Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

Do you know almost everything there is to know about carpentry besides how to established up your own workshop? Are you a Do it yourself grasp, but only after going to all your pals and begging to borrow their instruments?

It is not enjoyable to speak about, but it is a reality: price tag can be a key barrier to entry in woodworking. A round observed is a bread-and-butter instrument that anchors each and every workbench, but gifted crafters have to go with out one particular every working day simply because they cannot scare up the money for an overpriced solution.

We want our reviews to assist with that. We’ve collected our preferred circular saws that price significantly less than $a hundred, in order to demonstrate that you really do not have to blow your spending budget on noticed that’ll very last.

A Quick Summary of Our Favorites in 2022

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall

Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022
Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022 DeWalt DCS391B Circular Saw
  • Comfortable to hold,Ridiculously powerful,Strong yet light
    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022
    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022 SKIL 5280-01 Budget Circular Saw
  • Powerful cuts,Deep blade,Laser guide and wrench storage included
    Best Value

    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022
    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022 Porter-Cable PCE300 Circular Saw
  • Lasts a long time,Easy to stabilize,Cuts line up well
    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022 Black+Decker BDECS300C Circular-Saw
  • Powerful motor,Easy to replace blade,Budget price
    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022 Ryobi One+ P505 Budget Circular Saw
  • Low price,Straight cuts,Easy to hold

    The 5 Best Budget Circular Saws:

    1. DeWalt DCS391B Circular Saw – Best Overall

    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

    DeWalt is a brand that regularly outperforms in our assessments, so we weren’t amazed to see them on top of this listing once again. Their DCS391B round observed boasts a motor able of 5,a hundred and fifty RPM, a bevel potential from to 50 degrees, and light-weight design that makes it straightforward to harmony and keep regular.

    Need to have a lot more convincing? In assessments, this saw sliced by way of plywood and 2x4s with ease. We never had difficulty keeping a line because of to the relaxed grip and liked how the additional depth created it easy to minimize in limited spots. Then there is the longevity: no make a difference what sort of abuse you set it through, this factor operates for a prolonged time.

    The a single complaint we do have relates to the energy resource and the cost. For beneath $a hundred, you can only get the corded version — the battery and charging package conclude up costing about twice as significantly. This makes the DeWalt DCS391B much less of a price range choice than it would seem at initial, but everything else is so excellent, we considered it was worthwhile even if you have to plug it in.

    All in all, we consider that this is the best price range circular noticed of this yr.

    • Comfortable to hold
    • Ridiculously powerful
    • Deep enough for sub-floor cutting
    • Strong yet light
    • Battery and charger are overpriced
    • Doesn’t come with spare blades or a carry case

    2. SKIL 5280-01 Budget Circular Saw

    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

    The SKIL 5280-01 round saw has a deep 7½-inch blade and a fifteen-amp motor able of 5,three hundred RPM while unloaded. Considering that it weighs in at just beneath 7 lbs ., you can use it all working day without experience fatigued. We also actually like the dust blower that keeps the blade’s route totally free of sawdust and squander.

    This saw has characteristics we usually really do not see on products beneath $two hundred, like a laser manual, onboard wrench storage, and the electrical power to bevel from to fifty one degrees. It backs up all these benefits with electrical power, slicing cleanly via strain-treated lumber — and does all this even though costing a portion of our #1 select.

    The catch is adjustability. The depth on the DeWalt DCS391B is a cinch to change, but on the SKIL 5280-01, the adjustment manage is lower-good quality and typically outright does not work. The motor also is not up to snuff: it is potent, but it cuts in and out when operating for a lot more than 10 minutes without having a relaxation. This noticed is a sprinter, not a marathoner. Regardless of this, we even now consider this is the best spending budget circular saw we have reviewed this yr.

