8 Free DIY Studio Desk Plans You Can Make Today

8 Free DIY Studio Desk Plans You Can Make Today

Having a studio desk is incredibly critical for any music producer. Desks can be expensive, though, and each producer has their wants and choices. To make awesome tunes, contemplate making a studio desk!

When you understand how to develop a studio desk, you can customize it to your demands and it will be WAY less expensive than premade options. Listed here are eight totally free studio desk plans you can Do it yourself today.

1. Recording Studio Desk from Marrsrecording.com

This Recording Studio Desk plan is excellent for any person who is seeking for a desk that is capable of keeping all of their recording gear. There are 3 diagrams, a single provides listing, and 2 pleasant movies to look at on how to construct this desk.

Skill Amount: Innovative

Supplies: Wooden, Wood Finish, Polyurethane, Wooden Glue, Sliding Shelves, T-Plates, Corner Braces

Instruments Necessary: Picket Boards, Nail Gun, Nails, Clamps, Drill, Tape Evaluate

Tips: You can get your wooden cuts completed for you by a components store. Often they will even do them for cost-free.

2. Simple and Cheap Studio Desk from Instructables.com

This Easy and Low-cost Studio Desk prepare is for a tiny studio desk with 1 central desk and two small lifted types to keep speakers. It is a very straightforward and effortless project that is wonderful for woodworking newcomers. In places the directions can be a bit vague and hard to adhere to, so be wary of that.

Talent Degree: Rookie

Materials: Wood, Screws, Mounting Package, Wooden Stain or Paint

Resources Essential: Wooden, Tape Evaluate, Drill

Ideas: This is one particular of the more compact studio desk programs on the listing so if you are searching for a large-responsibility desk, this is not the plan for you.

3. Sleek Studio Desk from Imgur.com

This Smooth Studio Desk program provides stage-by-step photos and recommendations. The recommendations are obscure in elements so this is certainly a task for advanced builders who can go through among the strains.

If you have components and gadgets other than just the common desk speakers, this will be a best design for you, as there are compartments beneath the monitor to place an extra electrical strip, a small voltage regulator, or a compact soundbar like the Sonos Beam, for instance.

Talent Amount: Advanced

Resources: Wooden, Wooden Stain, Estapol Sealant, Screws, Bracket Mounts

Tools Required: Sander, Paintbrush, Drill

Suggestions: To attain the cable control that he demonstrates consider bundling your cables with Velcro cable ties!

4. Two Level Studio Desk from Grayhousestudio.com

This Two Amount Studio Desk is amazing for any individual with two monitors, or who wants more desk area with no taking up far more place in their place of work. The darkish wood is expert, however elegant, and the entire desk is sturdy and constructed-to-last.

Ability Degree: Intermediate

Resources: Pine Boards, Plywood, Screws, Nails, Woos Gun, Wood Stain, Wooden Filler

Tools Essential: Milter Noticed, Kreg Pocket Gap Jig, Drill, Desk Noticed, Clamps, Nail Gun, Framing Sq., Straight Edge, Jigsaw, Orbital Sander

Ideas: The general directions for developing this desk are supplied on the site page. However, if you need particulars you can get the strategy for $six.

5. Reclaimed Wood Studio Desk from Simplifiedbuilding.com

This Reclaimed Wooden Studio Desk strategy is a thoughtful, effortless-to-adhere to program with lots of images and schematics. Really do not mistake simple-to-comply with with straightforward even though. This strategy will consider around forty hrs to total.

Ability Degree: Superior

Materials: Kee Klamp Fittings, Pipe, Reclaimed Wooden, Casters, Socket Tee Fittings, Eye Fittings, Pin Fittings, Wood Glue, Clamps, Plywood, Wood Stain, Polycrylic, Perma Blue Liquid Gun, Metal Wool Pads, Wood Screws, Felt Pads

Instruments Essential: Drill, Sander, Desk Saw, Brush, Screwdriver

Suggestions: When developing your studio desk, consider the height of the chair you want to use with it. In this project the builder had to elevate his chair right after setting up the desk.

6. Studio Desk with Sizable Racks from Imgur.com

This Studio Desk With Sizable Racks strategy is a loose 1 that not only need just a couple of tools it is also pretty low-cost! This studio desk is capable of holding every thing you need to make tunes. If you are a perfectionist, however, this may not be the desk for you because the builder does not fear about factors like gaps.

Ability Stage: Intermediate

Supplies: Plywood, Wooden Glue, Screws, Wood Trim, Wooden Stain

Resources Essential: Drill, Nail Gun, Clamp, Stage

Tips: Consider inserting patches of carpet below this desk to spare your ground!

7. Huge Studio Console from Timsaudiocorner.wordpress.com

This Huge Studio Console plan is the ideal strategy for, effectively, perfectionist. This studio desk is customized fit to the builder’s equipment, so if you use this program, you are heading to have to make some of your possess measurements.

Skill Level: Superior

Resources: Wood, Screw, Vinyl, Wood Trim, Primer, Paint

Instruments Required: Observed, Amount, Tape Measure, Drill, Sand Paper, Stapler

Ideas: Think about pairing your sand paper with a sander given that this desk has this sort of a large area spot.

8. Fully Functioning Studio Desk from Imgur.com

This Completely Performing strategy will teach you how to develop a studio desk that serves as inspiration for any advanced builders hunting for a fully functioning studio desk. The plan does lack in details, but has composed guidelines and photos for every single step of the constructing method.

Ability Amount: Intermediate

Supplies: Birch Wood, Screws, Wooden Fillers, Wooden Glue, Wood Stain, T Brackets, Rack Rails

Instruments Needed: Circle Observed, Screw Driver, Clamp

Ideas: The builder strongly suggests not making use of Minwax polyshade stain or wood fillers.

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