Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best?

Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best?

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Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best?
Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best? Bosch RA1181
  • It is very firm and sturdy in design
  • Suitable for carrying around construction sites
  • Has more accurate measurements and precise cuts
    The Runner-up

    Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best?
    Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best? Bosch RA1171
  • It is versatile in use
  • It is more effective in its noise reduction system
  • It comes with two ports for dust collection system

    Review Summary

    Even though routers are a staple for professional and Do it yourself woodworkers alike, the router desk is arguably much more essential than the router by itself since it provides secure obtain to the device. If you do not have a proper router table, there is no way for you to use your router correctly or constantly.

    Two leading router tables are the Bosch RA1171 and the Bosch RA1181. Both of these tables will provide you with constant and exact obtain to your router, but you could choose a single more than the other for a assortment of reasons.

    The Bosch RA1171 has a cupboard-design layout that boosts balance and dust-accumulating usefulness. Despite the fact that it has problems with the leveling mechanism, this router table is easily one particular of the most price-efficient possibilities on the industry, making it a great decision for people on a spending budget.

    The Bosch RA1181 delivers a massive, aluminum worktable layout that increases useable work space and obtain points to the router. It attributes many storage options that are hassle-free for individuals with many components or extension cords. Even though it has a non-standard insert dimensions and sometimes an unlevel best, this desk is extremely precise and extraordinary.

    Amongst the two choices, the Bosch RA1181 is the greater selection. It offers a greater doing work room, generating it a more successful table for routers. If you are seeking for the most expense-productive table, although, then the RA1171 is for you. It is hugely affordable and offers several of the identical characteristics as the RA1181.

    At a Glance

    Let’s appear at the essential details of every merchandise.

    Bosch RA1171
    • 4⅞-inch x 25⅛-inch
    • Pre-drilled
    • Cabinet-style design
    • Features an extra-tall aluminum fence
    • Includes adjustable MDF plates
    • Includes a rigid aluminum router mounting
    • Includes two feather boards
    • Includes two dust collection parts
    • Includes three mounting plate rings and mounting software
    Bosch RA1181
    • Features a large aluminum top
    • Pre-drilled
    • Benchtop router design
    • Table-height adjustment
    • Features an extra-tall aluminum fence
    • Includes one dust collection port
    • Includes an accessory slot and storage pocket
    • Includes mounting hardware and an aluminum mounting plate
    • Stores a 6-foot power cord

    Overview of the Bosch RA1171:

    The Bosch RA1171 is easy to use, specific, and fantastic for newbies.

    The table comes with two feather boards that you can connect to the fence and router table. These boards offer you further advice and defense against kickback, all even though currently being adjustable. These features make utilizing this router desk more practical and useful for these who are new to woodworking.

    Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best?

    Even although this router desk is wonderful for novices, it also provides precision and precision. It arrives with adjustable MDF face plates, permitting the operation to run smoother for taller workpieces. It also consists of a rigid aluminum router mounting plate that increases precision.

    Its cabinet type development is particularly hassle-free. It helps make the table much more steady, provides far more storage, and collects dust. Despite the fact that this style is bulkier, it is convenient for these who need to have far more storage and dust assortment.

    Like all good items, the Bosch RA1171 comes with some drawbacks as well. From the instant you pull this router table out of the box, you will recognize how several areas it arrives with. This large volume of elements, matched by its unclear instructions, make this desk amazingly difficult to put together.

    The Bosch RA1171’s mounting plate leveling mechanism is also faulty. Even some of the most skilled router table end users will have trouble appropriately leveling the mounting plate. This will affect the final final results of your woodworking projects.

    • Precise
    • Includes two feather boards
    • Easy to use
    • Includes adjustable MDF face plates
    • Cabinet-style design makes the table more useful
    • Difficult to set up
    • Faulty leveling mechanism

    Overview of the Bosch RA1181:

    The Bosch RA1181 is a a bit far better, but more pricey edition of the Bosch RA1171. This router desk is manufactured from a massive aluminum leading, gives hassle-free storage possibilities, and makes certain precision.

    The benchtop for the Bosch RA1181 is an additional-long aluminum top. This prolonged work region gives you more accessibility to your router, which raises the toughness and precision of your function. It is thanks to this benchtop router design that this table has more operate location than the Bosch RA1171.

    Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best?

    In addition to its prolonged function area, the Bosch RA1181 will come with hassle-free storage alternatives. It consists of a dedicated dust assortment port, an accessory slot that accepts ¾-inch equipment, a storage pocket, and a cord wrap storage station. These storage alternatives guarantee that all of your tools have a home and increase your overall performance.

