8 DIY Christmas Tree Fence Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

Like stockings and wreaths, the tree is a big symbol of Christmas. It smells like the woods and appears incredible with all the provides underneath it. The tree’s nails are quite pointy, although, and can be harmful for your pet or toddler. And if a puppy or a cat eats them, that will lead to even a lot more difficulties. So, how do you stay away from that?

The reply is a Xmas tree fence! Very first, it will preserve your cherished types/pets from harm’s way. And second, you can hold offers and garlands from it. Not sure you are all set to get a single nevertheless? No worries—we’ve received your back again! The adhering to checklist consists of eight user-friendly, simple-to-make Xmas tree fence ideas you can construct now!

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The 8 DIY Christmas Tree Fence Plans You Can Make Today (with Pictures)

1. Popsicle Sticks Tree Fence

Materials Needed: MDF boards, popsicle sticks, wooden balls, wood glue, wreath (optional)
Tools Needed: Dremel tool, glue gun, paint gun, measuring tape
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

Scrap MDF wooden, Popsicle sticks, and some low-cost glue—that’s all you are going to need to have to get started out on this undertaking. As for the gear, use a Dremel device to lower the wood into more compact parts and a glue gun to put it all collectively. Even if you have zero experience with Do it yourself ideas, this Popsicle sticks tree fence will only take 5–6 several hours to comprehensive. When functioning on the posts, do your greatest to make them match in measurement (six-inches tall).

Following, hook up people Popsicle sticks utilizing wood glue. To make the fence search “professional”, adhere a wood ball to each and every submit. Which is quite significantly it. Finishing up, paint the fence, and insert a wreath to comprehensive the image. This fence will not be quite weighty or strong, but it will get the task done!

2. Pro-Grade DIY Fence

Materials Needed: Wood boards (1” by 2”), rails, a set of screws/nails, utility hitches
Tools Needed: Saw, drill, hammer, measuring tape, pencil, safety glasses, sander (optional)
Difficulty Level: Moderate

For maintaining your kid and the tree risk-free, this pro-grade Diy fence is just proper. Ahead of you get to the meat and potatoes, choose how tall you want the fence to be. There is nothing at all hard about this part: as long as the fence is taller than your domestic animals and small boys/women, you’re very good to go. A pencil will help mark the places for cutting. If you have a sander, use it to easy out the sides and the edges. If not, just use the wood as it is.

Do make positive that the fence is not sharp or rough. And how do you join the four sides of the picket fence? Utility hitches are the greatest selection below. That way, you can pivot the fence and place it nonetheless you like.

3. Cute Christmas Tree Picket Fence

Materials Needed: Rolled picket fencing, wires, zip ties
Tools Needed: Circular saw, measuring tape/ruler, wire cutters, drill (optional)
Difficulty Level: Easy

Not a huge admirer of drilling and sanding? Really don't fret! With this lovable Xmas picket tree fence, you will not have to do any of that. First, evaluate the diameter/circumference close to the tree to know specifically how many pickets you are going to want. We advise making the fence a bit larger/broader so that your pet, cat, and toddler can’t reach the tree and hurt themselves. Minimize the rolled fencing to the correct dimensions. If the wire is previously there, just put the fence up, and you are all done.

If not, you’ll have to make holes in each and every picket and set the wire via them. Or just wrap the wire around the pickets 1 by one. And don’t overlook to use zip ties to maintain it all together.

4. Universal Easy-To-Make Fence

Materials Needed: Craft glue, craft sticks, wire, sandpaper
Tools Needed: Wire cutters, spray paint, marker/pencil, measuring tape, ruler, saw (optional)
Difficulty Level: Easy

Mini fences can be extremely powerful at keeping animals and toddlers absent from the Xmas tree. In addition to, you can use them as a yard fence or even as a decorative factor by changing the size. To build this universal simple-to-make fence, seize your favourite wire cutters and, properly, minimize two parts of wire. Initial, figure out the correct size of the fence and only then minimize the wires.

And don't forget: the wires want to be 3 occasions for a longer time than the fence. Now just twist them all around the craft sticks to build that fence. If they’re also lengthy, mark the place with a pencil and lower them with a saw. Depending on how thick the sticks are, the wire cutters may possibly be enough. Once that’s out of the way, add some glue to the wires and paint/stain the sticks.

5. Two-In-One Fence/Stocking Holder

Materials Needed: Plywood, fencing, posts (4×4), screws (3-inch), hooks, mailbox (optional)
Tools Needed: Jigsaw/circular saw, drill, measuring tape, work gloves
Difficulty Level: Moderate/High

Ready to step up your match? This two-in-1 fence/stocking holder will be a great strategy for you. Basically, it’s a five-picket fence with a set of posts on each facet. As a reward, there are 3 hooks for the socks/stockings. So, as soon as you get the hang of it, you can build a few of these holders and place them close to the tree to serve as a fence. To insert to the whole Xmas vibe, adhere a mailbox to a single of the posts.

