Can a Car Battery Die While Driving? What You Need to Know

You may possibly have absent to start off up your automobile in the morning or soon after leaving a store, and it basically will not switch more than. But can a car battery die even though you are driving?

Even though a auto battery can die while you are driving, it is really unlikely. But if your vehicle battery retains dying, one thing is going on, and you have to determine it out and repair it as shortly as possible.

Which is why we produced this guide, to wander you by means of everything that you want to know.

Can a Car Battery Die While Driving?

Can a Car Battery Die While Driving? What You Need to Know
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Sure, even though it’s a exceptional occurrence. Your vehicle makes use of electric power when driving. If you have a defective battery or one thing else is heading on and the technique is not working as it ought to, your vehicle battery can die even though you are driving.

While it’s unlikely that your total vehicle will die due to the fact of a dead battery although you’re driving, it is technically achievable.

What Can Cause a Car Battery to Die While Driving?

Because the battery uses energy whilst you are driving, if it is not able to acknowledge a charge from the alternator, a undesirable battery can maintain dying even while you’re driving.

Of course, the difficulty could be with the alternator by itself. It doesn’t subject if you have a brand-new battery in there if nothing at all is charging it! These are usually the two difficulties that could lead to you possessing a lifeless battery although you are driving, though there are a lot of other items that could result in your car to shut off even though you’re driving.

How Long Should Your Car Battery Last?

It is dependent on the auto battery and exactly where you are driving, but you can assume a normal direct-acid auto battery to previous everywhere from 3 to 7 several years, relying on your location. The colder the region you dwell in, the shorter the battery’s lifespan is!

Of course, you can make investments in an AGM or gel battery instead, as these can final quite a little bit more time — often between five and 10 several years! It nonetheless is dependent on your area, although, and you will want to use the battery often and keep it charged to get the most out of it.

Can a Car Battery Die While Driving? What You Need to Know
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How to Troubleshoot a Car Battery That Dies While Driving

If your car battery retains dying when you hit the road, you need to have to know what to do to troubleshoot it. Or else, it’ll keep happening, or even worse, you will stop up replacing the wrong portion.

Start by disconnecting the battery and entirely charging it. While part retailers like AutoZone will examination the battery for you, they can not get an precise studying except if you have a fully charged battery.

Only once you have a completely charged battery should you check it and see if that’s the issue. If it is, then you will want to replace it, although you must examine the rest of the method way too. If you get your automobile to AutoZone or another elements store, they ought to check out the alternator for you. If it is charging the battery, that shouldn’t be the issue, and the possibility of your battery dying while you are driving is very lower. Nonetheless, there is one more point that you want to examine: a parasitic draw.

A parasitic attract pulls electrical power from the battery when every thing is meant to be off. Since the battery may possibly maintain dying soon after you commence driving, you may misdiagnose when it is going on.

To check for a parasitic attract, pop open up the hood, change off the automobile, and disconnect the damaging terminal from the battery. Let it sit for about five minutes to get rid of any residual electrical power, then hook up your multimeter.

Place the red lead on the “Amp” reading, then place one direct on the negative battery terminal and the other on the end of the damaging battery cable. If there’s much more than 50mA, you have a parasitic draw, which is very likely what’s killing your battery.

Final Thoughts

It is annoying when you simply cannot get your vehicle to begin, but ideally after reading this guidebook, you can place those non-starting up times guiding you for good. If you simply cannot figure out the issue, though, consider your vehicle to a certified mechanic.

Or else, the added stress on your vehicle that comes from your battery continually dying will direct to even more repairs!

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