    The Bosch RA1181 is hugely precise as nicely. It consists of a height adjustment function and an further-tall aluminum fence and feather boards.

    The Bosch RA1181 comes with some pitfalls also. Even even though the aluminum surface is sturdy and added-extended, it is exceptionally tough. This can possibly damage the wood you are doing work with by growing friction.

    The insert plate is also not the common measurement. This will be a issue if you change router lifts in the potential because it will need you to possibly get a total new table to match the elevate.

    • Extended work area
    • Improves access to the router
    • Aluminum top
    • Includes multiple storage options
    • Includes height adjustment
    • Precise
    • Rough surface
    • Non-standard insert plate

    What are the differences between them?


    Edge: Bosch RA1181

    Of the two options, the Bosch RA1181 has better performance capabilities. It has a for a longer time desk, offering you with greater accessibility and more functioning place. The leveling mechanism is also not defective like in the Bosch RA1171. As a result, the Bosch RA1181 provides more working room and better precision and precision than the RA1171.


    Edge: Bosch RA1171

    The Bosch RA1171 is the most reasonably priced option. Although the cost selection is not drastically different amongst the two, this design is less costly and it provides numerous of the identical functions, in addition to one further dust collector, as the RA1181. If you are searching for a price range-welcoming router desk, you won’t find a much better alternative than the Bosch RA1171.


    Edge: Bosch RA1181

    The Bosch RA1181 is the most resilient of the two router tables. Its aluminum tabletop design can make it specially resilient since this materials is a lot sturdier and more reputable.

    With that currently being stated, both designs are not the most tough tables on the marketplace since they are a lot more developed for hobbyists or DIYers. Neither will be appropriate for business or professional use. Nevertheless, the Bosch RA1181 is much more resilient than the RA1171.


    Edge: Bosch RA1181

    Which model has the greater style is up for debate, but we argue that the Bosch RA1181 has the edge in phrases of layout. Given that it has a increased workspace, you can function with bigger components and access the router from a lot more spots. This will let you to get the woodworking styles you want.

    In distinction, the Bosch RA1181 does not have a regular insert, and the cupboard-fashion design of the RA1171 is useful for individuals who require an amazingly strong table.

    For most woodworking reasons, however, the improved workspace and entry is much more critical than the insert and fashion, which is why we pick the Bosch RA1181 as possessing the edge in phrases of style.

    What the Users Say

    In addition to testing out the merchandise for ourselves, we researched other users’ ordeals with equally the Bosch RA1171 and the Bosch RA1181. Study on to hear what other consumers have to say about these products.


    Most users cite each the RA1171 and RA1181 as currently being practical and useful for a assortment of Do it yourself woodworking needs. These end users specifically find that the value is value or exceed the features and additions of both router tables.

    Customers discovered that the Bosch RA1171 was specifically valuable because of to its effective dust collection. The equipment ended up mentioned to be stable and fit the desk flawlessly, which can be an problem for some router tables.

    Equally, several consumers notice that the Bosch RA1181 has an intuitive design that is useful for most purposes. The sizable aluminum best was pointed out in nearly every single constructive review as being a major advantage of this router desk.


    Even although the evaluations for both tables ended up mostly good, some consumers were much more vital. Users for each tables famous that the resources are fairly inexpensive in comparison to several router tables. The two tables also had leveling and precision concerns cited against them.

    The Bosch RA1171 was critiqued often for its unlevel leveling system. Numerous consumers, even people who were total pleased with their product, located this desk incredibly tough to set up because of its a lot of parts and nonintuitive instruction handbook.

    The critiques for the Bosch RA1181 much more centered around its tabletop floor. Even though most reviewers had been pleased with the leading, a number of critiqued the aluminum material for getting also rough for softwood needs. A number of users also noted that the leading of the table is not flat, inhibiting their overall performance as woodworkers.

    Bosch RA1171 vs RA1181: Which One’s Best?


    Equally the Bosch RA171 and 1181 are very good router tables owing to their ease, fashion, and affordability. The Bosch RA1181 is the far better of the two, though, due to the fact of its large workspace, increased router access, storage capacities, and fewer components.

    That is not to say that the Bosch RA1171 is a poor desk. On the opposite, this table is excellent for scaled-down needs and dust amassing effectiveness. Because this table is a lot more affordable and consists of several of the identical features as the Bosch RA1181, it need to surely be your go-to if you are on a tight funds.