This project does require a lot of reducing with a jigsaw and measuring with tape. So, put your gloves on and make certain you have the total weekend obtainable, as it will consider time.

6. Full-Fledged Baby-Proof Gate

Materials Needed: Wooden stakes (96), boards, wood glue, hinges, a set of screws, paint
Tools Needed: Drill, tape, marker, paintbrush, protective gloves, frame square
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

There’s nothing much more crucial than maintaining your little a single(s) protected. So, why not develop a total-fledged little one-evidence gate for the Xmas tree? It will be resilient nevertheless light-weight and simple to carry all around. A lot more importantly, because the fence can (and must) be significantly more substantial than the tree, your child or pet won’t be anyplace in close proximity to the needles. But do you glue or screw the stakes to the supporting boards? It is totally up to you.

Screws will be much more protected, though. In any situation, you will have to use a drill and screws for the hinges to link the 4 fence sections. When Christmas is over, unscrew the hinges and shop the fence away!

7. Tree Box + Raised Platform

Materials Needed: Pallet wood, wood glue, screws, nails
Tools Needed: Circular saw, drill, nail gun, hammer, work gloves
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Fences are fantastic, but they’re not constantly one hundred% trustworthy. If you have a massive, strong pet in the property and do not want it to push and topple each the fence and the tree, try creating a tree box lifted system. The idea below is to increase the tree sufficient for it to be unreachable for the pet. And it will not expense you a fortune because as an alternative of buying costly lumber, just use pallet wood. The rest is very basic: cut the pallets to dimensions and use a drill to screw the person parts together.

When working on the system, maintain your 4-legged friend’s peak in brain (the typical puppy is 15–25-inches tall). The raised system may well not look quite fancy, but it will be secure.

8. DIY Christmas Tree Collar

Materials Needed: Whitewood, screws, hinges, hooks, paint/spray finish
Tools Needed: Circular saw, hacksaw, Kreg jig, clamps, drill + bits, tape measure, sander
Difficulty Level: Easy/Moderate

And what about a Do-it-yourself Christmas tree collar? Considerably like a fence, it will preserve a secure length in between the tree and a curious animal or baby. As prolonged as it is wider and greater than the genuine tree, the collar will be even much more successful than a normal fence. But really do not get our phrase for it! Get your instruments and supplies ready (wooden, some screws, hinges, a observed, clamps, and a drill), develop the collar, and see for oneself!

With this venture, one particular can use an additional pair of fingers. So, if you have a pal which is inclined to aid, that will make the occupation a lot less difficult.

What Else Can You Do?

Alright, we just uncovered how to defend your child and pet from a Christmas tree by utilizing a fence, elevated box, or a collar. But what if you really don't have any components or resources around to construct any of this? Are there any alternatives? Indeed, check them out:

  • Well, you can always put empty boxes in front of the tree, like from Christmas presents. This is the cheapest and quickest way of creating a “line of defense”.
  • If nothing else works, try spraying the tree with chili, vinegar, or a cleaning product. Or, put something sticky/slippery in front of the tree that makes the dog/cat uncomfortable. This isn’t an ideal solution but might keep pets away for a while.

Why Block the Tree in the First Place?

Like all conifers, Xmas trees have needles. They are very sharp and can harm a human or an animal (by obtaining in the ears or even the eyes). Also, if a canine or a cat swallows these needles, you’ll have to quickly push to a veterinarian for help. Next, oil fir trees are recognized to upset canine stomachs. The garlands, toys, and lights will result in even far more damage. It’s not that exceptional for dogs to chew on the power cord of the Christmas lights, which can guide to catastrophic repercussions.

The exact same is accurate for a kid, other than for the swallowing and chewing element (until it’s a toddler, of program). So, yes, a Christmas tree fence is, earlier mentioned all, a implies of defense and only then a decorative element.

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A Christmas tree fence does not have to be extravagant or pricey. All you will want to build one is sleight of fingers, some standard equipment/resources, and a few of hours of free of charge time. These days, we checked out the ideal Diy plans that you can use to “shield” the tree, along with a stocking holder, lifted system, and Xmas tree collar. Don’t rush your self. Some of these assignments may possibly be a bit challenging to deal with from the initial try.

But, if you follow our instructions closely and put some energy into it, we’re confident that you’ll master every single solitary prepare from the list!

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