7 DIY Shutter Plans You Can Build Today – 2022

Shutters are an easy way to spice up a home’s exterior that wants a small control appeal. Shutters can be produced to be purely decorative, or they can be practical. Functional shutters give homeowners further protection for their home windows in circumstance of undesirable temperature. No matter whether you want to insert shutters for their visual attraction or for their performance, they can be created by hand at property.

Creating your very own shutters can conserve you hundreds of bucks and give you the independence to develop whatever style shutter you want without having possessing to go via the hassle of tracking down the excellent addition for your home.

Do-it-yourself shutter programs assortment in complexity from standard to advanced. There are strategies here for absolutely everyone, from the beginner carpenter to the loved ones with a woodshop in their barn. Below are seven wonderful Do-it-yourself shutter programs that can be developed in 1 working day or much less.

The 7 DIY Shutter Plans You Can Build Today

1. Board and batten shutters

Materials: 1×6 cedar, 2×6 pine, 2” exterior screw, spacers
Tools: Miter saw, drill, sander
Complexity: Basic

The most uncomplicated kind of shutter is board and batten. These vintage shutters have been sprucing up residences for generations. The ideal component is that they are exceedingly easy to develop. With just 3 1×6 boards of your selecting and a 2×6, you can upgrade your house with a basic search. These shutters are not only simple to create, but they are reasonably priced as well. Some box stores will attempt and demand you hundreds of dollars for shutters made abroad. You can keep away from people large fees and still get the seem you want with this simple phase-by-action plan to develop your own.

2. Cedar shutters

Materials: 1×4 cedar, 2×4 cedar, 2×6 cedar, spacers, exterior screws, nails, wood glue
Tools: Table saw, miter saw, drill, hammer, workbench
Complexity: Intermediate

Cedar is a well-known wooden for a selection of out of doors assignments. It is broadly accessible and by natural means resistant to bugs and rot. It also has an instantaneously recognizable rustic look ideal for any shutters. Cedar is lightweight and easy to function with. These cedar shutters not only appear wonderful, but they will previous a lifetime without having having to paint, seal or up grade them. If you are hunting for a simple set of shutters that you can build today and go away up for a long time without possessing to fear about corrosion, these shutters are excellent. With a common set of saws, a couple of hours, and a small bit of woodwork, these shutters can shortly be adorning your house.

3. Plywood shutters

Materials: 4×8—3/4” finish plywood, 4×8—1/2” finish plywood (x2), finish nails, 1¼” screws, sheet metal, wood glue
Tools: Table saw, miter saw, jigsaw, hammer, drill, router
Complexity: Advanced

These shutters can be created completely out of plywood you can locate at your regional lumber property. Not everyone desires rustic home made-hunting shutters. With a few sheets of plywood and a desk saw, you can construct skilled-looking shutters for your property in an afternoon. The reward of plywood shutters is that they are uniform all the way close to, which gives them a cleanse look.

These plans call for some sophisticated woodworking. Each louver requirements to be accurately ripped to uniform sizes to get the desired seem. This project is best for any person with their personal house woodshop. Plywood also offers you the overall flexibility to select what kind of finished look you want. You can acquire maritime plywood for added durability or birch plywood for the best paintable floor.

4. 1×4 shutters

Materials: 1×4 spruce or pine, wood screws, water seal
Tools: Miter saw, drill
Complexity: Basic

Not all Do it yourself shutters have to use a assortment of complex supplies. These simple shutters can be totally created from simple 1x4s that can be acquired at virtually any house enhancement store. The 1×4 boards have the benefit of coming in a variety of distinct species, such as cost-effective pine, basic cedar or fetching poplar, and a lot of other folks.

These shutters can be swiftly assembled in just a few of hrs. The easy nature and simple building indicate that you can make shutters for your entire home in just a pair of days even though conserving 1000's off retailer-purchased prices.

