Can You Recycle Plastic Bags? How Do You Properly Dispose of Them?

Plastic luggage are created of, well, plastic. Plastic is mainly recyclable, so does that mean that you can recycle plastic luggage as effectively? Of course and no. Plastic baggage are technically recyclable, but the method for performing so is diverse from your average recycling. Plastic bags can not be place into a standard recycling bin. If you place plastic bags into typical recycling, not only will you not get your luggage recycled, but you could also really conclude up breaking crucial recycling machinery at the local facility.

There are approaches to reuse, dispose of, and recycle plastic bags securely, but you have to know the particulars in purchase to do it appropriate.

Plastic Bag Recycling Centers

Plastic baggage are recycled at particular plastic bag recycling centers. These special facilities take plastic luggage and change them into little plastic pellets that are then employed in a selection of diverse techniques. In purchase to get your bags to one of these services, you frequently have to fall them off at a particular drop-off stage. The great news is that most grocery shops double as plastic bag consumption centers. Considering that grocery shops are 1 of the main users and distributors of plastic luggage, they gladly just take them again and recycle them.  If you are curious, request your neighborhood grocery clerk about plastic bag recycling.

You can also look up an official facility close to you¹ to locate a spot to drop off your baggage, so they go to a proper recycling facility.

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How to Properly Dispose of Plastic Bags

There are two ways to correctly dispose of plastic bags. You can either toss them away in normal landfill trash or drop them off at a plastic bag recycling middle or fall-off point. Those are the only two ways that you want to get rid of plastic baggage. Plastic bags can be harmful to animals and mother nature, so you do not want to litter or toss them away exterior. You also do not want to toss them away in regular blue recycling bins.

Throw plastic luggage absent or get them to your neighborhood grocery retailer. These are the greatest ways to dispose of plastic baggage.

Never Put Plastic Bags into Regular Recycling Bins

It may possibly appear like a excellent concept to try and set plastic baggage into normal recycling bins with other objects like newspapers, glass bottles, and aluminum, but that is absolutely not the case. Plastic bags are skinny, and they can tear very easily. Torn bags leave extended strands of plastic that can easily become tangled in critical recycling gear.

Recycling centers have a whole lot of moving parts. They have conveyor belts that transfer the products. They have sorting machines that separate plastics, papers, and metals. There are magnets and chutes, and hoppers. Plastic baggage can effortlessly get torn, caught, and caught in any 1 of these apparatuses. If a plastic bag gets tangled up in crucial mechanisms, it can gradual down or even break the recycling machines. In this circumstance, not only are your luggage not obtaining correctly reused, but they are also really causing harm to the recycling process.

For these factors, it is extremely important never ever to toss plastic bags in standard blue recycling bins.

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Try to Reuse Them at Home

Another way to get some further usage out of your plastic bags is to try to reuse them at property. Plastic bags are extremely flexible and can be employed in a assortment of diverse approaches. Even employing a plastic bag as soon as or 2 times following you get residence from the retailer can aid give them additional existence and increase their usefulness. You can use plastic baggage in a assortment of methods, like as a lunch bag, a doggy poop bag, or an ice bag. Some men and women even twist up the luggage and then knit or weave them into placemats or tote baggage. Then if you have to throw your baggage absent, at least you received some added utility out of them even if you simply cannot recycle them.


Plastic luggage are recyclable, but not everyone can recycle plastic baggage. Plastic luggage have to be dropped off at specific areas, typically your regional grocery store, but not every person needs to do that. If you simply cannot recycle your plastic luggage, the best issue to do is use them once more as considerably as achievable and then toss them absent at the end of their life. Do not ever place plastic bags into a blue recycling bin. The bottom line is that plastic bags are recyclable, but it is not as simple as it 1st seems.


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