6 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

6 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

If you need to have a specific, intricate form cut in a skinny piece of inventory, possibilities are you are heading to want a scroll saw.

Scroll saws spot a quite little, skinny blade on a stationary desk that you operate your stock about. This allows you to get tight angles and sharp, sometimes abruptly shifting curves. By their character, they are also amongst the safest energy saws obtainable. You just really do not want to tax them beyond what they can do.

How does a scroll saw work?

Being aware of how scroll saws operate commences with understanding how they are typically created. You start off by inserting your blade into the room between the parallel arms and turning a knob at the back again of an arm at the saw’s leading to lock it in. You location your workpiece, and the pattern you want to lower, on a table and lock both into location with a clamp. It will not avoid you from moving it, but it’ll maintain it down and prevent it from sliding.

The observed operates using a reciprocating motor, which implies it moves the blade up and down as you drive the resources and pattern through. Be conscious that if you want to make interior cuts with it, you will need to have to poke a gap in what ever you’re chopping, insert the blade, and then lock it into area.

6 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?

One important thing to think about is to make confident you have the correct blade. The appropriate blade will enable you to make as sharp an angle as you require to minimize whilst being sturdy enough to minimize the pattern into no matter what you are doing work on.

6 Scroll Saw Uses

Listed here are some standard issues you can use a scroll saw to make. Be aware that there is a complete prosperity of patterns on the net, some of which are available for totally free download and printing. You can also get superb patterns. If you’re experienced, you can make your personal.

1. Toys

Some of the 1st things folks make when they get a scroll observed are toys. Producing a straightforward puzzle is a great way to understand how the romantic relationship in between the blade and the user will create a completed item. What is great is that if you mess up on a puzzle, it won’t make a difference because it’ll all nonetheless fit with each other.

Toys are also a excellent factor to get a young woodworker into producing. There’s no substitute for the pleasure of producing anything you can change close to and appreciate taking part in with.

2. Musical instruments

Obtaining the preferred sound from a musical instrument requires precision development. A lower just a single-eighth of an inch off, and you may well wind up with discordance fairly than harmony. Fortunately for the audio maker in you, a scroll noticed is a excellent way to make precision cuts.

If you go this route, you are going to most likely start off with simple audio containers. Sooner or later, you may well even shift up to easy stringed instruments.

6 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
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3. Cabinetry

Carpenters use scroll saws to make joints when constructing cabinets. The most widespread of these are dovetail joints, which let a cabinet maker to slide two perpendicular parts of wood with each other and glue them in area.

If you’re making use of a scroll noticed to make joints, you can also use it to design inlay designs to make your cabinets stand out.

6 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?


4. Home décor

1 issue scroll noticed masters can do is use their resource to make inlays and marquetry for furniture. If you create these things, a great scroll observed can make the big difference among a flat, dull surface area and a single with an intricate design.

You can do great things for tabletops, but you can also make intriguing braces for cabinets.

6 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
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5. Home items

There is a entire range of issues for the house you can make that will help you construct capabilities for far more complicated work. This consists of coasters, bookends, baskets, bowls, and getaway decorations of all types.

Depending on what you want to make, you can locate a completely ready resource of styles on the world wide web.

6 Scroll Saw Uses – What Can It Be Used For?
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6. Non-metal materials

To this stage, we have assumed that you are cutting wooden, or at the very least supplies much softer than wooden, like plastic or fiberglass. You can also lower soft metals with a scroll noticed.

We would not advocate trying to lower tough metals, but you can minimize softer metals like copper and brass with no any difficulty. If you try out to lower aluminum, use a lubricant on it to make positive you really don't injury either the blade or what you are reducing.


Scroll saws are pretty valuable minor equipment if you require to make precise, intricate cuts. They are excellent for each straight angles and curves, and perform ideal if you follow either a pattern traced on what you are chopping, or a single that you’ve drawn on paper and have placed more than the leading of your workpiece.

They aren’t hazardous to use, and they rank amongst the safest of energy equipment. But you are going to even now want to sustain speed handle and steer clear of chopping difficult metals to keep safe.