9 Free DIY Standing Desk Plans You Can Make Today

9 Free DIY Standing Desk Plans You Can Make Today

It’s no surprise that standing desks are all the rage correct now. They have great positive aspects for every person – not just individuals with back again issues. Research reports have located powerful evidence that operating at a standing desk can lower your danger for bodyweight-gain, heart illnesses, and large blood sugar.

That’s not all, though!

Standing desks can also increase your mood, boost your power, and enhance your productiveness levels.


Try out 1 of these Diy ideas and understand how to create a standing desk of your possess.

1. Wrap-around Standing Desk from ABeautifulMess.com

This Wrap-around Standing Desk prepare is effortless to stick to, with valuable anecdotes and ideas throughout. A wrap-around desk is fantastic due to the fact it keeps a place from feeling cluttered but even now creates a large quantity of desk place for acquiring factors done.

Talent Degree: Newbie

Supplies: Pine Board, Shelf Brackets, Screws

Instruments Needed: Electricity Noticed, Electrical power Drill, Stage, Sand Paper, Hand Sander, Polyurethane, Rag, Brush

Guidelines: You don’t have to use pine boards you can substitute another sort of wooden. Keep your wooden on the lighter facet however, so that the brackets can properly maintain it up.

2. Industrial Farmhouse Stand-Up Desk from OurFarmhouseProject.com

This Industrial Farmhouse Stand-Up Desk strategy pairs industrial piping with a rustic farmhouse aesthetic. It functions beneficial instructions and photographs and is a wonderful plan for intermediate woodworkers. The prepare offers that the materials needed to make this desk will value you less than $150!

Skill Stage: Intermediate

Components: Wooden, Pipes, Ground Flanges, Iron Threaded Tee’s, Iron Caps, Screws, Spray Paint, Walnut Stain, Polyurethane, Wooden Glue

Instruments Necessary: Milter Saw, Kreg Jig, Drill, Sand Paper

Guidelines: Keep in thoughts that standing desks are not one-measurement-suits-all. Base your materials measurements on how tall you are.

3. Convertible Standing Desk from Instructables.com

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This Convertible Standing Desk  is best for folks who do not want to dedicate to utilizing a standing desk all the time. Soon after all, standing for as well extended can be as bad for your well being as sitting down for too prolonged. This desk plan’s style uses the same mechanics as an elevator!

Ability Amount: Intermediate

Components: Wood, Brackets, Screws, T-Brace, Lock Pins, Drawer Slides, Cable, Pulleys

Tools Necessary: Noticed, Screwdriver, Level, Tape Evaluate, Pencil, Sandpaper, Paint

Guidelines: Some of the desk utilised elements from Ikea. If you are an innovative woodworker, truly feel totally free to substitute people elements for homemade concoctions!

4. Plumber Pipe Standing Desk from Homemade-Modern.com

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This Plumber Pipe Standing Desk prepare is effortless to develop, requiring considerably less than $185 in materials, and less than three hours of your time. With valuable photos, straightforward to read directions, and a video clip, this is a great undertaking for newcomers. It also doesn’t call for you to very own that several tools!

Ability Amount: Novice

Materials: Wood Board, Mending Plates, Iron Pipe, Black Iron Couplings, Black Drywall Screws, Danish Oil

Equipment Essential: Drill, Noticed, Sander, Pace Square, Pencil, Rag, Clamps

Suggestions: If you are tall or limited- really don't worry! They give directions on how to make 42”, 48’, and 30’ desk.

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5. Cheap and Easy Standing Desk from Joshuabermandesign.com

If you are seeking for an inexpensive standing desk plan, then this Inexpensive and Simple Standing Desk prepare is perfect for you! By means of certain recommendations, and valuable photos, discover how to make a standing desk for below $fifty.

Talent Amount: Beginner

Components: Pine Boards, Braces, Screws

Tools Needed: Drills, Saw, Sander

Guidelines: If you are a total woodworking beginner and really do not have a noticed, really don't be concerned. Home advancement retailers typically have an choice to trim boards for you.

6. Steel Pipe Standing Desk from Spacekat.me

This Steel Pipe Standing Desk is great for newbies simply because it uses an presently cut piece of wooden as the genuine desk! The pipes are straightforward to assemble- most of the work is connecting them to the desk and then generating the entire factor look aesthetically-satisfying.

Skill Amount: Rookie

Resources: Strong Picket Countertop, Wood Screws, Steel Pipes, T-Joints, Flanges, Conclude Caps, Extensions, Paint, Primer, Wooden Stain, Polyurethane, Pipe De-Greaser

Resources Needed: Drill, Paint Brush, Sandpaper, Gloves, Tarp

Tips: It’s up to you what wood countertop you want to use. The writers of this blog mentioned they used IKEA NUMERAR Oak kitchen countertop which was wonderful top quality and only $129.

7. Wood Standing Desk for Your Cubicle from Jeffgeerling.com

Hunting to change your cubicle desk into a standing desk? Try out out this Wood Standing Desk for Your Cubicle Prepare! It has fantastic guidelines, ideas, and pictures, and is excellent for rookie to intermediate stage woodworkers.

Skill Degree: Newbie

Supplies: Wooden, Wooden Stain, Polyurethane, Ponderosa Panels

Equipment Required: Circle Saw, Drill, Clamps, Sander

Guidelines: He supplies some fantastic guidelines on how to effectively stain wooden!

8. Large Standing Desk or Kiosk from Woodshopdiaries.com

A good deal of standing desks only offer you a restricted quantity of area. That is not the scenario with this Massive Standing Desk or Kiosk plan. With these programs, you will learn how to construct a standing desk that’s massive, and an even larger project, but this desk is built to last. It was at first intended to be a kiosk but functions effectively as a desk.

Skill Amount: Innovative

Resources: Wood, Screws, Plywood, Edge Banding, Wooden Glue

Equipment Needed: Miter Observed, Round Saw, Drill, Kreg Pocket Hole Jig, Nail Gun

Tips: This desk is large but the dimension is straightforward to modify if you enjoy the layout, but don’t have space for something like this in your property or workplace.

9. Pipe Standing Desk Converter from Simplifiedbuilding.com

Inspired by the piping desk strategies I have talked about but not prepared to entirely commit to a standing desk? Consider this Pipe Standing Desk Converter prepare! Spot the small pipe desk on leading of your normal desk to instantly have a standing desk.

Talent Level: Novice

Components: Klee Klamp Fittings, Pipe, Brackets, Rail Support Fittings, Velcro, Screws

Tools Essential: Screw Driver

Tips: A massive component of this strategy demands you to have a removable laptop keep an eye on. If you don’t, this is not the strategy for you.

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