Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

Anyone who has labored on automobiles is aware the necessity of a floor jack. Two of the ideal floor jack brands are Arcan and Pittsburgh. Many mechanics opt for an Arcan ground jack, although other individuals are devoted Pittsburgh floor jack fans.

If you have never ever purchased a floor jack prior to, it can be tough to know which one particular is greater. In brief, you will make a decision in between an Arcan and Pittsburgh based on your necessary portability and funds. They are equivalent in each and every other way.

To uncover out regardless of whether or not you should get an Arcan or Pittsburgh, go through on. We get a close search at each brands and offer a acquiring guidebook at the end. This buying information will support you make up your brain if you are downright caught when selecting a flooring jack.

Overview of Arcan Floor Jacks:

Arcan flooring jacks are strong, sturdy, and transportable. With these poor boys, you are going to be ready to carry just about any auto with no fear of rust or transportation. You need to select an Arcan ground jack over a Pittsburgh if you need a ground jack that is light sufficient to have and tough adequate to stand up to rust.

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

Materials and Durability

An Arcan flooring jack entire body is created from large-good quality aluminum. This permits the jack to be the two lightweight and sturdy. A lot of mechanics enjoy this substance since it is much less vulnerable to rusting. The aluminum frame guarantees that your jack withstands higher strain, but it also can make it simple enough to carry about.

There is a draw back to this aluminum frame, nonetheless. Given that aluminum is the two sturdy and light-weight, it is pricey. As a end result, the Arcan ground jack is far more expensive than the Pittsburgh, which does not use aluminum for the body.


Clearly, the lighter the floor jack is, the less difficult it will be to carry. The aluminum body on the Arcan floor jack can make it exceptionally lightweight. This is a fantastic perk for people who need to have to have the jack to various areas. It will be mild ample that you can pick it up without having straining your back again.

Much more so, the Arcan floor jack also comes with a two-piece manage. The deal with can make this flooring jack even more relaxed to have all around with you given that it doesn’t really feel awkward or uncomfortable to keep.

Greater nevertheless, the hand also will come apart. This may sound like a minimal addition, but it is amazingly useful for storing purposes. By removing the deal with, the jack is smaller, making it simpler to preserve in limited locations.

Lifting Power and Floor Clearance

Despite the lightweight frame on the Arcan ground jack, it offers outstanding lifting powers. The precise capability will rely on the model you decide on, but some types can lift as much as a few tons. This jack utilizes a dual-piston pump to elevate three-ton autos, and it only takes twelve pumps to increase the vehicle 19.four inches.

So, the ground jack can attain most autos, it comes with a 3.6-inch ground clearance. This helps make the jack a fantastic choice for individuals who intend to use it on a assortment of autos. With this clearance, the Arcan can elevate everything from a reduced-profile car to an SUV.


The Arcan floor jack is strong, sturdy, and lightweight. Its aluminum body guarantees that it withstands use and the elements although also making it possible for it to be gentle enough to have. The steel handle additional enhances the transportability of the solution. The 3.6-inch floor clearance also tends to make this jack appropriate for a range of automobile sorts.

  • Made from aluminum
  • Durable
  • Rust-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to transport
  • Includes a steel handle
  • 6-inch clearance height makes it suitable for most vehicles
  • Expensive

Overview of Pittsburgh Floor Jacks:

Like their Arcan counterparts, Pittsburgh flooring jacks are amazingly potent and appropriate for a variety of automobiles. They are made from steel, producing them a single of the strongest choices offered. You should choose for the Pittsburgh flooring jack if you need to have a tough and adaptable jack that you really do not intend to shift. Individuals on a tight price range could also choose the Pittsburgh.

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

Materials and Durability

Pittsburgh flooring jacks are manufactured from industrial-grade metal. This metal is simply one of the most strong materials on the marketplace. This can make the jack appropriate for just about any lifting purpose. It is also much more inexpensive than aluminum, generating it wonderful for those on a spending budget.

Even though steel is strong, it is not the most resilient selection. It will endure excess weight and stress very easily, but it will rust if not managed effectively. Make positive that you shop and maintain your Pittsburgh floor jack correctly to avert it from rusting in excess of time.


An additional downside of steel is that it is exceptionally weighty. For these that have no intention of transferring their jack around, this will not be a issue. If you may possibly want to shift, transport, or shop your floor jack, however, it will be extremely demanding because of to its excess weight. In fact, a Pittsburgh jack can weigh as a lot as seventy five.1 pounds.

The Pittsburgh does not occur with a handle both. This further can make the jack a lot more hard to transfer and transportation. All around, the Pittsburgh flooring jack is not identified for its transportability, and you ought to only get one if you don’t anticipate to need to move it about with you.

Lifting Power and Floor Clearance

Like the Arcan, the Pittsburgh delivers excellent lifting electricity and flooring clearance. It has a commencing peak of 2.875 inches, making it ideal for low-rise cars. It can also fit large vans and other products many thanks to its 19.75-inch substantial level. The greatest ability load is three tons as well.

No matter the dimension of the automobile or equipment, the Pittsburgh can take care of it. It includes a dual-parallel pump method that allows it to carry automobiles very easily. Meanwhile, the common launch method allows you to manage how fast the automobile lowers. You can even cease the reducing procedure altogether by twisting the handle.

Final Takeaway

The Pittsburgh floor jack is comparable to the Arcan in that it gives substantial lifting talents. Its metal body can make it hugely potent and resistant to fat. Nevertheless, you will have to maintain it appropriately to stop rust. Additionally, the steel material implies that it is extremely heavy and tough to transport.