    • Powerful cuts
    • Deep blade
    • Easy to afford
    • Laser guide and wrench storage included
    • Depth is hard to adjust
    • Motor sometimes cuts out

    3. Porter-Cable PCE300 Circular Saw – Best Value

    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

    For a price this good, you’d count on the Porter-Cable PCE300 to be a shoddily-created circular noticed that you’d throw out following a pair of initiatives. But for such a low price, this saw has incredible remaining power. Dependent on what we observed, you could remodel an whole home making use of this, and it would even now keep on spinning (at 5,500 RPM unloaded!).

    The PCE300 is the ideal round noticed for the cash that we have identified so much. It’s a minor heavy at 9½ pounds, but the metal shoe and the guides imply it isn’t challenging to keep secure. Price and toughness are its principal marketing details, but it is no slouch in the electricity division — it doesn’t just make cuts cleanly but strains them up properly as nicely.

    Any downsides? This saw is uncomfortably hard to switch on and occasionally fails to change on at all, necessitating you to jiggle the switch to get it likely. We also noticed some worrying indications of use in the metal shoe after only a number of assessments.

    • Budget price
    • Lasts a long time
    • Easy to stabilize
    • Cuts line up well
    • Heavy
    • Steel shoe isn’t as durable as the rest of it
    • Power switch often sticks

    4. Black+Decker BDECS300C Circular-Saw

    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

    The Black and Decker BDECS300C is a strong observed for common-function woodworking. It arrives with either an 18-tooth or 24-tooth blade, and if you acquire it with each, they are effortless to alter out making use of a spindle lock. It’s not offered cordless, but it offsets that inconvenience with bonuses like a laser manual and included wrench, not to point out a prolonged guarantee.

    When using the B&D BDECS300C, we identified the laser sight did a fine task of retaining us on our pencil marks, and the blade lower via 2x4s with out any problems in every single course. We did not have trouble with the included blade, but we’ve listened to from other individuals who have, so we’d suggest replacing it.

    Other items to be aware if you choose this noticed: shell out additional focus to safety. While most of it is effectively-constructed, the plastic guard over the blade is way thinner than some of the plastic we utilised the blade to reduce via. There’s also no guard on the trigger at all.

    • Powerful motor
    • Budget price
    • Easy to replace blade
    • Good warranty
    • Corded power only
    • Weak safety features
    • Included blade is low-quality

    5. Ryobi One+ P505 Budget Circular Saw

    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 – Top Picks & Reviews 2022

    The Ryobi One P505 is a cordless circular observed you can get for an inexpensive price. While it is on the bottom of our checklist — for reasons we’ll get to in a second — it is by no indicates low-quality. With a rubber grip and further side deal with, you can maintain it regular no subject exactly where you are using it, and it cuts straight without having demanding any added alignment characteristics.

    What we really do not like is that the rechargeable 18V battery and charger are bought individually, which can consider a toll on the regular spending budget. Ryobi’s batteries are excellent-good quality, nevertheless, and maintain their demand for a complete day.

    Past that, the P505 just doesn’t go as significantly as the other saws on this record. It’s not as deep, its motor isn’t as strong, and it can not lower as swiftly. If you believe portability is worth having to pay additional money for less electricity, this observed may possibly function for you. If not, you are much better off seeking larger up the listing.

    • Low price
    • Straight cuts
    • Easy to hold
    • Batteries and charger sold separately
    • Not very powerful
    • Slow
    • Only good for shallow cuts

    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Budget Circular Saw

    Below at HealthyHandyman, we’re all about assisting you unlock your prospective as a handyman, woodworker, and DIYer. If your budget is trying to keep you from reaching that potential, we want to aid you get accessibility to inexpensive equipment so you can get to function.

    That mentioned, we’d fairly see you get the proper circular noticed than the most affordable round observed. You might skip out, shed money, or endanger your assignments or oneself if the price is your only criterion. Verify out this buyer’s information to find out about the aspects other than the cost you need to take into account when purchasing for a circular noticed.

    Electrical power Source

    Energy saws need power. You have got two possibilities here.

