8 Different Types Of Wood Fences (With Pictures)

Whatever the substance and no matter what the style of fence, the purpose is to give privacy, mark boundaries, and to supply some defense from the aspects and the atmosphere. All picket fences have the very same simple components. They use stakes or posts that are dug into the floor, for steadiness, and horizontal boards connect between the posts and assistance pickets, lattice, or some other kind of display screen. Whilst these components are widespread in all fences, they can differ drastically in their layout and type.

The 8 Types Of Wood Fence Styles

Beneath are 8 different varieties of wood fence, such as information of their layout as effectively as any likely professionals and cons with regards to each.

1. Picket Fence

The wood picket fence is the epitome of middle-class suburbia. It is a brief fence and a single that is taller than about 4 ft tall can start off to seem like a barrier. The design is basic and whilst the pickets have a gap amongst them so the fence need to face up to wind, which will move via the gaps and not power the panel above. Though they do not provide significantly privateness, picket fences are inexpensive, ornamental, and they can prevent modest children and dogs from getting out of a yard. They have a traditional appear, even though they can be painted and blended with solid planting to give a much more modern feel.

  • Inexpensive
  • Decorative
  • Wind resistant
  • Can be repainted for a different look
  • Regular maintenance required
  • Does not provide privacy
  • Doesn’t provide security

2. Post and Rail

Publish and rail fencing is yet another legendary selection, frequently seen in traditional motion pictures bordering ranches and farms, and this is the most typical use for the quite straightforward submit and rail fence. They stop livestock from being in a position to roam and are generally regarded as functional, rather than decorative. Horizontal posts are normally put six feet apart and are 5 feet tall. They can have two, three, or four horizontal rails and may possibly incorporate struts to avert the rails from sagging. They do prevent massive livestock from roaming outside the house borders, but do minor to end dogs and cats, and they offer you no privacy.

  • Prevents livestock getting out
  • Simple to construct and maintain
  • Wind resistant
  • Relatively inexpensive
  • No privacy
  • No security
  • Functional, rather than ornamental

3. Lattice

8 Different Types Of Wood Fences (With Pictures)
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Lattice fences mix some utility with traditional design. The lattice panels characteristic diagonal slats that cross a single another. The blank areas in the lattice can be used to prepare climbing and other crops and they also enable air and mild to get via, providing a increased perception of space in the garden. These are usually utilized to produce sections in your personal backyard garden, simply because the do not give privacy about a yard thanks to the holes in the panels. Nonetheless, they do stand up to the wind properly.

  • Ornamental
  • Can be used to train plants
  • Can be painted to change design
  • Prevents dogs from escaping
  • No privacy
  • Need regular maintenance to upkeep

4. Louver

The louver fence has narrow horizontal slats that are slanted and placed close collectively. They operate down the whole size of the panel, which can be six feet tall. Even though there is a gap among the slats, these panels do give a great diploma of privacy, whilst the gaps allow air and wind to move by means of. Although there is some light-weight amongst the slats, these panels can still seem like a barrier, and it demands that you contain excellent planting close to the panels to get the very best results.

  • Offers privacy
  • Affords security
  • Air and light can pass through
  • Shouldn’t blow down easily
  • Can look like a barrier
  • Require regular maintenance

5. Vertical Boards

8 Different Types Of Wood Fences (With Pictures)
Image Credit: PublicDomainPictures, Pixabay

Vertical board panels can assortment in peak from a pair of toes to 6 feet or more. The structure of the vertical slats signifies that these panels do supply privateness, but it also implies that they stop gentle from receiving by means of, as well as wind. Halting wind is valuable if you want to develop a sun entice with no breeze, but it also means that the panels are far more likely to blow down or blow absent in higher winds, and a small breeze can be nice in summer. The vertical slots can feel foreboding if you choose for tall panels in a confined area.

  • Panels provide privacy
  • They can minimize noise from roads
  • Protect the garden from wind
  • Easily blown over in windy conditions
  • Prevent summer breezes
  • Can be confining in a small space

6. Solid Panels

The solid panel generally has horizontal slices of wood overlapping, which indicates that there is no hole and no place among the slats. They avoid all light-weight, air, and wind, so they do offer you privateness and protection, but they also act as a sail towards the wind so if they are uncovered to higher winds they can consider off. Like vertical boards, this variety of panel can reduce exterior noise but also helps prevent summer breezes and can make a small yard really feel even more compact.

  • Offers privacy and security
  • Reduces noise
  • Prevents wind in winter
  • Easily destroyed in high winds
  • Stops fresh breezes
  • Can make the garden feel a lot smaller

7. Woven Panels

Basket weave and other woven fence panels are really ornamental, and they can also do a very good task of rising privacy and stability, minimizing sounds and wind, and delivering a barrier. However, they do call for standard servicing, painting can be hard because you have to consider and get into the weave, and they tend to be more pricey than other fence varieties simply because of the quantity of function that goes into generating them.

  • Very decorative fences
  • Provide privacy
  • Minimize noise and wind
  • Pricey
  • Maintenance is difficult

8. Composite Wood Fence

Composite wood is made up of sawdust and plastic and, in the circumstance of composite wooden fences, blended with wood posts. Although they are not strictly picket fences, they can offer a reasonable different that is nonetheless shut to the first. The composite mix will very last for many years and demand considerably less maintenance and they can be painted, with a latex paint, ideally, to modify the style and look. Nevertheless, compositive wooden fences really don't seem like classic wood, both, or they generally value about double that of traditional wooden.

  • Can last 20 years or more
  • Do not require as regular maintenance as wood
  • Come in a variety of colors and styles
  • Do not look like traditional wood
  • Expensive

What Kind Of Wood Is Best For Fences?

There are numerous sorts of timber used in wood fence construction.

What Is the Cheapest Wooden Fence?

Handled pine tends to be the most inexpensive substance, although the simplicity and minimum resources utilised in picket fences make them the most inexpensive type for residential homes. Submit and rail fences are purposeful, and they are well-liked on ranches and farms due to the fact they do prevent livestock escaping but they are low-cost to create and low-cost to sustain.

What Is The Most Durable Type Of Fence?

Wooden looks eye-catching and is easy to change, but it isn’t necessarily the most sturdy content. Based on the variety of fence you choose, the wood can rot if not treated every year, at least. It can blow down in large winds and livestock and animals can crack down some wood fences. Vinyl can give a comparable look to patterns like picket fences, but they do not demand once-a-year maintenance and they are more most likely to stand up to weather conditions and other likely harm.


Wood fences appear eye-catching, and the all-natural wooden materials need to endure weather effectively, although they do need regular maintenance and staining. There are a lot of diverse styles of wooden fence obtainable, which means that you will be able to uncover 1 that ideally matches the look of your garden and, earlier mentioned, we have incorporated particulars of the most common to support you pick which is best for your property.

Highlighted Picture Credit history: Ueberauer, Pixabay