Convection Oven vs Air Fryer: What’s the Difference?

Technically, an air fryer is just a more compact edition of a convection oven. Each air fryers and convection ovens depend on heating components and enthusiasts to flow into sizzling air and prepare dinner meals. However, they do have distinctions that can make them greater suited to various conditions and recipes.

Air fryers have been about for a whilst now, but it was only in 2018 that this cooking gadget exploded in acceptance. Now, air fryers appear to be everywhere. In this post, we’ll investigate the differences in between convection ovens and air fryers, how every of them operates, as properly as both their professionals and negatives.

Overview of Convection Ovens:

Let’s get a look at what a convection oven is, how it functions, and when to use it.

Convection Oven
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How Convection Ovens Work

Whether or not you are looking at a tabletop convection oven or a conventional oven with a convection setting, they the two operate the same way. They are rectangular, have heating factors, and a supporter and exhaust technique that blows scorching air more than the surface of the meals and about it as it cooks.

This so-called convection effect blasts the area of the foods at a greater temperature. This benefits in faster cooking occasions.

What They’re Very good for

If you enjoy crispy crusts on your pastries, roasted veggies, and meats, then a convectional oven is greater to use than a standard 1. The hot air blowing around the foods helps with browning and crisping meals surfaces.

A single great reward of a convection oven is that you can prepare dinner big batches, for instance, cookies, and no issue where you location the baking sheet, the total batch must prepare dinner evenly and at about the very same time.

That stated, if way too a lot food is cramped or layered on to a one sheet, it nevertheless will not cook evenly due to the fact the air should be capable to access the complete area.

Convection ovens are generally huge adequate to cook dinner a big food, producing them ideal for people. Due to the fact the air blows close to the total oven, you can cook more than one particular dish at the identical time. For example, you could cook dinner potatoes and veggies on the best shelf, while cooking meat below.

Arguably, due to the fact convection ovens cook dinner meals quicker than traditional ovens, they are a lot more energy productive.

  • Cooks foods evenly
  • Can prepare dinner more than a single dish at a time
  • Creates crispy crusts
  • Can cook dinner massive batches
  • Shorter cooking time than classic ovens
  • Can crack down because of to relocating parts (admirer)
  • Needs cautious temperature adjustment for delicate dishes (e.g., cakes and soufflé)
  • If foodstuff is not distribute out enough, it will not cook evenly

Overview of Air Fryers:

You may possibly have seen futuristic-seeking air fryers stacked on cabinets in your favorite retailers. But what are they, how do they perform, and when should you use a single? Maintain studying to uncover out.

Air Fryer
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How Air Fryers Operates

Air fryers operate in a lot the identical way as convection ovens, only in a more compact area. With an air fryer, you place foods inside of a modest basket, which you slide or place into a espresso-machine-formed device. Over the food is the heating component, and over that is the enthusiast.

Simply because of the restricted room, an air fryer can blow very concentrated very hot air in excess of the foods, and prepare dinner it swiftly. However, there is a downside.

The foods getting layered into a basket means that if you’re cooking one thing like fries, in which the foodstuff is layered on prime of one one more, you will need to have to eliminate the basket at typical intervals to shake the foods close to.

Also, since of the constrained room inside of an air fryer, you can only prepare dinner foods in modest batches. You ought to be ready to location 1 or possibly two parts of food to cook dinner in an air fryer. Any far more than that, and you are going to need to have to prepare dinner in batches.

Air fryers get incredibly sizzling, which signifies they can prepare dinner food really quick, and for that reason, use much less vitality than if you had been to warmth a convection oven.

That said, if you are cooking much more than a single batch, it will eventually take longer—therefore, utilizing up the exact same quantity of electrical power, or far more.

What They are Very good for

If you are arranging on cooking for one particular or maybe two people, then using an air fryer is ideal. It will prepare dinner your foods quicker than a convection oven would, thereby conserving you time and funds expended on vitality expenses.

The really substantial temperature and shut proximity to the supporter implies that it can cook dinner foods like crispy french fries and chicken wings making use of a tiny fraction of oil in comparison to what you’d use with deep fryers, generating it a much healthier option.

If you are trapped for space, air fryers could be a better alternative than a table-prime convection oven. Air fryers can be unplugged and packed absent for later on use, but convection ovens are generally as well big for this.

Air fryers—then identified as Maxwell Whirlwind Ovens—were invented for use on airlines to warmth frozen food long ahead of they hit the retailers, and are even now wonderful for heating up your foodstuff at residence these days. They make a fantastic alternative for anybody hoping to cook a frozen meal for one (or two), speedily and easily.

  • Cooks food quickly
  • Straightforward to use
  • Vitality successful
  • Generates crispy crusts
  • Only enough space for one or perhaps two portions
  • Can only cook a single dish at a time
  • No window, have to check out the foodstuff by having it out
  • If meals is layered, the basket demands shaking often
  • Requirements deep cleansing right after every use

What Are the Variances Between Air Fryers and Convection Ovens?

We presently know that the two convection ovens and air fryers perform the same way, so the variation is not so much how they perform, but instead how you’d use a single in contrast to the other.

Cooking Space

Convection ovens are bigger than air fryers. This indicates that there’s a lot more place to prepare dinner huge batches, several portions, and several dishes at the very same time.

Nonetheless, because they are bigger, convection ovens just take longer—and for that reason, more electricity—to warmth up than air fryers do. If you’re only cooking for 1 or two folks, air fryers make much more sense.

With this kind of restricted place, air fryers get really very hot, very swiftly, producing them exceptional at mimicking the “crispy-fried” result of deep-fried food, minus the oil.

But the deficiency of cooking space also indicates that you’ll need to have to consider the foodstuff basket out and shake the foodstuff about if you’re cooking anything that is layered on prime of each and every other—for case in point, fries.

Talking of area, you need to also consider the quantity of place every single device requires up in your kitchen area. If you are asking yourself regardless of whether to get a tabletop convection oven or an air fryer, bear in mind that air fryers are more compact, and in most circumstances, you can pack them absent following use.

Convection ovens are typically greater, so you may possibly require to be ready to have them out permanently.

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Air fryers are quick and effortless to use. If you’re looking for an oven to cook frozen meals for 1 or two people swiftly, then they might be a excellent alternative for you.

If you are hoping to make enough food for a group of people, utilizing an air fryer would not be convenient or successful. You’d want to make a number of batches, which would suggest much more time in the kitchen area and more guide work.

Lastly, there is the make a difference of cleaning and upkeep. Despite the fact that convection ovens must be cleaned often, they won’t need to have a deep clean following each and every use. Air fryers, on the other hand, have to be cleaned totally right after every single use.

You will need to have to take away the basket and all removable components, then wash them in heat, soapy drinking water. Any meals remaining on parts of the air fryer could taint the style of your next batch of food.

That explained, there’s no stage in heating up an whole convection oven if you are only cooking a part of food for 1 individual. An air fryer would use significantly less electrical energy and have your foods cooked in minutes, with a delicious crispy surface.


Air fryers and convection ovens both use hot air to cook dinner foodstuff. The primary variation is the volume of meals you can cook dinner at the very same time. An air fryer is massive sufficient to prepare dinner for 1 or two individuals. So, if you are feeding a team, you’ll require to cook dinner in batches.

A convection oven is larger, so it is excellent for feeding teams, or for baking numerous dishes at the same time. If you are only cooking for a single or two folks, heating a large convection oven can be a waste of time and electricity charges when when compared to a compact air fryer.

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