9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)

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In the 90s, Colombia was the hotbed of the drug trade, creating it 1 of the most hazardous nations around the world on the world. Because then, Colombia has accomplished a one hundred eighty and is now one particular of the safer nations to travel to in South America.

If you want to travel to the most secure cities in the country, you will want to adhere to the more compact communities. As you would expect, the more substantial metropolitan areas have much more crime because there are a lot more individuals. To learn about the nine most secure cities in Colombia, keep studying.

The 9 Safest Cities in Colombia: A Quick Look

Prior to we dive into the 9 most secure cities in Colombia, it’s critical to notice one particular point. The most secure metropolitan areas in Colombia are usually the small villages. As a consequence, there is very little details and number of figures offered about the regions.

Not only that, but the criminal offense rate is so low in these places that they are usually not recorded by census and knowledge statistics. What little crime there is in these places is frequently petty theft and nothing at all to actually worry about.

With that in head, let us seem at these safe metropolitan areas.

1. Salento

9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: marcelot87, Pixabay
Population: 7,247
Poverty rate: 26.4%
Violent crime rate in 2021: Unknown

Salento is the most secure metropolis in Colombia. With a populace of just above 7000, there are not also numerous individuals to make this metropolis unsafe. Not to point out, it has turn into a favored location for tourism, which implies criminal offense is held to a minimal.

If you are touring to the Andes, Salento is certainly a town you will have to see. There are resorts, hostels, and dining establishments. A great deal of solo vacationers, even solo woman vacationers, studies being in Salento with little to no problems at all.

2. Guatape

9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: USA-Reiseblogger, Pixabay
Population: 5,838
Poverty rate: Unknown
Violent crime rate in 2021: Unknown

Guatape is an even smaller sized city. It has a inhabitants of almost 6000, and it is correct next to lake Antioquia. It is surrounded by lovely nature that is completely amazing. When you go into the town, all the buildings are painted vibrant shades for further attraction.

Considerably like Salento, Guatape is a tourist attraction, which signifies it is really safe. Nevertheless, there is a large native existence with a communal ambiance, creating it one of the most secure little cities you can go to in Colombia.

3. Palomino

Population: 4,000
Poverty rate: Unknown
Violent crime rate in 2021: Unknown

While the very last two cities have been positioned in the mountains, Palomino is on the seashore. Despite being a picturesque coastal place, there are only 4000 men and women in this city. The large vast majority of individuals in this city are visitors and people looking to get absent.

Simply because of how few individuals there are listed here, Palomino is one of the safest metropolitan areas you can visit in Colombia. You can even go to the restaurants and bars at night with tiny worry because the criminal offense is well controlled.

4. Minca

9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: USA-Reiseblogger, Pixabay
Population: 800
Poverty rate: Unknown
Violent crime rate in 2021: Unknown

With just a population of 800, Minca is more of a village than a metropolis. It is located in the foothills of Sierra Nevada. As you would anticipate from a village with a populace of 800, everyone is aware of every person, ensuing in very minor crime.

The issue about Minca is that it is much better for the adventurer. If you are hunting for a metropolis continue to be, this village surely is not for you, but it may well be your best spot if you are searching for a reclusive climbing location.

5. Jardin

9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Jardin Aerial View (Image Credit: CONOCER, Wikimedia Commons, Attribution Common 4.0)
Population: 13,541
Poverty rate: Unknown
Violent crime rate in 2021: Unknown

Jardin isn’t quite as small as the other towns on our list, but it is nonetheless rather small by most Americans’ requirements. This town is ideal because it is in a picturesque coffee-developing neighborhood, that means there are tons of dining places and espresso retailers that visitors and locals alike adore.

Another gain of Jardin is that it is only four hrs absent from Medellin. As a consequence, you can effortlessly get to and from the bigger hotspots, all even though staying in a safer location for the greater part of your travels.

6. Barichara

9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: angelamlopezj, Pixabay
Population: 7,000
Poverty rate: 38.8%
Violent crime rate in 2021: Unknown

Barichara is a quaint city. During the day, you will find a great deal of guests and visitors, but most of them go away at evening, generating the night delightfully peaceful. By remaining in Barichara, you get the security of tourism without actually emotion like you are in an exceptional tourist vacation spot.

Of program, you can always pay a visit to Barichara like the other tourists. Go to by working day and continue to be someplace else at evening. Either way, Barichara is an cute small town that you will really feel risk-free in.

7. Villa de Leyva

9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: Makalu, Pixabay
Population: 16,984
Poverty rate: 38.8%
Violent crime rate in 2021: 62 per 100,000 people

Villa de Leyva is a single of the larger cities on our checklist. It has been popularized since it has preserved architecture with boutique accommodations and eating places. It is not unheard of to uncover chairs and tables bordering the streets simply because the restaurants are overflowing with folks.

