7 Companion Plants for Asparagus (with Pictures)

If you want to get your backyard garden up a notch, companion planting is a should. Companion planting permits you to leverage diverse crops to make your entire backyard happier. Some plants feed off of every other (in a good way). Consequently, by planting them with each other, you can make each plants more healthy.

Nevertheless, it would help if you planted the correct crops together. Or else, you could end up undertaking more damage than excellent. Asparagus requires tons of growing time so you can typically companion vegetation even though waiting for asparagus to get root and grow. Nevertheless, you could also want to draw in pollinators, as asparagus isn’t usually good at performing this.

Beneath, we’ll search at some of the greatest companion plants to take into account.

The 7 Companion Vegetation for Asparagus

1. Basil

basil plant on a sunny spot indoor
Graphic Credit score: khushboo21, Pixabay
USDA Zone: 10–11
Solar Specifications: Entire sunshine

Basil is a branching plant that can be planted annually. For that reason, it operates excellent when your asparagus is younger and not getting up that a lot place. You do not need to have to plant that much basil, both. Only two plants are essential in most situations (unless you program on generating pesto). Frequently, you can leave basil to grow and harvest it as you need to have. Therefore, it is also a excellent minimal-maintenance plant.

Basil alone doesn’t reward from being planted with asparagus. However, it will maintain absent asparagus beetles (as properly as tomato hornworms). Therefore, it makes a ideal guardian for your asparagus plant.

2. Parsley

close up parsley growing
Graphic Credit score: Gleb Guralnyk, Shutterstock
USDA Zone: 4–9
Sunshine Needs: Complete sunshine

Parsley is a quite straightforward plant to grow that you can utilize in various dishes. Furthermore, it tends to make a lovely foliage plant. Consequently, it is typically developed as a companion plant to much more productive (but less lovely) veggies. A lot of folks also use parsley for edging.

There are a number of kinds of parsley. Nonetheless, all of them operate well for asparagus. Like basil, parsley keeps numerous bugs away, such as asparagus beetles. As a result, you can use it to hold pests away from your growing asparagus.

three. Nightshades

Nightshade plant
Graphic Credit score: Simon Groewe, Shutterstock
USDA Zone: 5–9
Solar Needs: Full solar

Edible nightshade vegetation like tomatoes can also be planted following to asparagus. However, fatal nightshade vegetation need to not be planted close by, as you do not want them to cross-contaminate the asparagus (though this would nevertheless be unusual).

Tomato crops and other nightshades are substantial in solanine. This chemical is not appreciated by asparagus beetles, so it retains them absent. At the same time, asparagus keeps absent nematodes, which are recognized to prey on tomatoes. As a result, each of these vegetation advantage every single other.

4. Aster Crops

planting aster seedlings
Image Credit history: Thomson_one, Shutterstock
USDA Zone: 3–8
Sun Demands: Entire sunlight

All Aster family members vegetation make a good option for companion planting together with asparagus. These crops consist of marigolds and nasturtiums. Not only do these flowers offer a pop of colour, but their sturdy fragrance can hold numerous pests absent. Even though they really don't particularly preserve absent asparagus beetles, they totally can.

The asparagus won’t gain the flower, nevertheless. For that reason, this might not be the most companionable planting. Nevertheless, if you are seeking for some thing rather to plant with your asparagus, seem at the Aster household.

5. Coriander

rows of coriander herb being grown hydroponically
Picture Credit: marsraw, Pixabay
USDA Zone: 2–11
Sunlight Specifications: Total sunshine

Coriander can support keep absent aphids, spider mites, and similar bugs. For that reason, they make a excellent selection to put within any garden. (They share this trait with comfrey and dill, which are also wonderful companion choices.)

As a result, as a nice addition to your asparagus mattress, contemplate including some coriander.

six. Lettuce

Lettuce microgreens
Picture Credit history: Inna Giliarova, Shutterstock
USDA Zone: 2–11
Sunshine Specifications: Complete sunshine

You can also utilize lettuce subsequent to your asparagus. This plant can be added early in the year when the temperature is cooler. Nevertheless, the asparagus will aid the plant thrive for lengthier as it matures. The tall asparagus assists shade the lettuce from the sunlight and keeps the soil moist. Therefore, asparagus can help protect your lettuce from warmth.

This trick also functions nicely with almost any early crop.

7. Grapes

Gewurtztraminer grapes
Image Credit history: andreyandreevphotography, Shutterstock
USDA Zone: 4–10
Sun Demands: Total sun

While it isn’t as common any more, grapes were traditionally trellised amongst rows of asparagus during the Colonial Era. Consequently, these vegetation may possibly still make excellent companions today. Neither plant positive aspects a lot from the other. However, the grapes can be grown on asparagus in some circumstances.

Therefore, although it is a classic pairing, this might not be the most companionable pair. Nonetheless, they wouldn’t harm being planted following to each and every other.

What Not to Plant with Asparagus

Not all vegetation are likely to operate properly subsequent to asparagus. Some of them work inadequately together with asparagus. Right here are a number of items you need to not plant in close proximity to your asparagus.

1. Alliums

Allium plant
Graphic Credit score: pixel2013, Pixabay

Alliums like garlic and onions ought to not be planted around asparagus. These crops launch a chemical into the soil that can stunt the expansion of other plants. As a result, they normally function greatest by themselves. You don’t have to steer clear of them in your backyard entirely. Even so, it would support if you planted them a great distance away.

2. Potatoes

sweet potato plants
Impression Credit rating: manseok_Kim, Pixabay

Potatoes are yet another poor option. The two root methods of the plant are way too related and consider up too significantly room. Planting them jointly will lead to them to contend for room—and one particular of the crops will get rid of.

Consequently, be positive you give asparagus and potatoes their own area.

Last Feelings

There are several vegetation that you can insert to your asparagus mattress. Most of these push away some pests—especially the asparagus beetle. This pesky beetle can easily wipe out your asparagus mattress if you are not careful. Consequently, it makes feeling to stop them as significantly as attainable, which you can do by companion planting.

Other crops are not injured by becoming planted up coming to asparagus. They do not help considerably, but they don’t injure every other, possibly. You can conserve area by planting these two crops collectively.


Highlighted Impression Credit: DUSAN ZIDAR, Shutterstock