    • Corded: A saw that must be plugged-in to work. Corded saws are usually larger and heavier, and more capable of handling tougher material. They’ll also never lose power in the middle of the job. However, if you can’t reach an outlet with an extension cord, they won’t work.
    • Cordless: These saws are often lighter and less powerful, but you can take them anywhere. If you’re building in the woods, or by the side of the road, a cordless saw is your only option. They’re almost always powered by rechargeable batteries, many of which can last through a whole day of work.

    Mechanical Design

    Once yet again, two options.

    Energy Ranking

    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 &#8211 Top Picks &#038 Reviews 2022Corded circular saws evaluate their energy in amps, although cordless saws give energy scores in volts. Although electricity is essential for measuring what a observed will be capable to minimize, it’s not a wonderful metric for making choices, given that virtually all saws these days have the very same power rating.

    • Corded saws: 15A
    • Cordless saws: 18V or 20V

    Electricity score is useful in only 1 way: if you see either kind of noticed rated much less than this, really do not purchase it.


    Like the electrical power ranking, the blade on a circular observed is significantly less essential than it would seem. It’s the most removable component of the complete resource, so if you really do not like the manufacturing unit blade, it is a piece of cake to change it.

    Instead of judging round saws by their blades, look for how simple it is to change the blade out. Saws with spindle locks, like the Black & Decker BDECS300C, make blade replacements easy. When searching for a substitution, choose a carbide-tipped blade with at the very least eighteen tooth.


    Best Budget Circular Saws under $100 &#8211 Top Picks &#038 Reviews 2022The shoe holds the circular saw steady towards the area it is chopping via. Its major occupation is to remain place. Appear for one particular that is properly-positioned, won’t go, and is created of robust material. Metal is traditional, but cast magnesium is much more sturdy — and certainly worth springing for.

    Protection Characteristics

    The most essential safety attributes to look for on a round noticed are the set off basic safety, which stops the observed from commencing if it is not lively, and the guard, which covers up as considerably of the blade as possible. Trigger safeties need to be positioned so you can launch them and squeeze the trigger in a one motion. Guards ought to be thick sufficient not to break if struck or dropped.

    No amount of developed-in protection can substitute for common perception. Constantly put on hand and eye protection, and spend attention to what you are performing.


    Two features may be adjustable on circular saws: depth and bevel angle.

    • Depth indicates what thickness of material the saw can cut through. 5½ inches through 7¼ inches is the usual range.
    • Bevel angle determines how much the shoe is able to tilt for bevel cuts. Most adjustable-bevel saws will range from 0 to 50 degrees. 


    This is frequently disregarded, but right after 5 hrs of reducing, we ensure you will not be considering of anything else. It’s mostly dependent on the saw’s fat and take care of ergonomics.

    • Weight: You’ll want this to be proportional to your own weight. If you’re 100 pounds wet, you won’t be able to wield a 16-pound worm drive saw for long. Likewise, if you’re 220 pounds of muscle, you’ll get pretty impatient with a 7-pound sidewinder.
    • Handle: Make sure it’s pliable without being flimsy and conforms to your hand.


    The struggle for the title of very best round saw below $100 was intense in between the DeWalt DCS391B and the SKIL 5280-01. In the end, the DeWalt won out. As tough as we appeared, we just could not uncover any flaws with the noticed alone: our only genuine issue with it was how significantly more income you have to shell out to go cordless.

    The two these saws are strong, fast, user-helpful, sturdy, and risk-free. The Skil only fell marginally quick because of some problems with its depth adjustment and motor, however we’ll level out that it is significantly less costly.

    If you like acquiring products that give the ideal worth for funds, we would strongly advise you to decide for the Porter-Cable PCE300. The circular observed features of all the characteristics you would find in a higher-stop product.

    In these reviews, we have completed our greatest to introduce you to the broad range of price range circular saws at your fingertips. Income must by no means restrict what you can do in your workshop – only your dedication and creativity.

    You could also be fascinated in reading our common compact round noticed buying guide.

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