Can You Grow Cilantro Indoors? Tips, Tricks, and How to Guide

Cilantro has been effectively developed indoors as both a full-sized plant and a microgreen. If you enjoy cilantro, increasing some within tends to make it easy to incorporate the refreshing herb to your foods although cooking. (Of system, if cilantro preferences like soapone, you’re most likely in the wrong post!).

Even so, the primary issues is that cilantro calls for complete sunshine. In other phrases, it requirements direct sunlight for at least 6 several hours a day. For that reason, it will need to be placed in close proximity to a really sunny window or underneath supplemental lighting. The good news is, it does desire place temperature, so you really don't have to be concerned about adjusting the temperature of your home.

You will require properly-draining potting soil, but this plant usually prefers moist soil. You will need to h2o it frequently and child it a little bit. However, if you pay out focus to it, cilantro is not terribly challenging to grow indoors.

Can You Grow Cilantro Indoors? Tips, Tricks, and How to Guide

Collecting All the Supplies

Can You Grow Cilantro Indoors? Tips, Tricks, and How to Guide
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Ahead of you strategy your cilantro, it is important that you have all of the supplies presently gathered. Starting up on the right foot can make your life considerably less complicated, so we highly suggest having your time to decide on the appropriate soil and pots.


Because you’re developing indoors, you are going to possibly want a pot that seems nice. Nevertheless, we do suggest a glazed clay or plastic pot, as they are likely to maintain the soil moister than terra cotta. Of course, the container must have drainage holes at the bottom for surplus drinking water to drain. Think about this when you’re watering your plant as properly because you really don't want h2o all over your countertop.

If you’re growing entire-sized crops, you’ll want a pot that is:

  • Deep rather than long
  • At least 8-inches in diameter for a single plant
  • At least 12-inches in diameter for three plants

If you’re increasing microgreen cilantro, decide on a pot that is:

  • Shallow and wide (a bit like a tray)
  • Around 10-inches x 20-inches

Soil (Or Other Growing Media)

Can You Grow Cilantro Indoors? Tips, Tricks, and How to Guide
Image Credit: micahernandez, Pixabay

Now that you have a pot, you will need to have to buy the soil to area in the pot. Even though most people do use potting soil for indoor crops, you do have some other possibilities as well. Cilantro isn’t quite picky about what substance you use, as extended as it drains effectively. We advocate a medium that retains drinking water given that cilantro prefers moist soil.

Below are your choices:

  • Commercial potting mix: Despite some common misconceptions, potting mixes don’t actually contain “soil”. Instead, they are a mix of peat moss, coconut coir, pine bark, and a variety of other materials.
  • Coconut coir: While coconut coir is commonly used in potting mixes, you can also purchase it by itself. It is made from the fibers found in the coconut, making it a renewable material.


Up coming, you’ll need to have to select a place to put your cilantro. As a sunshine-loving plant, someplace by a window is a must. We recommend an unobstructed south-going through window for highest sunshine publicity. If this isn’t attainable, you are going to need to have to take into account employing a bright develop light-weight.

Be positive to obtain a single that is a wide-spectrum LED, HID, or fluorescent increase light. Your usual light-weight bulb will not do.

Can You Grow Cilantro Indoors? Tips, Tricks, and How to Guide

Top 5 Tips on Growing Cilantro

1. Plant the Seeds

If you’re starting the vegetation from seeds, now is the time to plant them. To aid them germinate a little bit quicker, spot the seeds in a little bowl and then protect them with cool water. Wait around for 24 hours and then drain the seeds. Plant them into the potting combination in your chosen pot prior to they dry out.

We advise pre-moistening the potting soil to make it simpler to work with. Or else, it might be dry and crumbly. Carefully press on the soil to remove any air pockets. Then, plant the seeds about ¼ of an inch into the soil. Location three seeds in a triangle at the centre of every single pot. Not all the seeds will germinate.

When the seedlings produce their second established of leaves, you are going to want to skinny them out by getting rid of the weaker vegetation. You can use the weaker vegetation as a seasoning just like you would the adult leaves.

2. Start from a Seed Cutting

Alternatively, you can start off cilantro from a seed slicing. This method only works for total-size vegetation. Very first, get a four-inch reducing from a grown plant appropriate below a node. Get rid of all of the leaves from the bottom 2-inches of the stem.

Next, place the stop of the stem in a glass of water. It must begin creating roots inside of a few times. Permit the roots grow to a few of inches lengthy. Then, carefully location the new plant in the substrate of your option. Pre-moisten it to make it less difficult to perform with.

3. Ensure the Correct Growing Conditions

Now that your plant is planted, your only task is to make sure that the proper growing situations stay. You’ll want the plant to stay in a heat place that is at minimum 70-degrees—at least until finally the plant seems to be flourishing. You do not want the temperature to go through above eighty five-levels, however, as this can result in the plant to bolt.

Hold the soil moist by watering it every day. For scaled-down crops, use a spray bottle to avoid displacing them. Overwater rather of underwater. When in doubt, spot the plant in the sink and h2o until the pot begins to drain. If you have a effectively-draining pot, you really cannot overwater cilantro.

Can You Grow Cilantro Indoors? Tips, Tricks, and How to Guide
Image Credit: feraugustodesign, Pixabay

4. Fertilize As Necessary

As your plant proceeds to develop, you might want to incorporate some fertilizers. For this goal, you can use a common liquid plant foods. Follow the instructions cautiously when using this fertilizer. Every single liquid plant foodstuff is slightly distinct, so always examine the directions ahead of use.

You’ll probably need to fertilize about once a 7 days for the very best impact. Even so, you should stick to the manufacturer’s instructions.

5. Harvest

Now that your plant is developed, it is time to harvest it. You can technically harvest leaves every time you want to. However, you will need to have to start harvesting at about 5 to seven months. Or else, your plant may possibly get leggy.

If you want the plant to keep on growing, evenly lower back the outermost leaves when they reach about 5 inches extended. Do this every single time, even if you do not prepare on utilizing the leaves. Alternatively, you can harvest the entire plant at a time.

Can You Grow Cilantro Indoors? Tips, Tricks, and How to GuideConclusion

The hardest component of growing cilantro is ensuring that it has ample sunlight. Even so, after you do this, every thing else is rather uncomplicated and straightforward. You only need to h2o it every number of times and take away leaves as you use them. Most individuals get considerably a lot more than they truly need to have from a solitary plant. Consequently, you may possibly locate oneself with extra refreshing cilantro.

Theoretically, you can allow your plant increase permanently. It need to proceed to prosper and create refreshing leaves for you to use in your cooking. Even so, pretty much, a lot of vegetation perish at some point. Nonetheless, with the right problem, a solitary cilantro plant ought to last for numerous many years.

Really don't be scared to harvest off of your plant, as this aids it increase. If your plant receives way too large, it could not prosper nicely in a pot. Consequently, be confident to pull off the larger leaves from the outmost portion of the plant when attainable.



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