Villa de Leyva is a good deal closer to some of the massive cities than some of the other tiny towns on our lists, but it is even now secure. This may make it a excellent destination if you are flying into a major town but want to continue to be someplace a little bit safer.

8. Pereira

Population: 467,269
Poverty rate: Unknown
Violent crime rate in 2021: 45 per 100,000 people

Pereira is positioned in what is called the coffee triangle. As you would assume from this name, there are tons of espresso farms all close to the town, creating it a preferred for espresso enthusiasts.

The benefit of Pereira is that it is a lot more substantial than the other options on our record, but it isn’t quite an urban oasis both. Hence, you get the advantage of having a great deal of issues to do with out extreme crime. The crime charge of only 45, which is very minimal in comparison to other Colombian towns.

9. Bucaramanga

9 Safest Cities in Colombia (2022 Update)
Image Credit: nbecerra, Pixabay
Population: 581,130
Poverty rate: 18.5%
Violent crime rate in 2021: 43 per 100,000 people

The last Colombian town on our checklist is Bucaramanga. Bucaramanga is the premier metropolis on our list, but it is nonetheless very safe. This town is nicknamed “The Metropolis of Parks” because it is easy to stroll about and has in excess of 150 parks that you can enjoy.

Bucaramanga has a violent crime charge of just 43, which is some of the cheapest of the large towns. It even has the cheapest poverty fee in the place at 18.5%. If you want to get as near to a huge city as you can get even though still being tremendous protected, Bucaramanga is the city for you.

What Are Cities to Avoid in Colombia?

As with any other place, the most dangerous metropolitan areas in Colombia are the huge cities. Bogota, Santa Marta, Cartagena, and other big towns all have the highest criminal offense prices, mainly due to the fact there is such a large influx of folks.

In Colombia’s defense, the crime rate in all these cities has been lower virtually in half in excess of the last couple of many years. In reality, Bogota is deemed a single of the most secure massive South American cities you can check out, but it nevertheless isn’t as safe as the smaller villages.

With this in brain, the larger cities of Colombia can be frequented without comprehensive concern, but you want to be really careful if you go into these greater towns. Just like any other key metropolis, theft and muggings are typical. Troubles related to acts of terror and murder are also prevalent in these towns, especially Bogota.

If you want the most secure experience achievable, stay away from these big hubs and stick to the quaint Colombian cities rather.

How to Stay Safe in Colombia

Even if you make a decision to vacation to the most secure towns in the planet, you always want to shell out consideration to your safety. No issue in which you go, there will be criminal offense and the danger of risk. Right here are some guidelines to continue to be risk-free in Colombia:

Don’t Make Yourself an Easy Target

Most criminal offense accomplished to travelers in Colombia is petty crimes at most. Thefts and muggings are what will most probably come about if you find yourself a target of a crime, which we hope will never happen.

One particular way to support protect yourself is to not make your self an effortless focus on. In other words and phrases, do not flash your new technological innovation or money, be aware of your environment, and constantly hold an eye on your belongings.

Just by doing these couple of issues, most robbers and criminals in Colombia will keep away from you. They are just searching to make a quick buck, and they won’t hassle with a tourist who extremely evidently is mindful of them selves.

Don’t Be Out at Night

Most criminal offense takes place at night time. Attempt to be in your hostel or hotel once the evening begins. If you have to go out for some cause, usually just take a taxi. Even if it’s just a quick stroll away, getting a taxi is the very best way to stay secure if you have to travel at evening.

Avoid Drugs and Watch Your Drink

Due to the fact Colombia has such a long history in the drug trade, many individuals journey to Colombia for just that. Steer distinct of purchasing or taking all medication. Not only is it unlawful in Colombia, but you do not know what you will get. In addition, most random delivers are sting functions by neighborhood law enforcement officers.

If you are a lady, be specifically mindful of your drinks. Just like in the States, your consume can be drugged when you’re not looking. Always maintain a shut eye on your consume to maintain by yourself risk-free.

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We are truly content that Colombia has accomplished some thing about its criminal offense difficulty. Since Colombia is this kind of a beautiful country stuffed with wealthy heritage and great individuals, this decrease in crime indicates far more men and women can get pleasure from the nation safely and securely.

Still, Colombia has a prolonged way to go just before it is ranked one of the most secure nations in the entire world. Until finally then, stick to the safest metropolitan areas in the country and be careful whenever traveling. As a rule of thumb, more compact villages are safer than big towns.



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