9 Table Saw Injury Statistics And Facts – 2022 Update

Desk saws are a popular device for skilled workers and novice DIYers who use them for numerous tasks. Though useful, table saws can be extremely harmful and trigger serious accidents if you get in make contact with with the blade.

As several folks are unaware of feasible accidents and their results, we needed to level out some of the most significant desk noticed harm statistics and facts. Ideally, following looking through this post, you will be additional cautious whilst dealing with a desk saw for your tasks.

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The 9 Table Saw Injury Statistics

1. Current safety standards for table saws are ineffective in protecting users 

The primary safety technology that most desk noticed companies use is a plastic blade guard that is meant to avoid desk noticed accidents. That technology has been the identical for the final 50 several years, and it has verified to be ineffective in guarding users as there is a massive number of table noticed injuries every 12 months.

Even so, the safety technologies are improving year by year, although most more recent kinds are quite costly owing to the advanced protection possibilities.

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2. Table saw safety devices currently available don’t correctly address the risk of injuries caused by blade contact

Most table noticed injuries take place when a user touches the noticed blade. The protection units (blade guard and riving knife) at present obtainable do not appropriately handle the danger of blade-get in touch with injuries. The CPSC is continuously operating on adjusting and advancing the basic safety units when employing a table observed. In 2017 they proposed a rule in which the restrict of the cut’s depth is set to .137 inches.

3. In 2010, an estimated 700,000 table saws were in use, and it’s believed that number doubled by 2022

When Oregonlive did an estimate in 2010, in excess of 700,000 desk saws have been in use in the Usa. As woodworking in general has turn out to be much more common and far more individuals are taking an desire in Do it yourself tasks, it’s thought that the number of desk saw end users has drastically elevated and that it’s likely doubled in the last 10 years.

4. Annually, there are over 30,000 table saw injuries in the USA

As you can see, the once-a-year quantity of table saw accidents in the United states is relatively large. In excess of 30,000 table observed accidents come about each 12 months, drastically more than accidents triggered by other electricity instruments. Even though some table observed accidents are pretty harmless, other people can be extreme. General, the quantities display just how unsafe desk saws can be and how cautious you should be whilst handling one particular.

5. The most frequently injured body parts are hands and fingers

As you want to use your fingers to cut material with a table noticed, your palms and fingers are in the most hazard. That doesn’t mean that you are not able to injure yet another element of your entire body, but your fingers and hands are at the optimum danger of attainable wounds, cuts, and other accidents because of to the constant publicity to the blade.

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6. More than 10 table saw injuries daily end in amputations

More than ten desk observed injuries every day stop in amputations. If you do not take care of the desk observed correctly, you may possibly be going through a finger or a hand amputation. Despite the fact that not all table saw accidents are this significant, it’s important to know that these situations are not unheard of and that they come about on a every day basis.

When managing a table noticed, try out to be as cautious as possible and put on all the essential protecting gear that should decrease the odds of you receiving harm.

7. The estimated price of medical costs for table saw injuries every year is more than $2 billion

As most desk saw injuries could be quite extreme, they regularly outcome in hospitalization. In truth, the estimated value of health-related expenses for desk saw injuries every 12 months is more than $2 billion, which demonstrates that there are a whole lot of individuals working with these injuries.

8. Although in the minority, table saw accidents also happen to students during school shop projects and classes

Unfortunately, most pupils are unaware of all the injuries and issues they can confront when managing a desk saw, leading to college accidents. Still, it’s up to the instructors and professors to raise consciousness about this situation and train students about the basic safety measures when employing this kind of a potent tool.

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9. It’s anticipated that the global table saw market will increase at a considerable rate between 2022 and 2028

Throughout COVID, the global table noticed industry drastically improved, and it was value more than $760.six million. It’s anticipated that the market place will boost from 2022 to 2028. That indicates that the creation of desk saws will also increase and that the customer base will preserve growing. Hopefully, newer table saw designs will demonstrate some sophisticated safety systems to enhance customer safety and give a greater managing expertise.

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What are some of the most common table saw injuries?

Table saws can trigger multiple injuries, and as we presently mentioned, the most frequent injuries are to fingers and fingers. Some other common injuries include:

  • Eye injuries
  • Respiratory injuries

These injuries can take place when not making use of a blade guard or inserting fingers and fingers as well close to the saw blade. Also, if you are slicing a substance that’s too thick or huge, you could undergo from achievable wounds, cuts, and other issues.

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Desk saws can be really hazardous and lead to injuries and health concerns you are going to never ever be capable to recuperate from, so it is critical to manage them with treatment. When making use of a table saw, be cautious and put on all the required protective equipment to reduce the probabilities of you acquiring damage and lower the damage severity if it takes place.



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