Can You Use Windex On Car Windows?

There are numerous products on the market aimed at ensuring that you can preserve your automobile cleanse and healthful. Many of these products make a point of telling buyers that they are exclusively made for use on vehicle home windows and automotive glass. Nevertheless, numerous of these goods are costly, and not everyone has automotive glass cleaners lying around. Several individuals do have Windex at property for personal or home use. So, can we use that on our vehicle home windows as effectively? The response is that it depends on the variety—ammonia-totally free Windex is safe, while the standard assortment that contains ammonia is not.

Let us get into the details.

Ammonia Free Is Key

Glass cleaners that contain ammonia are not advisable for use on automotive glass. Ammonia leaves driving streaks and can linger. Ammonia, if not wiped off effectively, can actually appeal to dust and cause hideous smears on the glass. For this cause, it is crucial that if you use Windex on your vehicle windows, make sure that it is the ammonia-free of charge variety.

Not all Windex is totally free of ammonia. If you have normal Windex in your residence, it is probably that it is the range that includes ammonia and other undesirable compounds that can adversely affect automotive glass and auto windows.

Nevertheless, ammonia-cost-free Windex is perfectly protected for use on automobile home windows.

Can You Use Windex On Car Windows?

Windex Says Yes

On Windex’s official website, administered by their father or mother organization Johnson & Johnson, they answer this really concern. Windex claims sure, it can be safely and securely used on auto home windows. As we pointed out, Windex also recommends that if you want to use their products on your automobile you use the ammonia-free of charge selection.

Windex’s precise wording is as follows. This quote is taken straight from the Windex Often Asked Concerns site, expressing:

“You can use Windex® Ammonia-Totally free Glass Cleaner on your car’s tinted windows, mirrors, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plastic, and vinyl surfaces.”

The firm endorses waiting for the floor of your vehicle windows to be awesome and out of direct daylight for the most streak-free of charge glow feasible. They even point out that they are self-confident that Windex can be used on more than just glass but on plastic, stainless steel, and other exterior features of a normal car.

The Cost of Windex Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner

Ammonia-free of charge glass cleaner is not comparatively more expensive than common glass cleaners that do incorporate ammonia. The standard expense for a bottle of Windex Ammonia-Totally free Glass Cleaner operates close to $4. A normal bottle of Windex fees close to $three for every bottle. That signifies that choosing ammonia-free cleaners is not value-prohibitive.

Can You Use Windex On Car Windows?
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Other Automotive Glass Cleaners

Windex is not made particularly for use on automotive glass. However, there are lots of other glass cleaners that are. One particular of the most notable illustrations of a competing solution designed for use on auto home windows is Rain-X. Rain-X is specifically created to not only thoroughly clean auto windows but also place a coating of h2o-repellent chemical compounds on to the glass. This coating leads to drinking water to bead and circulation off windows, which can make it simpler to see in soaked circumstances.

Windex does not have these added rewards. For that purpose, if you are looking for a product especially made for use on vehicles, then Rain-X is maybe a far better decision.


The answer is of course, ammonia-totally free Windex can be safely utilised on automotive glass. For the very best benefits, the glass cleaner decided on have to not incorporate ammonia. Be positive to check out and see if your bottle of Windex does not include ammonia. If you want to buy Windex for your vehicle, be confident to decide on the ammonia-free edition. It will only value you a number of pounds for every bottle.

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