8 Subaru Statistics & Facts to Know in 2022

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The Subaru Corporation was founded in 1953, with higher-top quality cars at the main of its organization.

The company generates a range of vehicles like luxurious sedans, SUVs, and coupes, but the Forester is a single of the most properly-recognized and well-liked designs in the company’s line-up. Subaru has expanded throughout the world, and nearly all the company’s versions are offered about the entire world. Subaru has somewhat of a cult pursuing among automobile enthusiasts, and the company’s autos are acknowledged to be one of the most trustworthy, protected, and price-packed autos on the market.

Let us get a seem at some exciting data and facts to know about Subaru in 2022.

Top 8 Subaru Statistics & Facts

  1. Subaru sold over 600,000 vehicles in 2021 alone.
  2. Subaru has over 35,000 employees.
  3. Almost every Subaru model is equipped with AWD (All Wheel Drive).
  4. 96% of all Subaru vehicles built in the last 12 years are still on the road.
  5. Subaru has 47 wins in the Rally Championships.
  6. Subarus score 3.5/5 in terms of reliability.
  7. The first-ever Subaru to be produced was called the “Subaru 1500”.
  8. Every Subaru model has been fitted with a Boxer engine at the core.

The Subaru Corporation

1. Subaru sold over 600,000 vehicles in 2021 alone.


Subaru’s reputation carries on to increase about the entire world, and the firm bought over 600,000 cars in 2021 — a difficult yr for the new car market place. The Forester was nonetheless the most well-liked product promoting in excess of 250,000 models, a trend that has been ongoing for a number of years, but the Impreza was not significantly driving, and the Legacy trailed the Impreza for 3rd.

8 Subaru Statistics & Facts to Know in 2022
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2. Subaru has over 35,000 employees.


As of March 2021, Subaru utilized more than 35,000 men and women, an increase of nearly ten,000 from 2012. Subaru America employs a lot more than 1,two hundred people nationwide in income, advertising and marketing, servicing, and IT. Employees make an common of $forty five,000 every year, or $22 an hour, which is a honest little bit reduced than the regular national salary.

Subarus: Tough Vehicles

3. Almost every Subaru model is equipped with AWD (All Wheel Drive).


AWD is a staple of all autos in the Subaru lineup (with one particular exception, the Subaru BRZ), creating them best for folks living on significantly less than perfect roads. The Subaru AWD gives incredible traction in mud, rain, snow, and ice, reducing the threat of sliding, hydroplaning, and skidding throughout the street and making Subaru’s vehicles much safer total.

4. 96% of all Subaru vehicles built in the last 12 years are still on the road.


Subarus are known to last a lot lengthier than a lot of other car manufacturers in equivalent value brackets, and in accordance to a Customer Stories study the Subaru legacy was on higher on a list of vehicles most likely to make it in excess of the two hundred,000-mile mark in mileage. Polk, an automotive knowledge organization, located that ninety six% of Subaru autos developed in the previous dozen several years are still on the highway, creating them one of the longest-long lasting and dependable vehicles on the marketplace.

8 Subaru Statistics & Facts to Know in 2022
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5. Subaru has 46 wins in the World Rally Championships (WRC).


Subaru is a nicely-identified brand name in the planet of rally driving, and the group has a number of wins beneath their belt. The Subaru group has traditionally been a formidable one particular, competing in the WRC lengthier than any other manufacturer group. The team received the manufacturers’ championship a few instances (1995, 1996, 1997) and the drivers’ championship three occasions (1995, 2001, 2003). The Impreza product, in certain, an iconic motor vehicle in the globe of rally driving, received a record 46 rallies.

Subaru and Reliability

6. Subarus score 3.5/5 in terms of reliability.


Although Subaru has knowledgeable its share of ups and downs more than the a long time, it is nonetheless one of the most reliable makes on the industry. Subaru has a trustworthiness score of three.five out of 5 and arrives in 14th out of 32 auto brands, with a a bit better than regular mend price throughout all types. The Subaru Outback and Forester are the most reputable designs in Subaru’s line.

7. The first-ever Subaru to be produced was called the “Subaru 1500”.


Subaru is the vehicle production arm of Fuji Large Industries (FHI) and created its very first automobile in 1954 with the development title of P1, but before long dubbing it the Subaru 1500. Only 20 were created — all in 1954 — and it was the first and last (barring the BRZ) car that Subaru developed that was not AWD.

8 Subaru Statistics & Facts to Know in 2022
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8. Every Subaru model is fitted with a Boxer engine at its core.


Since 1966, Subaru has regularly been using the Boxer engine for every model in its lineup and is the only car company to do so. This strong motor has been the motor of selection for all Subarus due to its sleek acceleration, lower centre of gravity, and reduction in injury throughout a collision. Even with new hybrid automobiles on the horizon, Subaru strategies to carry on employing the Boxer motor type.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subaru

1. What are the most common problems with Subarus?

There are a handful of troubles that have created Subaru notorious — for the incorrect causes, however. Although these concerns undoubtedly do not influence all the company’s autos, they are common enough to trigger problem. The most common problems contain:

  • Head gasket issues
  • Faulty fuel pumps
  • Engine computer issues
  • Faulty positive crankcase ventilation
  • Excessive oil consumption


2. Are Subaru cars worth it?

Subarus are surely pricey vehicles, specifically when bought new. That stated, they are highly reputable automobiles with lower insurance policy costs owing to their high safety scores and have a very sturdy resale benefit. Also, as we talked about previously mentioned, Subarus last a great deal more time than most other automobiles in the same cost bracket. (subaru.com)

8 Subaru Statistics & Facts to Know in 2022
Image Credit: 5033181, Pixabay

3. Are Subarus expensive to maintain?

Subarus are pretty high-priced to preserve, certainly one particular of the most expensive non-luxury cars to very own. That mentioned, these cars are extremely trustworthy, and the charges continue to be steady through the car’s life span, in addition, Subarus are identified for their great gasoline mileage. (motorbiscuit.com)

4. Are Subarus more expensive to repair?

Indeed, Subarus are undoubtedly far more pricey to repair than most other vehicles in the exact same price tag bracket. There are less Subarus on the market and as a result it’s tough to locate a mechanic experienced in their restore. Also, the widespread troubles that have plagued Subaru can stop up costing a truthful bit, this kind of as the AWD technique. Although it is a wonderful attribute, replacing all four tires when one blows is annoying, to say the least. (extended-motor vehicle-guarantee.com)

5. What’s the average lifespan of a Subaru?

Subarus are properly-recognized to be prolonged-long lasting vehicles, undoubtedly much more so than other cars in the same value bracket. Most Subaru models have an envisioned mileage of two hundred,000­–300,000 miles, offering them a lifestyle expectancy of at least fifteen a long time, or twenty and over and above if they’re properly looked right after. This expectancy arrives from an believed mileage of around 15,000 miles for each yr, so if you do not generate that considerably you can look forward to twenty a long time of trouble-free of charge driving with a Subaru. (allwheeldriveauto.com)


Subaru is acknowledged for producing some of the dependable vehicles on the market, as effectively as some of the longest-lasting. Subarus are also safe cars, popular as family cars and with their normal AWD characteristic, are able of going areas most other loved ones cars are not able to.

Regardless of the dip in new auto income in the modern past a long time due to COVID, Subaru continues to increase in recognition, in spite of the comparatively larger approach of the company’s flagship types.



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