Can a Christmas Cactus Live Outside? What You Need to Know!

With eco-friendly leaves that appear like holly and gorgeous, dim pink blooms, it is no shock the epiphytic cactus Schlumbergera x buckleyi was offered the name Xmas Cactus (at least in the northern hemisphere). They look like they stepped appropriate out of a Xmas catalog! However, one particular issue many have about this delightful cactus species is whether a Xmas Cactus can stay outdoors.

Yes, the Christmas Cactus can live outdoors in certain conditions. We have all the information you want below to take pleasure in the stunning crops all 12 months!

Can Your Christmas Cactus Live Outside After the Holidays?

christmas cactus in a dark room
Image Credit: Schwoaze, Pixabay

Your Christmas Cactus can dwell exterior, but the problems have to be favorable so that it doesn’t get ruined or die. Xmas Cacti are not like most cacti. You won’t locate them in the desert like many cactus species the place the local climate is sizzling and dry.

Xmas Cacti dwell in warm, humid tropical rainforests, mainly in the South American nation of Brazil. There, the beautiful plant thrives in oblique daylight because, as an epiphytic plant species, it soaks up the drinking water and nutrients from the humid air close to them.

When you put your Xmas Cactus outside, the temperature must be at least 70°F (21°C) throughout the day, and in the night, it should not go any reduce than sixty to 65°F (15 to 18°C). Also, you need to put your Christmas Cactus where it gets indirect sunlight. This is essential considering that immediate sunlight can burn their sensitive leaves even for a quick time.

A shaded spot in your yard is an outstanding spot exterior for your Xmas Cactus. Yet another is on your porch or sunroom, in which your Xmas Cactus will get indirect mild and continue to be cozy and warm.

When Should You Bring Your Christmas Cactus Outside?

christmas cactus flower
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You want to be rather mindful when bringing your Xmas Cactus outside the house as the temperature can be a difficulty dependent on exactly where you reside. In North The us, the time it is secure to carry your plant outside the house varies tremendously. For instance, in Florida, it is attainable you can put your Christmas cactus outdoors nearly instantly following the holiday seasons have finished. The temperature in most parts of the Sunshine Condition is perfect.

On the other hand, if you live in Maine, Illinois, Wisconsin, and other northern states, you may be not able to put your Christmas plant outside the house right up until April, May possibly, or even June. You can say the exact same for Canada and most of Europe. A Xmas cactus in Central and South The us can possibly go outside the working day soon after Xmas. Following all, the pretty cacti appear from Brazil!

Other Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Water a Christmas Cactus?

close up christmas cactus leaves
Image Credit: Hans, Pixabay

The greatest time to h2o a Xmas Cactus plant is when the top inch (two centimeters) of soil in its pot becomes dry to the contact. Not like most cacti, Christmas Cactus vegetation aren’t nearly as drought tolerant. In other phrases, they require to be watered more often than other cactus vegetation and as a result must be put in an location (indoors or out) that’s fairly large in humidity.

Christmas Cacti do really well in properly-lit loos due to the fact of the humid air from sizzling showers. They will also prosper in a sunny kitchen area due to the fact they get pleasure from the humidity from cooking, dishwashers, and so forth. Humid place or not, plant specialists advise watering your Christmas Cactus when every one to two months, relying on the humidity amount, temperature, and volume of sunshine their get.

What Type of Soil Should You Use for Christmas Cactus Plants?

man holding soil
Image Credit: jokevanderleij8, Pixabay

As an epiphytic plant that doesn’t require “regular” soil, the soil you use in your Xmas Cactus’s pot should also be properly-aerated and drain really nicely. In the wild, you won’t locate Christmas cacti developing in the soil but in the detritus of leaves and particles on trees. If you use common, heavy potting soil, you can suffocate the roots of your Xmas Cactus. If that occurs, they will start to rot and die.

The ideal soil for a Xmas Cactus in your house would be an equal mix of sterile backyard loam, milled peat, and perlite (sand would perform properly in spot of the perlite). Sterile loam is not a requirement but can be quite helpful in protecting against pests and illnesses that can negatively affect your Christmas Cactus.

The peat and perlite (or sand) support the soil mixture to remain loose and drain effectively even though also aiding to maintain vitamins and humidity all around your plant’s roots. You can also combine typical potting soil with sand for your Christmas Cactus. It need to be a mix of ⅔ potting soil and ⅓ sand. Bear in mind to use a container with a lot of drainage holes in the bottom so the soil blend will not stay as well damp and lead to your plant’s roots to rot.

How To Ensure Your Christmas Cactus Blooms for Christmas

christmas cactus
Image Credit: shinichi4849, Pixabay

If you have a Xmas Cactus in your house, the vacations are approaching, and you want it to bloom (and who does not?), you need to have to harmony the sunshine and darkness your plant will get virtually properly. To do that, about six to eight weeks before December 25, every night, you want to set your Christmas Cactus in a really dim place in which the temperature stays close to 60-65°F (15-18°C).

A closet or the garage will perform as extended as there is no possibility the temperature will get too chilly. It should continue to be in the darkish for 12 hrs, which tends to make a closet a better option in a lot of circumstances. An simpler method is to go away your Xmas Cactus where it sits and go over it with a box for 12 several hours. For the duration of the other 12 hours, your Xmas cactus should get its common filtered sunlight. If you do it properly, your Christmas Cactus need to be in complete, amazing bloom by the time Santa Claus comes!

What Is Special About the Christmas Cactus?

Christmas Cactus
Image Credit: nightowl, Pixabay

As we pointed out earlier, the Xmas cactus is an epiphytic plant species, which signifies that, not like a typical plant, it does not depend on roots for h2o and nutrients. Rather, epiphytic crops soak up drinking water and vitamins and minerals via their leaves.

Christmas Cacti thrive in humid environments: they just take advantage of the humidity to get their water and meals. They do this utilizing jointed stems made up of cladodes which most people mistakenly refer to as leaves. In Europe and some other international locations, the Christmas Cactus is known as the Crab Cactus due to the fact its limbs look like, you guessed it, claws.

How Can You Propagate a Christmas Cactus?

propagating Christmas cactus plant
Image Credit: Bilalstock, Shutterstock

A lot of people like to give Christmas Cacti as items for the holiday seasons. If that is you and you’d like to propagate your plant, you will be glad to know it is as straightforward as tearing the wrapping off a gift! All you need to have to do is reduce a section of a few cladodes (i.e., leaves or segments) from your plant.

Then, take soil from your present plant’s pot and carefully bury 1 of the 3 segments in it. Once which is carried out, all you want to do is treatment for the slicing as you would a mature Xmas Cacti. In about 4 to six weeks, it must take root and begin to increase on its possess.

Final Thoughts

A Xmas Cactus can easily reside exterior as long as it is planted in an region with filtered sunshine, temperatures earlier mentioned 60 to 65°F (15 to 18°C) at night time, and free soil. It can be planted in the ground if you like, but most men and women choose to leave their Xmas Cacti in the pot due to the fact they’re simpler to transport when the temperature will get colder. We hope you enjoyed our post about planting Christmas Cacti outside the house, and we would like you great luck in all your gardening endeavors.



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