Can You Paint Siding On a House? What Siding Can You Paint?

Using treatment of your home’s appearance is close to the best of any homeowner’s to-do list, and 1 that usually gets overpowering. There never ever appears to be adequate time in the working day to get everything completed. For example, the siding on your property can give possibly a excellent initial impression or a quite very poor one.

The greatest way to freshen and revitalize your home’s exterior is to give your siding a new coat of paint or two, but not everyone is a siding expert—we suppose that’s why you’re here. What sorts of siding exist, and can you even paint them all the exact same? Let’s verify out the various sorts of siding available, and what paint choices are obtainable for every single of them.

Types of Siding & Paint Options

Wood Siding

Wooden is an environmentally pleasant and customizable siding material, but the downside is that wood demands far more routine maintenance than other resources. Wooden is an appealing siding decision, and it does not pollute the planet as significantly as other varieties of siding.

A lot of wooden siding sold right now is pre-painted to defend it from the components, but you can paint over it yourself if the shade is not appropriate for your property. Oil paints are a frequent decision for wood siding, but acrylic latex variants may offer better longevity and durability.

Your regular wooden siding wants to be repainted or re-stained about every five a long time, but some types can go as long as seven several years. If you reside in an spot with heaps of harsh temperature or temperature fluctuations, your siding will shrink, grow, and potentially crack. These can make the paint peel, flake, or crack on your siding.

Can You Paint Siding On a House? What Siding Can You Paint?
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Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding carries on to be a well-known selection amongst homeowners searching for cheap and long-lasting siding. Vinyl will come in a large array of shades and textures, so you will not want to slap a new coat on manufacturer-new vinyl. Simply look for the type that fits your home’s exterior and overlook about it.

Vinyl is known for getting quite reduced-maintenance, specifically in comparison to wood. Vinyl can be painted in the event that siding gets worn or ruined from the sunshine, snow, rain, and other inclement temperature. Thrifty folks with extra paint lying around can undoubtedly contact up worn vinyl siding and save a handful of bucks as an alternative of changing the worn parts, but that undermines vinyl’s convenience issue.

In the event that you decide to paint your vinyl siding, we would suggest any 100% acrylic paint. Acrylic can be very easily utilized to present siding, and despite the fact that dim hues will bubble in severe daylight, it will previous for several years before reapplication.

Aluminum Siding

Aluminum is a fantastic option to wooden or vinyl siding that provides exclusive advantages. In contrast to wooden, aluminum does not rot in large moisture circumstances, and unlike vinyl, it does not grow to be brittle at extremely minimal temperatures. The greatest advantage of aluminum siding is that it’s far better than both wooden or vinyl insulation, producing it ideal for chilly climates.

The tradeoff is that aluminum is much more vulnerable to scratches or dents than these other siding types. Also worth mentioning is that aluminum usually comes pre-painted, so you should not have to paint it for at least a couple of several years.

Following that, you will observe the paint getting to be chalky and the underlying metal sheen will become obvious. It’s much, considerably more affordable to give it a fresh coat of paint than to repaint it, in addition there are plenty of shade alternatives obtainable.

The trick to repainting aluminum siding is choosing the correct sort of paint. Acrylic latex tends to adhere the ideal, and you’ll want to stay absent from glossy finishes that can emphasize any dents in your siding. As an alternative, choose for paints with a matte or satin complete that match your present siding as intently as achievable.

Siding Breakdown

Wood Vinyl Aluminum
Pros Eco-friendly, quick installation Long-lasting, requires little maintenance, inexpensive Great insulator, doesn’t rot or crack
Cons Rots, warps, cracks, requires maintenance Cracks at low temps, can lower home value Can become dented or scratched easily
Best Paint Acrylic latex (or oil) Acrylic Acrylic latex

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