Casement Vs. Double Hung Windows: What Are The Differences

Do you know what they’ll in no way tell you? The reality that home windows insert value to a property. Some of you fellas believe that they are just features meant to make a home appear ‘normal’, but you’re mistaken. They do insert beauty, mild, and much more importantly, warmth.

To us, windows are like modest portals connecting people to a diverse universe. The variety of portal that opens anytime audio, air, light-weight, or even beauty wishes to go through. You know we adore them so significantly that at any time we listen to someone confuse the casement window with the double-hung, we just get irritated.

And that’s why we determined to talk about them in today’s blog submit. If you really do not brain, we’d like you to pull up a seat and begin using notes.

Casement Window Overview

Before we even chat about something else, let us just get it out of the way: the casement window is not a double-hung or solitary-hung window.

They do not have any form of monitor that enables them to slide up and down, but hinges that make it possible for them to swing open the very same way a e-book does. That indicates they arrive with their very own set of pros, and of course, disadvantages.

Comprehension the details of what makes a casement window an true casement window is essential in determining whether this type of window is best suited for your residence. And these are some of the things that we believe you need to know:

What Are Casement Windows?

If you appear at its general production, you’ll recognize that they make up a really small percentage of the marketplace in the United States. They are not as common as the solitary-hung or double-hung windows, and we have this emotion that that could be simply because not so several property owners are acquainted with its abnormal visual appeal and performance.

Regardless, we imagine there is no other window out there that features more successfully than the casement window—in the airflow office.

How Can You Tell You’re Looking At A Casement Window?

There are windows that are extensive, and then there’s the casement window, which is tall. And really frankly, this is the primary purpose why they organically suit in most of the aged buildings and cottages in Europe. They variety of exude this classic feel, and that’s what Europeans mostly seem for.

We have diverse sorts of casement home windows, just so you know. There’s the type that utilizes ‘muntins’, and people that only have unbroken panes of glass. Muntins are the dividers generally discovered in among its panes. However, both sorts are managed by cranks, which will allow you to open up or close it at will.

We would advise you to go for a casement window that doesn’t have muntins, if you are contemplating of setting up 1 that offers an extraordinary and unbroken look at of a breathtaking landscape. They definitely can attract interest to the most beautiful of surroundings.

The best property spot to install a casement window is the residing room, or the bedroom. We come to feel like those two are the ideal rooms because these home windows have also been developed to supply satisfactory air flow in the property. And we all know, ventilation is crucial for comfort.

Let us now dive into these pros and cons that we described before on.


  • Incredible views: we’ve already talked about this, but we still feel a need to put more emphasis on it. Casement windows, especially those with no muntins, will give you that breathtaking view without obstructions.
  • They function as sails: these windows have a way of making rooms a lot breezier and comfortable.
  • Excellent security: to lock a casement window, you’ll have to use its hook. That hook will latch on the inside, meaning no one can even try to open it from the outside.
  • There’s a romantic aspect to it: think about the type of windows that were used in castles back in the day. A time when princesses would open their windows outward in the morning and dream about their lives with their charming prince. Well, that’s the feeling when you open your window outwards.


  • No screens: most of them don’t have screens. And this is the reason why most people with kids rarely install them. Those that do, have the screens positioned on the inside. Thus, making them more receptive to tearing and breakage.
  • Only works with a specific type of window A/C: you cannot just get whatever air conditioner you feel is best for your home, if you’ve installed a casement window. They only work with particular designs, and most of those designs aren’t good-looking.

Overview of Double-Hung Windows

Simply place, the double-hung window is the sort of window that can literally fit anyplace. It is lovely, basic, and usually complementary to any property.

Just like the casement window, it arrives with its honest share of positive aspects, advantages, and disadvantages. But we’re likely to speak about all that following we’ve uncovered about the which means of ‘double-hung.’

What Are Double-Hung Windows?

The phrase ‘double hung’ is intended to tell you (the customer/customers) that you are going to be ready to open the window from the bottom or prime by transferring its sashes. But most parents desire using only the upper part, since youngsters aren’t tall ample to achieve it.

How Can You Really Tell You’re Looking At A Double-Hung Window?

Concentrate on the casing. The double-hung has a casing that’s marginally thicker. That thickness is intended to allow equally sashes to co-exist, but in their possess keep track of. If you’ve never ever bought a single ahead of, inquire the retailer attendant for assistance, or go with a person who understands the solution.

Any time we come across double-hung home windows, we instantly start considering about simplicity. That is mainly due to the fact in contrast to the casement, they do not have so much likely on. They are just your traditional rectangular window with higher and decrease sashes. To top that off, you could easily uncover a double-hung which is created with a single pane, or one particular that has several panes separated by grids.

Aspect observe: We forgot to notify you fellas that the grid is the other identify for muntin.

The Convenience Factor

We cannot discuss about double-hungs with out talking about how effortless they make existence for some of us. Rarely will you discover a window that can tilt inwards, to make cleansing a less difficult task. Even if you are on the 20th flooring, you’ll nevertheless be capable to clear all elements with no having difficulties.

It’s critical to also be aware that the industry has just unveiled some new double-hung styles that appear with latches. These latches lean the home windows out to make the outer parts available.

How Does It Work?

By making use of downward force to the grids, you’ll be shifting the higher sash. And if for whatsoever purpose you would like to increase the reduced 1, all you need to do is apply upward force on the muntins from beneath.


  • Value addition: one of the things that property investors usually take into consideration before investing in anything, is value addition. You’ll hear them talk about the Return on Investment (ROI) all too often because they want to see value for their money. The double-hung offers exactly that, thanks to its unique functionality.
  • Safer: since you won’t have to leave the house or even climb up a ladder to clean the outside area, it’s safe to assume the manufacturers took ‘Safety and Maintenance’ into account during production.
  • User friendly: even a kid in kindergarten can figure out how to open and close the double-hung window when letting in fresh air or keeping strong odors at bay. It’s that simple.



The casement and the double-hung are both extraordinary window designs. We wouldn’t say one is much better than the other, because they ended up the two created to cater to different audiences in the market place. If your flavor and desire really don't align with the casement, you are free to set up the double-hung, and you will nonetheless be excellent.

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