7 DIY Butcher Block Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Butcher block is a great project for any woodworker. It needs precision to develop a resilient surface area that you can cut and chop on that is also appealing. If this appears intriguing to you, keep looking through as we give you with several plans that you can start off creating nowadays. For each and every one particular, we listing what the accomplished undertaking looks like, how difficult it is to full, and what supplies you are going to want.

7 DIY Butcher Block Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

The Top 7 DIY Butcher Block Plans

1. MyOutdoorPlans Butcher Block Table

Materials: Lumber, screws, nails, wood glue
Tools: Circular saw, hammer, screwdriver
Difficulty Level: Easy

The MyOutdoorPlans Butcher Block Desk is simple to create, and it is a excellent location to start for any person looking to obtain encounter creating a undertaking. All the actions are easy to stick to, and you will not require many expensive resources to comprehensive it. Most men and women can finish it in just a couple of times.

2. Maker Gray Butcher Block Counter Top

Materials: Stain, wood conditioner, caulk
Tools: Orbital sander, circular saw
Difficulty Level: Easy

The Maker Gray Butcher Block Counter Prime is an easy-to-create task that employs a purchased butcher block to develop a countertop. The plan walks you by way of the methods of ending the butcher block with stain, wood conditioner, sealer, and a lot more. It also walks you via putting in it in the kitchen to develop a countertop.

3. Instructables Butcher Block Kitchen Island

Materials: Lumber, wood screws
Tools: Drill, table saw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Instructables Butcher Block Kitchen area Island is a prepare that uses a recycled butcher block to produce a new island for the workshop or house. It has a tough butcher block best for operating and two shelf locations beneath for storing materials. It is also remarkably light-weight, and you can shift it all around with no it tipping above. Thick wooden does want reducing, and some of the screws go in at an angle, which can be challenging for inexperienced woodworkers.

4. Tyler Garner Butcher Block L Desk

Materials: Paint, stain, wood screws
Tools: Screwdriver, handsaw
Difficulty Level: Moderate

The Tyler Garner Butcher Block employs a acquired butcher block to create an L desk. Even even though you don’t want to build the butcher block, you will require to minimize and complete the wood and attach it to a do-it-yourself metal frame, so it is a excellent venture with a lot to learn, and the guidelines are simple to follow.

5. BorkWood Butcher Block

Materials: Lumber, wood glue, stain
Tools: Clamps, sander,
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The Barkwood Butcher Block is an advanced task that walks you by means of the process of making a butcher block from scratch. It requires multiple cuts and loads of tolerance, but the directions are obvious and simple to stick to, so even if you do not feel ready for an superior project, there is a good chance that you can comprehensive it if you take your time.

6. Instructables Butcher Block Table

Materials: Lumber, wood glue, polyurethane
Tools: Clamps, table saw, sander, tape measure
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Instructables does a good job of creating tasks that are straightforward to follow, and this butcher block desk is no exception. The recommendations walk you via building the butcher block from scratch and then via the steps of utilizing it to develop a table.

7. Nicholas Lusk Butcher Block Countertop

Materials: Lumber, wood glue
Tools: Miter saw, clamps, jigsaw, drill
Difficulty Level: Advanced

The Nicholas Lusk Butcher Block Countertop is an sophisticated venture in which you construct a butcher block countertop from scratch out of numerous pieces of lumber. You then go by means of the process of turning the butcher block into a countertop.

7 DIY Butcher Block Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

What Is a Butcher Block?

A butcher block is a board developed out of several thin boards to create a area that is very resilient and eye-catching. Butchers use this kind of floor as a slicing board, and its recognition in that area led to its title.

What Project Should I Begin With?

If you are an inexperienced woodworker, we extremely advise starting up with the very first program to acquire encounter ahead of transferring on. Constructing a butcher block can be tough simply because it requires many little parts of wooden to have the proper measurements so they can match together to develop the floor. However, even many reasonably challenging tasks use a bought or recycled butcher block, so you can nonetheless get the look of a butcher block without the massive task of generating one particular yourself.

As soon as you have ample experience to deal with creating a butcher block from scratch, the task can be fairly gratifying, and you can use it on a project that uses a recycled a single.

7 DIY Butcher Block Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)Summary

There are many projects that you can build that use a butcher block for its extreme durability and desirable visual appeal. Whilst a butcher block makes a wonderful slicing board, you can also use it as a desktop countertop or any area that will get a lot of use. Creating 1 from scratch will give you the experience that you need to have to tackle a lot more challenging projects.

Highlighted Graphic Credit rating: Igor Palamarchuk, Pixabay