  • Powerful
  • Withstands bumps and scratches easily
  • Made from industrial-grade steel
  • 875 to 19.75-inch lifting ability
  • Dual-parallel pump system
  • Affordable
  • Heavy
  • Not easy to transport
  • Prone to rusting if not maintained well

Buying Guide: What to do When You Can’t Make Up Your Mind

How to Choose

  Arcan Pittsburgh
Materials Aluminum Steel
Weight Light Heavy
Price Expensive Affordable
Best For  Ease of transportation

Ease of maintenance

Affordable price


Genuinely, deciding on in between the Arcan and Pittsburgh flooring jack is effortless. Since the two jacks offer about the exact same lifting powers, you only need to have to contemplate two aspects: excess weight and content. These two factors will explain to you which one particular is very best for your demands.

  • When to Choose the Arcan: Choose the Arcan if you need a floor jack to transport and move with you. Given that it is made with aluminum and includes a handle, you can move this jack easily. Additionally, select an Arcan if you need a model that requires less maintenance. Since it doesn’t rust, you don’t have to be as careful about moisture.
  • When to Choose a Pittsburgh: Choose a Pittsburgh if you don’t intend to move the jack and need to save a little money. The steel material makes it heavier and less expensive than the Arcan. This means it is perfect for stationary use or budget picks.

It’s genuinely that simple. Just pick the flooring jack based mostly on the weight and material that are very best for your intended jack use.

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?
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Other Factors to Consider

All round, the Arcan and Pittsburgh floor jacks are similar apart from for in terms of bodyweight and content. You can contemplate other much less essential functions if you would like. These features insert to the respective jacks, but they aren’t required or as important as the functions lined above. Even so, listed here are other variables to think about:

  • Vehicle Protection: Floor jacks touch the cars you are working on. Make sure to get a floor jack that protects the car with a rubber saddle or foam handle bumper. Though some Pittsburgh models have protection, Arcan is more reliable for this feature.
  • Castor Size: When working with your floor jack, the last thing you want is for it to be unstable. Look for larger castors for enhanced stability. Pittsburgh floor jacks tend to have larger castors due to their heftier weight.
  • Appearance: Some people like for their tools to match. If you are one of those people, certainly consider the appearance or color of the jack. Arcan and Pittsburgh jacks come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Select a model that matches your other tools for a more uniform look.

How to Maintain Your Floor Jack

Considering that floor jacks are more high-priced tools, you need to know how to preserve them. Right here is how to keep both flooring jacks:

  • Inspect Regularly: After every use, inspect the jack to make sure it functions properly, is not damaged, etc. Repair or replace the jack as soon as you spot any issues. Check for cracks, loose nuts or bolts, damage, or leakage. This includes examining the body and wheels.
  • Clean: Floor jacks get dirty easily since they are constantly exposed to grease. Clean your jack regularly with a clean cloth. Follow up with a lightly oiled cloth. Make sure to do this with the Pittsburgh since it is more prone to rusting.
  • Lubricate Moving Parts: Use heavy grease on the wheels and hinges. This keeps them moving freely, which makes it easier and safer to use. Once a year, remove built-up grease and re-lubricate the moving parts.
  • Change the Oil: Replace the hydraulic oil on occasion. You should do this no more than once every couple of years. Make sure not to overfill the jack for it could damage it.
  • Bleed the Cylinder: Bleed the system after changing the oil or when the jack acts up. If the jack cannot hold weight as before, bleed the system.
  • Storage: Release all pressure before storage. Place it in the upright position in a safe, dry location.

Quick Look: Our Top Choices

  Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack
Maximum Capacity 3 tons 3 tons
Profile Low Extra low
Material Aluminum Steel
Weight 58 lbs. 75 lbs.
Easy to transport? Yes No
Price $$ $


Our Favorite Arcan Floor Jack: Arcan 3-Ton Quick Rise Aluminum Floor Jack

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

The Arcan three-Ton Fast Increase Aluminum Ground Jack gives incredible lifting electrical power. It can take care of up to three-tons of fat for just about any vehicle. It contains dual pump pistons and a strengthened lifting arm that make it quickly-performing, smooth, and strong. The Arcan also provides motor vehicle security and a 2-piece take care of, generating it perfect for individuals who need an simple to transport, potent flooring jack. Nonetheless, it is far more high-priced than other models.

Our Favorite Pittsburgh Floor Jack: Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Arcan vs Pittsburgh Floor Jacks: Which is Better?

The Pittsburgh Automotive 3-Ton Hefty Responsibility Extremely Low Profile Metal Ground Jack delivers 3 tons of weight lifting abilities at an affordable value. The industrial-quality resources and Fast Pump technique make the pump quick-performing and strong. This floor jack is specially valuable for its lower profile, making it a great decision for people who need to have to work on low rise autos or show vehicles. However you will not be in a position to transportation this product effortlessly, it offers competitive lifting talents.


Arcan and Pittsburgh are two brand names you can believe in. Their ground jacks are practically equivalent in each and every way apart from for the components utilised and fat. Arcan ground jacks are produced from aluminum, making it possible for them to be much more lightweight and high-priced, even though Pittsburgh floor jacks are made from metal, producing them heavier and price range-helpful.

You genuinely simply cannot go improper with either option. Just make positive to consider your budget and supposed transportability. If you think about those two items, you will very easily be ready to make a decision on an selection.