9 Interesting Miter Saw Facts

Miter Saws are one of the most typical equipment in use right now. They may possibly not seem like much, but there is a prosperous history of carpentry, ingenuity, and design powering these tools. Miter saws make 1000's of contractors’ lives easier each and every day, and they day again a long time. The precursor to the miter saw arrived about hundreds of several years ago. In truth, there is a great deal to understand about these frequent resources.

The 9 Interesting Miter Saw Facts

1. A Miter Is a Type of Cut

The identify miter observed arrives from the type of cuts that a miter saw can make. A miter is any cut that is at a diverse angle from ninety levels. The most common sort of minimize is a crosscut which is a simple ninety-degree cut that takes one thing and separates it alongside a straight line. Miter cuts are typically done at a 45-diploma angle to make two items that fit together to sort a 90-diploma angle. Miter cuts are utilized most usually to create corners for trim, image frames, and other equivalent issues the place two pieces of wood require to be joined to generate a ninety-degree angle.

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2. Miter Saws Come In Three Common Sizes

The modern day miter noticed arrives in a few typical dimensions. The most frequent miter saws are 8”, 10” and 12”. Everything smaller is normally relegated to a circular observed, and everything more substantial is usually taken care of by a table saw, or band observed. A miter saw can easily cut by means of substance that is 50 percent the diameter of the blade. For example, a 10” miter saw must be ready to make it via a 5” piece of content.

3. 15” Miter Saws Are The Biggest On The Market

The biggest miter saws available for buy are 15”. These are critically large saws. They are mainly used for slicing huge pieces of wood like 6x6s, 4x8s, and other beams. Since 15” miters are the biggest offered on the industry, they are tough to find, and often it can be tough to uncover blades and items for them. But if you are looking for a noticed that can cut through significant beams, the 15” versions are the way to go.

4. Miter Saws Can Make Four Types Of Cuts

Miter saws were originally invented to minimize miters, that's why the identify. Even so, miter saws are in a position to make 4 distinct varieties of cuts. Miter saws can make cross cuts, bevel cuts, compound cuts, and miter cuts. This makes it possible for people to do a range of diverse cuts for employment, like trim function, flooring, posts, and much more.

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5. Before Powered Miter Saws, Miter Saws Were Manual

Most men and women know miter saws as electricity tools, but the initial miter saws have been guide. Miter packing containers had been utilised as guides for hand saws. A carpenter would established the miter box to the right angle and then connect the noticed. The box would guidebook the observed, so it made the same reduce in excess of and in excess of again, but the sawing itself was nevertheless carried out totally by hand. The most widespread miter angles have been nevertheless 45-degrees and ninety-degrees.

Craftsmen and carpenters that had to make the very same minimize frequently experienced to use a miter box and a good deal of sweat to get the job done.

6. The Precursor To The Powered Miter Saw Was The Radial Arm Saw

Just before the power miter noticed was invented, the electricity tool of choice was the radial arm noticed. This previous-school saw had a blade mounted to a radial arm that was powered by a modest motor. The radial arm observed was invented in 1922, and it was instantly a strike. They were great for ripping wooden and producing cross cuts, but they nevertheless weren’t wonderful at generating precise miter cuts. The radial arm saw was very comparable to the present day miter noticed, and it paved the wave for all of our present day energy saws right now.

Despite its age, the radial arm noticed is nonetheless employed these days by craftsmen all around the entire world.

7. The First Powered Miter Saw Was Invented In 1964

The powered miter noticed that we all know right now was invented in 1964 by Ed Niehaus. The spinning blade run by an outlet that can be utilized to quickly make easy cuts did not hit the mainstream until finally 1970. It is crazy to consider that a single of the most ubiquitous tools in use these days is only 60 years aged. Just before the invention of the powered miter noticed, folks employed the aged radial arm saws and the guide miter observed bins.

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8. The First Sliding Miter Saw Was Invented In The 1980s

1 of the most significant difficulties with static miter saws was the simple fact that they could not lower by way of pieces of wood broader than 8”. Attempting to minimize a 12” piece of wooden meant you experienced to cut as soon as, flip the board, and cut yet again to make it through the relaxation of the board. This was inefficient and led to blunders.

The remedy to that specific issue did not come about till the 1980s, when firms started to create new technologies. The sliding miter noticed was born out of necessity and permitted you to pull the noticed alongside a observe to reduce by means of boards up to 12” in a single fluid motion. The sliding miter observed didn’t grow to be mainstream till the nineties, and they are still really well-liked nowadays.

9. Modern Miter Saws Can Cut a Variety Of Materials

The miter observed commenced as a instrument to minimize wooden, but as the technologies advanced, miter saws can now be employed to minimize a assortment of distinct components. With the appropriate blade, a miter observed can minimize raw wood, force taken care of wooden, engineered flooring, PVC, vinyl, metallic pipes, steel straps, steel, and plastic. The energy of the miter noticed and the multitude of diverse blades offered make it so that basic contractors and at-house hobbyists can use miter saws to get practically any job done. From humble beginnings, the miter noticed has developed to turn out to be one particular of the most adaptable and prevalent equipment on the industry.

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Miter saws are versatile instruments, but the present day incarnation of the miter saw has only been all around because the 1990s. It is interesting to feel that there has been a slow march via time from guide miter containers to present day beasts that can lower by way of metal with the appropriate blade. Subsequent time you place a miter observed whirring away on a task site, you are going to know all about where they arrived from and how they were designed for modern day use.



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