8 Most Expensive Cities in the U.S. (2022 Update)

Young individuals and specialists have plenty of causes to gravitate toward town lifestyle. Median incomes are more than $15,000 far more in city compared to rural regions, poverty is decrease, and from artwork museums to expert athletics, there’s no lack of tradition and enjoyment.

Towns are undoubtedly rich in prospect, but with the demand from customers comes greater costs. It would seem like you also have to be abundant even to pay for the lease in numerous places. Learn how large the price of residing can be as we investigate the most high-priced metropolitan areas in the United States.

The 10 Most Expensive Cities in the United States

1. New York City, NY

New york
Image Credit: Leonhard_Niederwimmer, Pixabay
Population: 8,804,190
Median Annual Household Income: $67,997
Median Monthly Rent: $1,602

New York City is unsurprisingly the most expensive town in The us, many thanks mostly to its place as the country’s economic hub, justifying substantial incomes and infamous rent rates. Housing need is powerful presented the populace density, so even studio apartments have a median month to month rent of $one,457.

Manhattan sales opportunities the boroughs in wealth and higher costs. The median earnings is virtually $17,000 larger than the complete NYC median, and rent is in excess of $two hundred more.

Practically 1 million millionaires contact the metropolis home, supplying local companies a lot of slack to generate up the price of foodstuff and other merchandise. Regular hire costs display a massive disparity from medians due to the fact of the amount of wealthy people.

The common rent is more than $6,000, the greatest in the nation. In the meantime, the median lease is only $1,602, which is substantial but no a lot more so than some of the other most pricey metropolitan areas on this list. Acquiring by is simple for the elite, but the quantities reveal a bottom-hefty cash flow variety, and 18% of the city’s citizens dwell in poverty.

2. Honolulu, HI

Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
Population: 1,016,508 (Honolulu County)
Median Annual Household Income: $90,704
Median Monthly Rent: $1,884

Though they may be minimal, tropical island daily life does have its downsides, and they are mainly relevant to costs. With increased problems in acquiring merchandise, delivery price tag boosts are passed to consumers. As Hawaii’s cash, principal port, and most populous metropolis, Honolulu also has the economy and density to warrant some of America’s optimum fees.

Honolulu’s price of dwelling is above 90% increased than the country’s average. Median lease is over $200 higher than in NYC, and at $781,600, median house values are about $five hundred,000 greater than the national median. Thankfully, the additional-higher incomes keep nearly every person comfortable despite the charges. The city enjoys a small ten.two% poverty price, over one% lower than the countrywide common.

3. San Francisco, CA

San Francisco California
Image Credit: Maarten van den Heuvel, Unsplash
Population: 873,965
Median Annual Household Income: $121,826
Median Monthly Rent: $2,167

California’s Bay Location is the unofficial funds of trendiness, and as its flourishing hub, San Francisco offers 1 of the nation’s greatest charges of dwelling.

Housing costs take the best hit in San Francisco. The median month-to-month rent of $two,167 is practically two occasions the nationwide typical, and the median house worth is an astonishing $one.three million! Thankfully, substantial-paying out tech companies give the common cash flow a enormous enhance. Despite the price, San Francisco has an 11.three% poverty rate, aligning with the countrywide average.

4. Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Hollywood Sign
Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
Population: 3,898,747
Median Annual Household Income: $77,456
Median Monthly Rent: $1,711

As residence to the stars, productive sports activities groups, an expansive artwork scene, and sunny climate yr-round, Los Angeles can appeal to any individual. But although the sights are diverse, substantial fees are a consistent topic no matter where you go.

The town suffers larger rates for many of the identical motives as San Francisco. California is one particular of the most eco-targeted states in the region, leading to sky-high gasoline prices and much more advancement fees to stay compliant with their large requirements.

Every little thing is a lot more pricey in Los Angeles due primarily to the nine.five% income tax, a single of the worst in the country. With the key beachside locations, a bustling economic climate, and markets like Beverly Hills, median residence values are some of the nation’s highest at in excess of $800,000.

