Ceiling Paint Color Trends in 2022 (with Pictures)

Are you hunting for the perfect coloration to paint your ceiling? Or do you want to know what ceiling paint color is trending? If sure, you have arrive to the appropriate place!

Ceiling paint shade tendencies could fluctuate relying on the inside style design. The important to selecting the appropriate one for your home is to make positive it matches the interior.

So, what ceiling paint shade should you use for your next portray project? The answer depends on the type of your room, the number of coats you want to implement, and what ceiling paint tendencies are popular.

You can even request an inside designer if you aren’t positive which hues will work greatest. But, if you are brief on time, here’s a guide. It covers some of the most well-known ceiling paint colour developments. Keep studying to learn far more!

The 10 Ceiling Paint Color Trends

1.  Onyx – Benjamin Moore

  • Best for: Rooms with many windows
  • Undertones: None

Onyx is a gorgeous ceiling color that will look wonderful in any room. This saturated black is an outstanding way to make your rooms occur alive. It’s an powerful, deluxe shade that can bring an elegant really feel to a eating space. Also, it can generate an intimate environment in your bed room.

Consider using it with other deep shades for more drama. You can also hold it easy with crisp white and brilliant accents.

It is not flashy, but it’s also not boring. Also, it is neither too mild nor as well darkish. It is a bit like a royal purple. It is the perfect selection for any home, specifically when you want to generate a much more sophisticated area with a contact of luxurious. The hue operates nicely in modern day and traditional interiors.

You need to have no dilemma discovering shades of onyx, from deep reds to comfortable pinks to grayish blues, that’ll make sure you your eye.

2.  Chantilly Lace – Benjamin Moore

  • Best for: Rooms with low light
  • Undertones: Little

Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore is a go-to white for many contractors and interior designers. It’s a pure white with tiny to no undertones. So, it functions properly in any space, particularly if you want an ethereal feeling.

Chantilly Lace is crisp and cleanse, like a fresh coating of snow on the roof. It will brighten any space and make it truly feel spacious. The lighter neutral tone will also reflect natural light-weight into your area.

The delicate trace of yellow will add heat to any amazing-toned decor. It can make this a adaptable selection for any space.

It’s a wonderful option if you have higher ceilings and white walls. It’s an off-white that leans towards gray, so it’ll still look crisp and thoroughly clean but not as stark as pure white.

3. High Reflective White – Sherwin Williams

  • Best for: Rooms with little natural lighting
  • Undertones: None

If you are searching for a paint colour that’s neutral, functional, and easy to perform with, you can not go mistaken with Higher Reflective White. The coloration is timeless and can function in any space.

You can depend on this neutral shade to make your area look larger, brighter, and cleaner. It is an exceptional choice for a ceiling because it directs the attention in the place towards your wall hues and decor.

The trend for white ceilings is in complete drive and demonstrates no signal of slowing down. White or off-white colors replicate gentle. It tends to make the space really feel clear, ethereal, and new.

Pairing a white ceiling with white walls helps make a area feel open up and roomy. It also delivers out all colours in the area. It is a wonderful thought if you want to get creative with pops of color in your room.

You can feel exterior the box by portray your ceiling a marginally darker shade than your walls. Then, you can use your walls as accent walls!

4. Finnie Gray – Benjamin Moore

  • Best for: Rooms in the basement and kitchens
  • Undertones: Gray undertone

Benjamin Moore’s Finnie Gray is a delicate, smoky grey that can insert depth and splendor to any area. It is neutral and exists as a enhance to your present decor. Also, it is unique and can stand out as an intriguing centerpiece for your style.

This gray shade is best if you want to incorporate the correct quantity of contrast in any place. It pairs effectively with daring and vivid shades. The gray adds a contact of sophistication. It appears great when paired with white trim and darker furniture. It nearly appears like it has an iridescent quality that tends to make it eye-catching.

Benjamin Moore’s Finnie Grey is a favourite to numerous people. It functions nicely with practically any color plan. It also has an underlying grey tone that delivers out the warmth of wood tones.

5. Pure White – Sherwin Williams

  • Best for: Smaller rooms with no natural lighting (bathrooms and laundry rooms)
  • Undertones: Gray undertones

It’s entertaining to experiment with coloration, but often there is nothing at all better than a clear, refreshing white colour. The same is true for ceiling paint coloration tendencies. If you want to brighten your area, pick Sherwin Williams Pure White.

It’s a warm white that will make the ideal backdrop for your wall hues. Also, if you want to give your residence a modern, light, and ethereal come to feel without having transforming, portray your ceiling white is one particular of the very best approaches to achieve that seem.

White ceilings have been around for a lengthy time, but there is a shift in that pattern. Although men and women nevertheless want a white ceiling, they are relocating toward utilizing pure whites alternatively of off-whites.

These pure whites deliver out the luster of the paint job. They offer you an enhanced feeling of brightness to a room.

6. Studio Green – Farrow and Ball

  • Best for: Any room in your house
  • Undertones: Green undertones

For a bolder assertion, attempt portray your ceiling in this deep shade of olive eco-friendly. This saturated colour will generate an sophisticated formal look for dining rooms or living rooms with substantial ceilings.

It is paired with an similarly abundant shade on the walls. The total effect is dim and cozy, like an aged library or examine. In rooms with low ceilings, this shade can be oppressive.

