Can You Grow Garlic Indoors? Tips, Tricks, & How-To Guide

Garlic is remarkably straightforward to grow indoors, even throughout winter season, and if you are the sort of man or woman that throws many cloves into each food, developing it is less expensive and far more handy than remembering to select it up each and every time you check out the grocery store. It’s also gratifying to know that you have grown produce oneself, even if it is only some thing fairly little like a garlic bulb. Under we have outlined the basic measures, and included a couple of tips, to give you the ideal opportunity of increasing very good good quality garlic in your house.

Can You Grow Garlic Indoors

1. Choose Your Garlic

Picking the appropriate garlic cloves to develop from is an critical very first step. You cannot and shouldn’t use any garlic that you acquire from the store. If garlic has been chemically taken care of, it is unlikely to grow, so if you are going to use garlic bought from the keep, ensure it is organic and natural and try to uncover cloves that already have green cloves sprouting from the bulb: this is a confident indication that they will produce growth. Alternatively, you can purchase bulbs from garden centers. You will not need too many bulbs because a one clove will yield a bulb of garlic.

Can You Grow Garlic Indoors? Tips, Tricks, & How-To Guide
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2. Choose an Appropriate Container

Garlic grows beneath the surface of the soil, and you will want to allow a depth of approximately 8 inches. You will also require to plant the bulbs around 2 inches apart. The pot or planter must provide some drainage at the base due to the fact this will let extra h2o to operate off and prevent the garlic from rotting and spoiling. You can place a saucer or tray below the planters.

3. Make a Soil Mix

You can make your own soil mix that is ideal for growing garlic, by mixing 1 part horticultural sand with three elements potting soil. This will give the right amount of drainage although ensuring that the garlic bulbs are in a position to grow.

Can You Grow Garlic Indoors? Tips, Tricks, & How-To Guide
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4. Choose a Good Fertilizer

You will want to include fertilizer at minimum when you 1st plant the garlic. Fertilizer assists ensure good development by providing the appropriate nutrients. Garlic will eat a lot of fertilizer if presented the chance and most growers agree that fertilizing about every two months offers the best benefits. Use meal or fish fertilizers simply because these give a very good sum of nitrogen and are protected to consume.

5. Give Them a Little Room

When planting the garlic, make sure that they have at minimum two inches between them, ideally 3 inches. If you only have a small planter, plant fewer cloves. Let some space about the planter so that the vegetation are able to get new air as they increase, also.

Can You Grow Garlic Indoors? Tips, Tricks, & How-To Guide
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6. Place the Planter in Direct Sunlight

Garlic rewards from getting at minimum six several hours of immediate sunlight a day. Verify your kitchen area windowsill. This is a great spot to develop garlic and herbs simply because you won’t overlook about them, and they are on hand when it is time to harvest and use them. The kitchen area window also typically benefits from space and direct sunlight. If you have a sunroom, this is possibly one more excellent place for your garlic planters.

7. Maintain a Moist Soil

The soil need to be moist but not too moist. You can effortlessly take a look at no matter whether it is time to h2o your garlic using your finger. Alternatively, you can purchase planters that immediately drinking water the plants, normally from the beneath. These need filling to begin with and then refilling when they are vacant, and they do mean that you won’t have to be concerned about watering every couple of times. How typically you want to drinking water your garlic depends on aspects like the depth and drainage amount of the soil, as nicely as the temperature in your property and the quantity of daylight the garlic receives.

Can You Grow Garlic Indoors? Tips, Tricks, & How-To Guide
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8. Cut the Leaves at First

For the first 6 months of your garlic’s lifestyle, lower the green shoots that look above the surface. You can cook dinner and eat these or place them in a Ziplock bag and shop them in the freezer until finally you want them. If you depart the leaves on at this stage, the plant will put much more of its hard work into increasing the leaves. If you cut the leaves off, the plant can focus its effort on developing the bulb under the soil.

9. Stop Cutting the Leaves After 6 Months

Right after about six months, you can cease chopping the leaves and allow them to grow. By this position, the bulb need to have arrived at its complete size, so the leaves do not require to be minimize back again.

10. Harvest and Cure When The Leaves Brown

Once the plant reaches about 8 months, the leaves will turn brown and die. This indicates that it is time to harvest your garlic bulbs. Pull them out of the soil, take away any dirt that is hanging on, and then hang the cloves to heal. They need to be hung someplace dry and that has good air circulation. Once the bulbs are completely dry, you can independent the cloves and use the garlic in your cooking.


Garlic can add a little enjoyment to nearly any dish and it is a widely utilized culinary addition. It is also a incredibly straightforward plant to increase yourself. It can be developed indoors, though it does need loads of immediate daylight and does take up to ten months to experienced ample to be all set to consume. Nevertheless, it doesn’t truly need any more consideration than fertilizing and watering, and it can generate fantastic, fresh garlic to include to your culinary masterpieces.

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