9 Common Types of Roof Tiles (With Pictures)

Roofs safeguard our heads from the rain and help defend our residences from leaves, filth, dust, and other debris. Over the hundreds of years, roofing has sophisticated from basic thatch to having dozens of roofing possibilities. Tiles, for instance, are a far more modern innovation that lasts for a longer time than traditional shingles at a greater value stage. Let’s check out out some of the most frequent varieties of roof tiles you may well want to use for your roof.

The 9 Common Types of Roof Tile

1. Slate Tiles

Slate roof tile
Image Credit: Tan2, Pixabay

Slate is a natural stone renowned for its exceptional toughness and wide variety of designs. You can have thoroughly clean, modern-seeking slate tiles or decide for weather-worn tiles that would be at home in a forest cottage. Slate is simple to clean, lasts for up to a century below perfect conditions, and won’t fade under sturdy daylight. It may well expense far more than competing tiles, but slate is a reliable option for any roof.

2. Metal Tiles

house with red metal roofing
Image Credit: sailormn34, Pixabay

Most metallic tiles are composed of aluminum, copper, or metal. A lot of steel tiles on the market imitate stone or other designs, but a clear metal roof will often change heads. Steel tiles are straightforward to put in and offer you wonderful toughness, but some kinds can turn into noisy when it is raining. Steel roofs are also difficult to perform on due to the fact they are infamously slippery. Most metal tile roofs can final 50–70 several years beneath best conditions.

3. Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain is a more brittle cousin of ceramic, supplying a huge selection of shades and designs to decide on from. These tiles are resistant towards freezing, cracking, and drinking water injury, lasting up to 50 a long time. Porcelain is pricier than other tiles and requires special skills to set up, so you are going to most likely shell out more upfront to have it mounted. Its clear, lovely finish and sturdiness are nicely worth the further value in many circumstances.

4. Concrete Tiles

Concrete roof tiles
Image Credit: manfredrichter, Pixabay

1st built in Bavaria, concrete tiles are a value-successful way to roof your home. Concrete is really economical and can be fashioned to imitate wood and stone roof tiles, and it is low cost to preserve, too. Regrettably, concrete roof tiles demand a reinforced roof deck to stand up to their heavy bodyweight. If you are re-roofing an existing house, it’s essential to know whether or not your roof can take care of the excess weight of concrete tiles.

5. Composite Tiles

Composite roof tiles are manufactured from a mix of all-natural components like wood or stone and synthetic compounds. They’re commonly offered because they’re low-cost to make, and their reduced price reflects this. Specialty composite tiles manufactured to search like stone may possibly be incrementally much more pricey, but do not have any unique homes to make them a lot more sturdy. Composite tiles are a middle-of-the-highway remedy for when you are not on a strict spending budget and need to have something resilient and fashionable.

6. DaVinci Tiles

Named after the legendary inventor and artist, DaVinci roof tiles are designed from a futuristic polymer sand. These tiles are resistant to humidity absorption and really do not have mould extremely effectively, which helps make them ideal in a wide variety of climates. Very best of all, DaVinci tiles arrive in a ton of shades to match your home’s coloration.

7. Clay Tiles

Clay roof tiles
Image Credit: mufidpwt, Pixabay

Also called ceramic tiles, clay tiles are initial molded and then fired and glazed. Clay is considerable in many areas of the globe, and clay roofs are as outdated as historical past. These days, clay tiles are much more sturdy than ever thanks to regular manufacturing techniques and high quality handle. Clay tiles can be created to mimic stone or wooden, but vintage terracotta-design clay roofs in no way go out of design.

8. Wood Tiles

Also known as wood shakes, wood tiles are a less popular decision for roofs due to the fact they’re vulnerable to mold and moisture absorption. Chemical remedies can reduce this and make wood a fantastic roofing material that can endure even heavy climate. Wooden also has excellent insulating houses, which can help save you a few bucks on your electrical power monthly bill. Unfortunately, wooden tiles do not final as lengthy as other varieties.

9. Solar Roof Tiles

solar roof tiles close up
Image Credit: Iaremenko Sergii, Shutterstock

Photo voltaic roof tiles are a type of new roof tile with photo voltaic cells developed-in to produce photo voltaic vitality. The tiles are difficult and pricey to set up because they have to be hooked up to a solar technique, and they are not really extensively accessible. In regions with higher power rates, solar roof tiles can be just the factor to reduce your electricity invoice and reduce down on your reliance on the electricity grid.


Roofing tiles are wildly well-known for their durability, even if they run much more than shingles. From basic and durable metallic roofs to a lot more sophisticated porcelain and DaVinci tiles, there’s a excellent roof tile out there for each and every home. Check out the price tag and availability of some of these tiles in close proximity to you right now.


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