Can Miracle-Gro Burn Plants? What You Need To Know

Living up to its title, Miracle-Gro is the desired magic formula weapon for several gardeners vying for bigger, bolder, and far better crops. But studying from their problems, individuals identical gardeners will most likely warn you in opposition to employing way too much of a good point.

Like several fertilizers, Miracle-Gro can burn your vegetation when you overuse it, putting you on a tiresome route to recovery if your vegetation even endure. We’ll support you avoid unnecessary work and heartbreaking harm by discussing why Wonder-Gro burns vegetation and how simple it is to avert.

Can Miracle-Gro Burn Plants?

Yellowing, browning, and scorched leaves can take place for a number of reasons. Inadequate watering, too much sunlight, and dry air will trigger troubles, particularly for plants with strappy leaves. Long-leafed crops have to shift nutrients and drinking water by means of a lengthy system, and any deficiencies will influence the details at the ends of the plant.

When the temperature, mild, and h2o are nicely under control, above-fertilizing with Miracle-Gro can still burn off your crops.

Miracle-Gro products contain numerous organic and synthetic chemicals to enhance soil quality, avoid ailment, and promote nutrient uptake and mobile respiration. Crops expand quicker, taller, and much healthier.

Based on the sort of plant, you will require to source a distinct ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. An all-objective fertilizer in the vegetable and flower backyard could have a 12-4-8 composition, indicating twelve% nitrogen, four% phosphorus, and eight% potassium. Making use of the mistaken ratio or as well considerably fertilizer can upset the soil harmony and lead to fertilizer burn up.

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A widespread trigger of burning from Wonder-Gro is the urea and ammonia content material. The substances are powerful resources of nitrogen, which materials the crucial strength for plants to generate chlorophyll, photosynthesize, and increase. Regrettably, they also have a high salt index.

When you include also much Wonder-Gro rich in substances like ammonium nitrate, urea, or ammonium sulfate, the salts draw drinking water absent from your plants’ roots. With out the essential water source, your crops will dry out and create yellow and brown edges along their leaves. If you really don't proper the difficulty, they’ll eventually die.

Miracle-Gro Products

Miracle-Gro’s increasing solution line provides varying ratios and fertilizer strengths to fit the tastes of different flowers, veggies, grasses, trees, and shrubs. Some of their well-liked products and their respective compositions include:

  • All-Purpose Plant Food: 24-8-16
  • Rose Plant Food: 18-24-16
  • Tomato Plant Food: 18-18-21
  • Flowering Trees & Shrubs Plant Food: 18-6-12
  • Lawn Food: 36-0-6
  • Flower Booster: 15-30-15
  • Rose & Bloom: 10-18-9

With their mindful mix of chemical boosters, Wonder-Gro goods ensure your fulfillment or your cash again, offering you 6 months to comply with up for a refund. Most Miracle-Gro plant food items demand dilution with h2o and software every single 1–2 weeks, however some items, this sort of as their Shake n’ Feed fertilizers, could only require re-apps as soon as every single few months.

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Avoid Burning Plants with Miracle-Gro

Even though they are not organic and natural, Miracle-Gro products are powerful at helping you develop larger crops at a more rapidly fee. The merchandise labels clearly detail how significantly fertilizer to use, when to use it, and the acceptable dilution levels. With appropriate use, Wonder-Gro will not burn off your vegetation. Nevertheless, more variables are associated in generating healthier vegetation than your capacity to follow directions.

Accurate measurements of the location to go over and the fertilizer/drinking water ratio will impact the benefits, as miscalculations can very easily direct to above-fertilizing. Evaluating your plant’s well being will also enjoy a key role, as added nitrogen from fertilizer can even more harm an presently pressured plant.

Although an overabundance of vitamins and minerals can damage your plants, deficiencies will also result in significant growth issues, which includes burning. A lack of potassium, for instance, will limit water motion and evaporation in leaves and trigger eventual scorching. In many circumstances, a soil take a look at is the most easy strategy for figuring out how to amend your soil.

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How to Recover from Too Much Miracle-Gro

Even with careful preparing, you may accidentally add as well a lot Wonder-Gro to your soil. Correcting the mistake is not difficult, as extended as you haven’t been overfertilizing to the stage of killing your plants. It is a easy matter of taking away the surplus fertilizer and modifying your behavior.

1. Check for Dying and Discolored Plants

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Overfertilization will become clear in many techniques, like burnt leaves. Roots can also burn off, having on a darkish brown or black colour as they die. Progress will gradual, and decrease leaves will get started yellowing and wilting. You could recognize a white fertilizer crust develop on the best layer of soil.

2. Dig the Miracle-Gro Out of the Soil

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Dig out as considerably Miracle-Gro from the prime of the soil as feasible with a trowel, being cautious to avoid hitting the roots. You need to get rid of about a quarter-inch of soil, concentrating mainly on taking away all of the crust.

3. Leach the Soil

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Whether you more than-fertilize crops in the garden or houseplants in pots, the crucial concept driving fixing the problem is the very same. Leaching includes watering your crops to drain the excessive fertilizer and stabilize the soil.

Water your crops completely and enable the soil drain. Vacant the drinking water from the dishes beneath the pots, and repeat the process 2–3 occasions. Be individual with more substantial, slower-draining containers, as you do not want to flood the roots.

You will also want to leach a burned garden or backyard garden plants, utilizing your hose to continuously drip and soak the ground, permitting it saturate and drain at an even tempo. Reseeding may be needed to revive lifeless patches of grass soon after flushing the soil.

4. Removing Dead Leaves

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Trimming absent the ruined leaves on your plant will help it redirect its initiatives toward healthful expansion. If the plant is nearly useless, try out to salvage it by means of healthier cuttings and propagation.

5. Give Your Plants a Break

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Your plant has been via a great deal, so do not overstimulate it with any far more Wonder-Gro. Cease fertilizing for at the very least one particular month, and adjust the mild publicity as necessary. In excess of-fertilized plants are far more vulnerable to burning from other sources, this kind of as extreme daylight. Minimizing the intensity will give your plant the mild treatment it demands to mend.


Wonder-Gro isn’t for everyone, but there’s no denying that it can develop bigger, more robust vegetation. And whilst they have a track record for burning vegetation, the energy is in your hands to prevent it. Wonder-Gro goods give you the assets for achievement. Merely study your plant’s requirements, follow the item directions, and appreciate the final results!


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