Can Home Depot Paint Match? How Accurate Are They?

As the largest Do-It-Your self house enhancement retailer in the United States, The Residence Depot has a track record to sustain. Painting walls, furniture, and anything at all else you can think of makes up a massive bulk of Do-it-yourself assignments, and sometimes you need a specific shade for the task at hand.

If that is true for you, you might be wondering the place you can get a lot more of the specific paint coloration you want. Does The Property Depot paint match? How near can it get to the unique color, and what do you need for House Depot to locate the greatest match?

The response is yes, Property Depot can paint match, and it’s quite very good at it. We’ll check out the paint-matching process and what you want to know in this post.

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How Does Home Depot Paint Match?

In the previous times, the only way to match your paint shade was to deliver in your previous paint can or, barring that, a chip of the wall or other painted product with the wanted shade.

You can even now use this approach at The House Depot. In the scenario of paint cans, the affiliate assisting you may be in a position to seem up the colour method using the paint codes on the can. They can do this even if it’s not their possess model it can be from other house enhancement retailers, this kind of as their major competitor, Lowe’s.

Even if you do not have the can or the method, , it can nonetheless color match. The Property Depot has a nationwide database of colors that can be accessed from each and every shop by a pc. Each shop must have its personal spectrophotometer, a mild meter that can go through coloration.

If you give the affiliate materials with the paint on it,they will area it on the sensor, which will scan the colour and match it in the database. The paint sample will need to be about an inch in diameter for the sensor to be ready to read it.

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Can Home Depot Match Paint From Other Objects?

Perhaps you don’t have the authentic can or a paint chip to match. You may well be making an attempt to match a totally different item, these kinds of as a couch or another piece of furniture.

The great news is that you can deliver in a piece of what ever you want, and the spectrophotometer can study it. If you’re looking to copy the colour of a couch, for illustration, you can bring a sq. inch of cloth for the sensor to read through or a pillowcase or cushion go over.

You can do the very same point with any materials, which includes drywall, plastic, metal, and wood. Nevertheless, the material can not be sheer or transparent the spectrophotometer will not be capable to study these components.

Can Home Depot Match Paint From Pictures?

Of course, Home Depot can match the paint color from a photo you have taken or a photo from a journal. Keep in brain that the same principles utilize as before—the colour sample requirements to evaluate a sq. inch, so you could require to blow up the photograph if it’s not massive sufficient in its original sort.

This approach can be problematic since photographs really do not constantly depict the correct color of an object. If you took a photo of the bedroom wall in your hotel place, for case in point, the coloration might be altered in the picture by the light in the place, which could influence how The Property Depot’s database reads the colour.

It’s nevertheless attainable to come near, so you can always try.

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Does Home Depot Have a Paint Matching App?

Bringing in an outdated paint can is not your only option today. The House Depot has kept up with the occasions by establishing its own app, referred to as ProjectColor. ProjectColor allows you explore paint hues by shade loved ones, conserve them to your favorites, and get inspiration for no matter what you are working on.

It also has a paint matching purpose, one particular that is a lot far more successful than bringing a blown-up picture into your nearby shop. You can get a photo in the application or add a image of the shade or object you’re looking to match, and it will source the closest paint shade for you.

Not only that, but it will demonstrate you pictures of different spaces painted in your decided on color so you can visualize just what it will appear like. It will also show you complementary shades to make the next actions of your task simpler.

You can use ProjectColor like a House Depot affiliate would use the spectrophotometer in the store. You can even scan a paint chip to match the color.

How Much Does It Cost to Match Paint at The Home Depot?

It costs income to have your paint matched at The Home Depot. Generally it will price between $seventy five and $175 for a match, though the price tag can go greater. If you are purchasing sufficient paint, you might be reimbursed for the matching payment.

If you are not sure how significantly it will value or how significantly paint you will need, it’s best to contact your neighborhood store to get a far better concept before going all in.

The application ProjectColor, however, is free to download.

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The House Depot is an superb spot to find a match for your paint color. With its massive database of colours and capacity to scan most objects and photographs, you’re sure to uncover something shut to what you are looking for.

ProjectColor can also help you uncover the color you require and give you inspiration for all your Do-it-yourself portray assignments. The Residence Depot continues to be an outstanding source for all your residence advancement needs.



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