9 Different Types of Wood Finishes (with Pictures)

Completing a woodworking venture can be an amazingly satisfying knowledge — it’s the minute when all your operate has ultimately compensated off. However, applying the finish can be challenging for a lot of people since they are not confident what complete would search ideal or even what is available. If this seems like your scenario, hold reading through as we seem at the various varieties of end that you can implement and when to use them.

The 9 Different Types of Wood Finishes

1. Stain

Stain is 1 of the most popular wooden finishes that you can use. It is obtainable in a wide selection of colours, and you can even make one particular type of wooden search like an additional, producing a organic complete, or you can go for something more exotic. The wood’s normal grain typically exhibits via the stain, and although it could offer protection, you usually need to utilize one more end, like a lacquer or varnish.

9 Different Types of Wood Finishes (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Counselling, Pixabay

2. Wood Dye

Wooden dyes are extremely related to stains, and most folks would not observe a distinction. Even so, they use marginally various substances, and professionals think about stains to be a lot more normal-searching products, while wood dyes generate brighter colours.

3. Rub In Oils

Most rubbing oils do not incorporate shade to the wooden, but they can add vitamins and minerals. The primary use of rubbing oils is to provide a protective complete to the wooden, and most oils treatment into a hard surface area. Tung oil and linseed oil are two frequent ending oils, but there are several other kinds.

4. Varnish

Varnish is a well-liked complete that several men and women use on wooden. It dries to a difficult very clear coat, so you can place it more than stained wooden to shield it. Extra layers of varnish will offer you with a thicker coating. The high gloss character of varnish can make your wood tasks appear amazing, and it supplies satisfactory safety from environmental harm.

5. Polyurethane

Polyurethane is a popular variety of wooden complete that’s comparable to varnish in look, but although varnish makes use of solvents and resonance to produce the end, polyurethane utilizes an oil or h2o-dependent method. It’s a little thicker than varnish, so it doesn’t demand as several coats, but it’s a lot much more costly and not tough enough to use for assignments that are heading to be exterior. Nevertheless, most men and women pick it in excess of varnish for indoor assignments.

6. Stain and Polyurethane Blend

A lot of brand names provide a stain and polyurethane mix that can aid lessen the time that it normally takes you to apply your complete. Even though it does reduce the workload and several folks have had fantastic achievement using a blend, we choose to use stain and polyurethane separately.

7. Paint

1 of the most flexible finishes that you can implement to wood is paint. You can use oil or latex-based paint, and it’s also obtainable in indoor and outside variations. It’s one of the greatest options for wood that you intend to maintain exterior, and it’s accessible in a lot of colors. Most property advancement centers have a paint mixer on hand so you can blend any color that you like.

9 Different Types of Wood Finishes (with Pictures)
Image Credit: Kissu, Pixabay

8. Wood Preserver

If you like a all-natural end on your wood projects but want to defend them from dampness, bugs, and other problems, a wood preserver can be your answer. There are a lot of brands offered, and most are simple to utilize, only necessitating you to wipe them on and wipe them off again.

9. Wax

A business wax-like automotive wax can help include an additional layer of protection to your wooden undertaking. It performs very best when making use of it to a shiny floor, like glossy paint, varnish, or polyurethane. One of the greatest rewards of introducing a layer of wax to your wooden finish is that it supplies plenty of UV defense, which will assist stop your stain or organic wooden grain from fading because of to sunlight.

What Finish Should I Use for My Project?

The type of finish that you use on your project will depend on several factors. First, if you plan to keep your venture outside, it will need to have a tough complete that can stand up to the climate. The ideal options are exterior paint and varnish. Paint is the far better option since it’s accessible in more shades and normally has extra components that aid it endure weathering and ultraviolet radiation. If you’re keeping your venture indoors, polyurethane or indoor paint is a much better selection.

If you like to appear at the normal wooden grain, decide on a stain and protect it with rubbing oil, polyurethane, or varnish. If you prefer a strong coloration, stage paint is a great choice, and you won’t require to fear about varnish or polyurethane. A wooden preserver can assist safeguard your undertaking if you are uncertain of what to use.


With so many various finishes available, it is understandable that it can be challenging to select one. Beginning with a stain can assist you see if you like the wooden grain. You can also experiment with coloration choice as you decide on the stain that you will use. If you like the consequence, you can preserve it with polyurethane, varnish, or rubbing oil. If it doesn’t change out the way that you want, you can paint more than it and continue to do so right up until you locate one thing that you like.

Highlighted Graphic Credit rating: Efetova Anna, Shutterstock