed supposed to lower curves in gentle wooden, a jigsaw is a much far more flexible resource. It is moveable, light-weight, and can implement adequate energy to reduce most items, especially if you have blades meant for that type of operate.

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