7 Signs Of A Cracked Heat Exchanger – What You Should Look For

The warmth exchanger in your furnace enables heat to be passed from a single liquid in the program to one more. If the exchanger is broken or broken, then it may cease the heating doing work entirely, which ought to negative but is the excellent final result because a cracked exchanger not only lowers the efficiency of your heating program but could direct to unburned gases leaking out from the heating program and into your house.

Repairs might not be cheap, but you ought to not endeavor them yourself, and you need to allow those repairs as shortly as feasible. Prior to you can have the exchanger fastened, although, you need to have to know no matter whether this is the result in of your furnace difficulties.

Under, we have shown 7 signs that you are dealing with a cracked warmth exchanger.

The 7 Signs of a Cracked Heat Exchanger

1. A Yellow Furnace Flame

A furnace flame should burn blue. If yours is blue, then this implies that the exchanger is very likely functioning correctly and successfully. Nevertheless, it could be time to fear if the flame is a lot more of a yellow color. A yellow flame signifies that all the gases are not being appropriately or fully burned and a cracked exchanger is one particular attainable trigger of this. A yellow flame could also indicate a filthy burner, but it is time to have your system checked, in either circumstance.

7 Signs Of A Cracked Heat Exchanger – What You Should Look For
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2. A Dancing Furnace Flame

Likewise, the flame in the burner must be steady and a dancing or flickering flame is one more confident sign that you have a difficulty of some type. Flickering flames can be induced by a filthy flu program, but it might also be induced by cracks.

3. Increased Soot Production

The incomplete combustion that leads to a yellow and flickering flame causes other signs and symptoms, way too. It can trigger a construct up of carbon inside the furnace. However, you will have to get the furnace apart to be capable to spot this soot develop-up, and it is not suggested that you do this oneself in circumstance you damage the furnace or put it again with each other improperly. You could do much more hurt than good.

4. External Cracks

If you are having troubles with your furnace, you must start off by inspecting its exterior. You can do this yourself. Examine the entire exterior and search for symptoms of exterior cracking since if this is current, then it is a really very good indication that the inside is also damaged. Although this might not especially pinpoint a difficulty with the exchanger, it is a indication that your heating programs demands maintaining or upgrading.

5. Carbon Monoxide Warnings

The best threat you encounter if the warmth exchanged is ruined or damaged, is that it prevents the flue technique from being ready to sufficiently vent gases. This can direct to a create-up of carbon monoxide that escapes into your residence. It is essential that you have a carbon monoxide alarm put in and operating. If the alarm appears, it indicates that some thing is mistaken, possibly with the exchanger.

6. A Strong, Pungent Smell

This is usually the 1st and best indication of the problem due to the fact you will not need to have to go hunting for this symptom. If you can scent formaldehyde coming from the furnace, you need to flip off the heating and contact a skilled to have a look. If you really do not know what formaldehyde smells like, it has a pickle-like odor and the more powerful the odor the increased the concern.

7 Signs Of A Cracked Heat Exchanger – What You Should Look For
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7. Water Around The Furnace

There are many causes why a furnace may possibly be leaking h2o, and, in most cases, it is a signal of a issue with the drainage system. Even so, it can also be a issue with the warmth exchanger. If yours is a regular-effectiveness furnace, there should be no h2o: in which scenario, this is an additional symptom that requirements quick attention.

What Happens If A Heat Exchanger Is Cracked?

A cracked warmth exchanger is a dilemma for a amount of motives. It could cause your heating method to efficiently change off. Although this means cold rooms, it could be the very best attainable end result simply because it will cut the gas provide and avoid possibly unsafe gases from leaking into your property.

You may encounter carbon monoxide leaks: the signs of which consist of coughing, wheezing, sneezing, respiratory issues, problems, and nausea, and might lead to unconsciousness and even demise. If the flame goes out but gases carry on to build up, it can lead to a furnace fireplace, and if this occurs when you’re asleep, it can show deadly. It is extremely essential that you have a cracked or destroyed warmth exchanger seen as well as before long as you determine the dilemma.

What Causes A Cracked Heat Exchanger?

Although the components of a furnace are created to stand up to some diploma of warmth and excessive temperature adjustments, these components can are unsuccessful. The steel within the exchanger is one particular this sort of element. When it is new, it will endure the extreme warmth as well as the huge fluctuations in temperature that it ordeals. As the steel ages and undergoes contraction and growth pursuing temperature fluctuations, it can lose some of its energy and, ultimately, crack.

Alternatively, it may be triggered by a create-up of gasoline that, in flip, is triggered by a blocked system.

Or, you may possibly have a furnace that is not designed for your dimensions of home. The furnace will be forced to change on and off more often and this quick biking leads to the metallic in the warmth exchanger to agreement and grow much more usually. The improved strain this brings about might guide to the metal cracking and the heat exchanger turning out to be destroyed.


The heat exchanger is a important component of your furnace. If it gets to be destroyed, which may occur just because of wear and tear or simply because of some sort of hurt to the rest of the furnace system, it can guide to poisonous and unsafe gases currently being emitted in the house. It might even result in a furnace fireplace. Search for obvious indicators of a cracked exchanger and if you do spot any, contact a professional furnace maintenance method out to have a look and perhaps make any repairs. Heat exchanger repairs can be high-priced but are a great deal less costly than leaving it to chance.

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