5. Boston, MA

boston massachusetts
Image Credit: walsarabi, Pixabay
Population: 675,647
Median Annual Household Income: $79,283
Median Monthly Rent: $1,808

Boston performs host to some of the country’s greatest universities alongside a healthy, assorted economic climate highlighted by tech, sporting activities, health care, and background. Higher costs come with a booming financial system, and although Boston isn’t as expensive as NYC, it’s nevertheless 50% pricier than the common American city.

A higher volume of reduced-cash flow school college students aids temper some expenses around products and services. Housing is the main concern, as currently scant industry possibilities expand less with a increasing populace. Curiously, home values, at a median of $659,seven-hundred, are not as well egregious compared to other towns, but the median rent of in excess of $1,800 is 1 of the worst in the region.

6. Washington, D.C.

washington dc
Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
Population: 689,545
Median Annual Household Income: $90,088
Median Monthly Rent: $1,668

The property of American politics has constantly appealed to tourists, but a flourishing economy and genuine estate problems perform crucial roles in making Washington, D.C., one particular of the most pricey towns in the U.S.

Regardless of attracting wealthy and substantial-revenue employees, D.C. is not wildly dear across the board. Transportation and the charges of items are lower in comparison to numerous other costly cities, and utilities are truly under the countrywide common.

The genuine battle in the nation’s funds is real estate. High-having to pay personal sector and government work attract properly-educated personnel and increase housing desire. Land is presently minimal in the town, and median property values currently stand at $669,900.

7. Seattle, WA

Seattle, WA
Image Credit: Pexels, Pixabay
Population: 737,015
Median Annual Household Income: $110,781
Median Monthly Rent: $1,787

Seattle’s tranquil situation by Puget Seem supplies a beautiful environment for town existence much from the large-profile goings-on of towns like Los Angeles and NYC. It has cultivated a powerful popularity as a heart for tech, largely owing to Amazon’s presence, and its 21% inhabitants progress given that 2010 has outpaced most cities more than the last ten years.

Expenses have expanded as a lot as the economic system because of the squeeze on true estate. The median regular monthly rent is $1,787, and median home values are even higher than people in Los Angeles, achieving almost $850,000.

In King County, the typical property expense is above $1 million, but with high-having to pay tech positions, median household incomes exceed $one hundred ten,000, creating most citizens uniquely poised to deal with the increased price of living.

8. Oakland, CA

Oakland California
Image Credit: 12019, Pixabay
Population: 440,646
Median Annual Household Income: $82,236
Median Monthly Rent: $1,737

Oakland looks like a a lot much more reasonably priced different to San Francisco, with median rents costing over $400 much less. In the meantime, median home values are virtually $five hundred,000 decrease!

Nonetheless, Oakland’s proximity to San Francisco can make it a single of the most high-priced towns in the region. Despite possessing a reduced median rent than its Bay Region neighbor, Oakland has a higher regular lease.

Sadly, Oakland’s residents aren’t as effectively-positioned to deal with larger overall charges. The median house income is nearly $40,000 less than in San Francisco, resulting in a increased poverty rate of thirteen.eight%.

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What Is the Most Expensive City in America?

The Council for Local community and Financial Analysis manages the quarterly Expense of Dwelling Index, measuring distinctions in expenses among cities across six groups:

  • Housing
  • Utilities
  • Groceries
  • Transportation
  • Health care
  • Miscellaneous goods

In 2022, the New York borough of Manhattan took the prime spot, with Honolulu and San Francisco adhering to driving. Brooklyn has the fourth-optimum value of living.

Interestingly, the most expensive cities are not the costliest in each and every group. According to the index, Kodiak and Juneau in Alaska have the greatest grocery expenses in the country but are unsuccessful to make the list of the country’s most high-priced areas.


The most expensive towns in the U.S. are also some of the most interesting, and you may possibly choose to swallow the expense of dwelling for the possibility of a life span. Nonetheless, not all metropolitan areas are designed equal, and the most inexpensive 1 doesn’t always imply it’s the most comfortable. Preserve that in head if these high priced locales are on your short record of likely locations.


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