6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!

While the modern day toilet has been with us for a lot more than four hundred years and is some thing that most of us use many times every single day, there is a surprising number of myths and misconceptions that lessen people’s comprehending of these simple products. Preserve reading through as we search at numerous examples and consider to set them to relaxation for very good.

6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions &#8211 It&#8217s Time to Stop Believing These!

The Top 6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions

1. Water Drains Clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere

The rumor that h2o drains in a distinct path in the southern half of the globe has persisted for a lengthy time. A scientific home named the Coriolis effect can have a tiny result on drinking water, but it won’t change the path that h2o drains in a toilet. The direction that the h2o drains largely is dependent on the building of the basin or bathroom. Bathrooms have rivets and jets that support coax the h2o in a specific path, which will get the h2o spinning quicker, so it has much more strength to pull down waste content. However, several kitchen and toilet sinks do not have these ridges or jets, and you will notice h2o draining in both direction.

6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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2. Wildlife Cannot Enter Your Home Through the Toilet

Several folks believe that rats or snakes moving into the property through the toilet is practically nothing more than something that you see in a minimal-budget horror film. However, several on the web movies and news reports display just how straightforward it can come about. To make matters worse, there is practically nothing that you can do to stop it, as these animals likely traveled a prolonged distance by means of the sewer method ahead of achieving your house.

3. Cat Litter Is Flushable

One more common rest room fantasy and misunderstanding is that cat litter is flushable. You can even discover many brands of all-organic cat litter that make this assertion on the deal, creating it a little bit of a debated subject. Critics claim that even although the offers may possibly point out that they are risk-free to flush, a lot of cat litters contain fragrances and other substances that will enter the human drinking water provide. The most significant dread is the parasite toxoplasma gondii that is found in cat poop. This parasite is dangerous to individuals, particularly expecting people and children, and water therapy amenities have difficulty eliminating it. Nonetheless, this parasite mainly comes from raw meat that a cat eats outside as they hunt. Indoor cats that try to eat a strictly professional diet program and never venture outside are not likely to carry this parasite, so flushing litter from these animals is considerably less probably to contaminate the h2o offer. Even so, if your cat goes outdoors, even to sit on the porch, it’s better to choose a different method of litter disposal.

6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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4. A Plunger Can Fix Any Clog

Many men and women feel that all they need to unclog any rest room is a plunger, and if you are lucky, you will never require everything far more. However, it’s quite feasible to create a clog in your toilet that the plunger cannot remove, specifically if you use rest room paper that is not pleasant to septic tanks. If you flush hazardous objects, like diapers and little one wipes, feminine cleanliness items, foods, etc., this can also come about. If you feel that one of these things is the purpose for your clog, you might require a specialist to get your bathroom doing work properly.

5. Flushing Fish Is Fine

Even though it will not trigger any problems if you flush a lifeless fish, flushing a dwell fish can be a different story, especially if the fish that you are flushing is a goldfish. Even though the huge greater part of them seem to be only capable of lasting a number of days in a fishbowl, they are fairly hardy, can get surprisingly massive, and might have a profound affect on the nearby ecosystem. Goldfish are among the longest dwelling pet fish, with a lifespan of up to forty many years.

6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions – It’s Time to Stop Believing These!
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6. Toilet Water Cannot Splash Onto Your Toothbrush

Regrettably, it’s real that rest room water can splash on to your toothbrush. The spinning movement of the toilet drinking water triggers microscopic particles to enter the air, in which they will not only land on your toothbrush but also on any exposed floor. To decrease contamination, flush the rest room with the lid shut and hold your toothbrush in a sealed container or an additional area.

6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions &#8211 It&#8217s Time to Stop Believing These!

How Can I Extend the Lifespan of My Toilet?

The very best way to make sure that your bathroom doesn’t need to have repeated repairs is to use biodegradable and septic-tank-protected bathroom paper. Thankfully, most commercial makes that you will discover in a retailer today are perfectly suited, even minimal-expense brand names. Never flush any helpful wipes or infant wipes or something other than the industrial toilet paper, though. By no means pour warm h2o into your rest room, as it can melt the wax ring that creates the seal, and by no means stand on it — the difficult porcelain is hard but easy to crack.

6 Toilet Myths and Misconceptions &#8211 It&#8217s Time to Stop Believing These!


If you haven’t heard about these myths and misconceptions prior to, you can use this data to unfold the fact and quit them from spreading.


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