5. Craftsman shutters

Materials: 1x4s of your choosing, 1” pocket nails, 1⅜” nails, wood glue, hinges
Tools: Miter saw, hammer, paint or stain
Complexity: Basic

These craftsman shutters are the ideal addition to any craftsman-design residence. They are also a fantastic characteristic for anyone looking to include some craftsman design and style aspects to any type of the home. The boxed seem is timeless and provides a basic aesthetic that anybody can love. This layout is straightforward to complete and provides you the liberty to make it your own. With paint, you can add a pop of coloration to a drab exterior or stain the shutters to give a rustic look. A single of the ideal items about these programs is that regardless of their straightforward nature the finish merchandise looks professional.

6. Plantation shutters

Materials: 2×4 boards, 2×6 boards, material for louvers (1×2, 1×3, or 1×4), screws, wood glue, louver pins, wooden dowel or rod
Tools: Miter saw, drill, hammer, wood glue
Complexity: Advanced

These plantation shutters are the ideal venture for the avid carpenter. These strategies give you the capability to handcraft a entire established of practical plantation shutters from scratch. Several Diy shutters are merely aesthetic, but these ideas give you the option to develop a fully doing work set of plantation shutters that can be opened or closed. This is a step up from a lot of equivalent plans obtainable on the web, but it does consider a great deal of know-how to pull off. With some skill and endurance, the conclude outcome is nicely value the energy.

If you are drained of acquiring overpriced items for your house from abroad manufacturers, these plans are the best way to develop your very own edition correct in your personal yard. No worrying about warranties, shoddy operate, and sketchy customer services reps to give you the item you crave.

7. Interior shutters

Materials: 1×4 cedar, 1×6 cedar, 1×2 pine, wood screws, hinges, wood glue, wood putty
Tools: Drill, nail gun, miter saw
Complexity: Intermediate

Shutters are not only a excellent addition to the outdoors of your home but also the interior. Interior shutters give you the potential to shut out blinding glare without having to go exterior. They also include a rustic touch to stylish kitchens and family members rooms. You will be surprised at how considerably hotter a area can look with the straightforward addition of small interior shutters flanking your favorite window.

These inside shutters are straightforward to build and supply a good deal of adaptability in their dimension, type, and function. These are also excellent for a person who already has decorative exterior shutters but wants to add practical shutters to the interior of their home.

What is the best wood to use for shutters?

Shutters can be developed from a selection of diverse wood kinds. The selection of what species of wooden is the very best is heading to depend on how you want to finish your shutters. If you are heading to paint and seal the shutters, practically any type of wood can be utilized in an out of doors setting. If you are looking to stain the wooden or preserve it raw, you are heading to want to select a wood that holds up to the aspects. Cedar and stress-taken care of wooden do great outside the house with no any further items necessary. Birch, poplar, spruce, and pine are all fantastic alternatives for shutters that you program on portray.

Choose on how you want the finish item to seem, and then choose a wood primarily based on that selection and your funds. Diverse kinds of wood can generate vastly various-looking shutters. The selection is yours.

What kinds of shutters can be reliably made by hand?

Most shutter designs are extremely basic. All varieties of shutters can be manufactured by hand as lengthy as you have the appropriate level of talent and tools. This post addresses each main type of shutter, and they are all doable offered the appropriate supplies. Even working plantation and craftsman shutters can be done by yourself if you are ready to place in the function.

Can you make functional shutters by yourself?

Yes. The distinction among aesthetic shutters and functional shutters is usually just a handful of extra measurements and some hinges. If you strategy on producing shutters that open and close, make sure the shutter can very clear the window frame and is huge ample to protect the whole window from both sides. With the addition of resilient outside hinges and a easy locking pin, any shutter can be turned from purely attractive to purposeful.


If you really don't think of your self as notably handy, do not be intimidated. There are shutter plans out there that are buildable by full novices. There are also shutters that require higher ranges of craftsmanship and precision. Whichever class you slide into, there are shutter programs out there for you to create yourself. Your house can be one particular weekend absent from a serious visible update.

Highlighted Graphic Credit: Efraimstochter, Pixabay