This wealthy environmentally friendly is a popular decision if you want a place that feels like a retreat from the outside world. It has a forest-like vibe that brings you again to character. The shade has grow to be more and more well-liked with ceilings. It’s daring and contemporary but even now refined without overpowering other factors in the area.

The color gives a area a new, rejuvenating influence. It can also be used on beams, moldings, or architectural attributes.

7. Backwoods – Benjamin Moore

  • Best for: Living rooms
  • Undertones: Warm undertones

Backwoods ceiling paint looks great even in rooms the place the walls really don't have colours. It makes the ceiling far more intriguing, specially if you want your ceilings to match your woodwork.

This shade adds a trace of earthiness to any place. It performs properly with a wide assortment of wall hues, from neutrals like product to sand and deep jewel tones.

Benjamin Moore’s Backwoods is delicate and somewhat bluish-gray. It looks gray combined with a great deal of blue. It is adaptable and entertaining!

8. White Dove – Benjamin Moore

  • Best for: Bedroom
  • Undertones: Yellow and warm undertones

If you are seeking for a neutral paint colour for your ceiling, White Dove by Benjamin Moore is an exceptional choice. It is delicate white with yellow undertones, not as well cold or too warm.

It is also one particular of Benjamin Moore’s most popular paint colours. You can locate it in a lot of residences. It’s an excellent choice if you want a crisp white on your ceilings. It is a need to-have for these who favor a cleanse, vivid appear. It is a gentle white with a heat undertone that won’t make your place truly feel like an icebox.

It’s much more advanced than regular aged white. It is simple to coordinate with other shades in the place without having feeling frustrating.

9. Pale Smoke – Benjamin Moore

  • Best for: Bathroom or bedroom
  • Undertones: Cool undertones

As the reputation of dark walls increases, a lot of individuals decide to paint their ceilings with lighter shades than their partitions. As an alternative of a stark white ceiling that creates too significantly distinction, consider a related shade of the wall coloration for a softer, more unified appear.

A pale smoke is a stunning option to white. It’s delicate and delicate, yet it even now lends some depth to the place.

This color is an superb option when you want to provide a delicate backdrop for other shades. It produces a relaxing, cozy result. Also, it can perform in any place of the residence.

The colour is pale blue, soft, and airy although nonetheless having enough distinction to insert colour to your area. It is outstanding when paired with a stark white trim.

The best part about Pale Smoke is that it’s flexible. You can use it in living rooms, bogs, or bedrooms. Envision how cozy this would feel when blended with prosperous furnishings like darkish leather armchairs!

10.  Cloud White – Benjamin Moore

  • Best for: A north-facing room
  • Undertones: Soft, yellow undertones

You might have heard of Benjamin Moore’s Cloud White. It is a heat white paint color that appears excellent on walls, cupboards, and trims! But did you know that you can also use it on the ceiling?

Cloud White color seems to be gorgeous on a ceiling due to the fact it demonstrates gentle. It tends to make the space really feel even bigger and brighter. It also generates a distinction in between the walls and ceiling.

This coloration is perfect for those who want a vibrant and airy room without sacrificing warmth or ease and comfort. Also, if you want your area to appear more substantial, this is one of the greatest methods!

This colour pattern is not only utilised as an accent coloration any longer. Several individuals are using it in their principal residing place also! If you’re looking for some thing that will previous through numerous seasons without fading, this is what you need to have.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Ceiling Paint Color

When selecting a ceiling paint coloration, there are a number of items you have to take into account. You need to get the tone and style of your home just proper.

Make a decision if you want gentle, white ceiling paint shades or darkish kinds. Each designs match any decor.

You need to have to make a decision on the coloration very first simply because it’ll dictate what temper you develop in the place. Here’s what to think about:

  • Wall Colors: Ceiling paint colors should contrast with wall paint colors. If you have dark walls, choose light-colored ceiling paint. If your walls are light-colored, choose dark-colored ceiling paint.
  • The Size of Your Room: Warm colors, such as yellow and orange, reflect light. They give the appearance of being closer than they are. It makes them ideal for small rooms or those that have low ceilings. Cool colors, such as green, blue, and purple, absorb light and give the appearance of being further away than they are. It makes them ideal for large rooms or those with high ceilings.
  • Existing Décor: When selecting ceiling paint, it’s crucial to consider the existing décor in your room. For example, if your walls are adorned with a bright shade of yellow, painting your ceiling a similar color could make your room feel smaller. Instead, choose a white or off-white shade of paint. It’ll allow your walls to shine while still giving your space an open feeling.
  • The Room’s Lighting: If there’s plenty of natural light coming into the room, it can handle a much darker color than one that relies on artificial light sources. Darker shades absorb more light. So, they’re used in rooms with plenty of windows or fixtures that provide direct illumination. A north-facing bedroom with no windows cannot handle a dark shade on the walls or ceiling.
  • Your Furniture: Your ceiling paint color should enhance the look of your furniture without competing for attention. A light shade will help keep an already bright room from feeling overwhelming. Darker colors can help create cozier spaces.


Do you want to consider some new ceiling paint shades this calendar year but want some inspiration or advice on what to pick? If yes, contemplate starting up with one of the color developments over. It can be demanding to decide with all the colour developments.

As observed previously mentioned, there are numerous coloration traits when it will come to ceiling paint. Some colors will final a little longer than others. Any shade can be well-known, based on your geographic location.

There’s no telling how lengthy these trends will exist or how significantly they’ll extend. But they can nevertheless be an outstanding supply of inspiration when selecting a paint colour for your ceiling.

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