9 Reasons Why Tomato Plant Leaves Curl & How to Fix It

Regardless of whether you’re new to gardening or are a pro, 1 problem that you are sure to knowledge at some level is your tomato plant leaves curling. But what does it indicate, how does it impact the produce, and most importantly, what do you do about it?

The great information is that it’s normally effortless to get treatment of, and after you address and solution the root trigger, your plant ought to rebound swiftly.

But very first, you require to determine out what’s creating the issue. This way, you know the correct actions to correct it. Right here, we highlighted the nine most typical motives that tomato plant leaves curl and what you ought to do for every single situation.

The 9 Reasons Why Tomato Plant Leaves Curl:

1. Incorrect Water Application

Watering tomato plants
Image Credit: jwvein, Pixabay

While tomatoes are usually forgiving plants, you can equally overwater and underwater them. Goal for about two inches of drinking water for every 7 days for best progress. Even though you simply cannot usually handle the quantity of rainfall in a 7 days, do your very best to avoid watering them throughout weighty rainfall periods, and always make certain that you drinking water them throughout prolonged durations with no rain.

It is also the crucial to remedying the situation. If the tomatoes are overwatered, allow them dry out a bit, and if they really do not have adequate h2o, go insert far more! The excellent news is that it does not consider prolonged for tomato plants to rebound from this situation.

2. Excessive Heat

Curled tomato leaves
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Even though tomato vegetation are very hot-weather vegetation, too a lot heat can still be a problem. In most locations, this is only a dilemma in the course of incremental warmth waves, so when the warmth wave breaks, the tomato crops need to go proper back to thriving.

Whilst you can not always take away heat, one of the best approaches that you can support your tomato vegetation in the course of excessively scorching intervals is to water them more. The soil will dry out a lot quicker in the course of hotter temperature, so you will require to drinking water far more usually to support your tomato plants thrive.

3. Too Much Wind

Curled tomato leaves
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Tomato crops can deal with common wind ranges with relieve, but when the wind starts off to ratchet up, it can develop problems. If you stay in an region prone to higher winds, we suggest setting up some form of windbreaker to divert the wind away. Just ensure that there is loads of space previously mentioned the breakers for the two daylight and drinking water to continue to reach the vegetation.

4. Excessive Pruning

Pruning tomato
Image Credit: Uryupina Nadezhda, Shutterstock

There’s a fantastic offer of debate on whether or not you must prune tomato vegetation at all, but there is no discussion about no matter whether you can overdo it. Abnormal pruning stresses out the plant, and when this occurs, it sales opportunities to curling or wilting leaves.

To repair the difficulty, merely stop pruning the plant. After it totally recovers, you can prune a few of the vines a little bit, but do not do as significantly as you had been ahead of.

5. Too Much Herbicide

Tomato with to much herbicide
Image Credit: Melissa Tate, Shutterstock

Herbicides are really typical to use to manage weeds and other problems, but tomato plants don’t do properly with them. Even if you are not straight making use of herbicides to your backyard garden, however, you may well have a difficulty.

Numerous herbicides that individuals use for grass are susceptible to being over-sprayed. Even fantastic particles of the herbicide reaching the tomato plant can guide to issues.

Once you have an influenced tomato plant, all you can do is continue to water the plant and consider to aid it through, but you are going to probably knowledge a diminished crop. In potential a long time, consider placing breakers about the garden to help stop herbicides from achieving the crops.

6. Pest Damage

Tomato with insect
Image Credit: warrior-on-ice, Pixabay

Humans are not the only types that like the flavor of tomatoes. Tomato vegetation are inclined to pests, like tomato pinworms, that can anxiety out your plants.

If you want your tomato vegetation to get better, you need to have to discover the pest attacking your backyard and use the acceptable treatment method to get rid of them.

7. Excessive Nitrogen

Tomato with nutrient deficiency
Image Credit: Aaron J Hill, Shutterstock

Your tomato crops need to have nitrogen, but several novice gardeners pack way too significantly into the soil. Indications of excessive nitrogen in the soil include curling leaves, but you will also likely notice that they are a brighter shade of inexperienced than they need to be.

After there is also considerably nitrogen in the soil, all you can do is allow the crops use it up. Really don't incorporate any much more fertilizer. Examination the soil up coming yr to see if you need to insert much more nitrogen at that point.

8. Transplant Shock

Image Credit: neelam279, Pixabay

Relocating your plant from one particular container to another is a tense function for your yard. It is completely typical for the leaves to curl a little bit during this time. The good information is that if this is all your plant is heading by means of, they almost always recuperate.

H2o them properly, and guarantee that they get satisfactory daylight and not also considerably wind. In limited, lessen the variety of exterior stressors for the vegetation whilst they modify to the new setting.

9. Disease

Tomato plant disease
Image Credit: Olya Maximenko, Shutterstock

This is by significantly the worst-case scenario for your garden. If the leaves of your tomato plant are curling, yellowing, and turning up instead of down, there’s a excellent likelihood that you are working with a tomato plant illness.

However, there’s no preserving a tomato plant with a condition. Even worse, if you really do not handle it quickly, it can spread during your whole backyard garden and wipe almost everything else out. If you have a diseased tomato plant, take away it right away and wipe out it so it can’t unfold the condition wherever else.

The great news is that tomato plant illnesses are relatively unusual.


Working with curling leaves and other plant problems is just a portion of the gardening encounter, and shortly, you’ll know just how to fix every single problem. So, take a look at every thing heading on with your tomato plant, and we’re confident that with the assistance from this record, you will be in a position to figure out what is heading on.

As soon as you do, you’ll know specifically what you require to do to fix it and keep it from happening once again in the future!

Highlighted Image Credit history: kie-ker, Pixabay