8 Things You Can Do with a Wood Router

8 Things You Can Do with a Wood Router

A router is a device used for slicing, trimming, and shaping wood. It is valuable for creating designs, designs, grooves, edges, and holes for purposeful and ornamental purposes. With hundreds of router bits created for different makes use of, the possibilities are infinite. It’s no surprise most woodworkers agree a router is 1 of the most adaptable equipment in their arsenal. If you are wondering what you can complete with the tool, below are a couple of widespread applications.

1. Making Perfect Edges

Slicing a easy edge on wooden is not straightforward. But a router will give you a cleanse lower each and every time. Regardless of whether you are chopping a straight or curved edge, running a router alongside the wood will assure a easy complete. The truth that you can replicate this accomplishment on numerous pieces of wooden is the icing on the cake.

2. Sign Making

You can make beautiful indicators for your home or organization. All you need to have is a piece of wooden and a router. Start off by tracing the style on the piece of wood. Then hollow out the letters with a v-groove, spherical nose, or sq. router bit. You can also use a a lot more ornamental edging bit to round the edges.

3. Making Dovetail Joints

A router is the only device that can produce the three standard dovetail joints: by way of dovetails, sliding dovetails, and fifty percent-bling dovetails. Following marking each and every piece of wooden to keep away from confusion, load each piece beneath the jig even though facing up. Afterward, connect a template at the foundation of the router and lower through the template’s crevices.

4. Recessing Door Hinges

A recess is a hollow space cut on the doorway to fit a hinge. It permits you to put in the hinge flush with the doorway surface for seamless opening and closing. Initial, clamp the door hinge template on the doorway and set the router on to the jig. Then relocating in a clockwise movement, start alongside the perimeter and cut by means of the template. The base of the recess should be perfectly sleek and flat following you’re done.

5. Re-Creating Patterns

You can use a router to reduce styles and styles on distinct pieces of wooden. If you have a damaged table at property, you can use the router to trace its outline and recreate it as many times as you desire. With a template, you can also trace intricate types and lettering on any piece of wood.

6. Shaping Molding

Attractive molding is 1 of the coolest items you can make with a router. By switching bits, you can develop any variety of molding you like. It could be a basic rounded design and style or the more intricate moldings like the Roman ogee.

7. Carving Out Rabbets

A rabbet is a groove or recess that you usually uncover at the sides of a bookcase or edge of a cupboard. And it is cut at the edge of the wood utilizing a router. Often it is also utilized along with a dado to produce a robust joint. You can range the width of the rabbet by making use of a selection of bits.

8. Cutting Dadoes

A dado is an invisible trench that supports cabinets in a cabinet or bookcase. Reducing one particular is no mean feat. But you can accomplish the process with a router without having breaking a sweat. The two most widespread varieties of dadoes are through dado and blind dado. You will require a router with a straight bit to cut both.


A wood router is an indispensable device for any critical DIYer. These concepts are just a handful of of the several valuable factors you can produce with such a instrument in your arsenal. But by switching the bits, you can develop just about anything. If you have no expertise doing work with a router, you can begin with basic responsibilities and build your talent progressively. Don't forget to use the correct sort of wooden for every single undertaking, and do not forget to choose the proper color.

Showcased image credit score: stockphoto-graf, Shutterstock