Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

Craftsman and DeWalt are two properly-known electrical power tool organizations that have been close to for numerous years. Every single firm makes a broad range of equipment to deal with any undertaking with a large degree of precision, and you can locate possibly manufacturer in almost every single hardware keep. In this shootout, we will evaluate electrical power, value, number of items, relieve of use, and heaps much more so you get a much better thought of the high quality each and every provides. We’ll also tell you a little about how the organization obtained commenced, where they are from, and what sort of warranty they offer to aid you discover the proper manufacturer for your workshop.

A Quick Comparison

Brand name Craftsman DeWalt
Established 1927 1924
Headquarters China Lancaster Pennsylvania
Product lines Stanley Black and Decker, Craftsman, Sears, Dunlap, Evolv Black and Decker, DeWalt, Original Saw Co.
Parent company/ major Subsidiaries Black and Decker Black and Decker

Brief History of Craftsman

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

Arthur Barrows of Sears registered the Craftsman trademark in 1927 and at first offered their resources largely to farmers. To begin with, they have been not chrome plated, but Tom Dunlap upgraded the resources and incorporated the plating as automobiles grew to become a lot more popular. Sears didn’t develop their tools and rather outsourced it to numerous organizations more than the years that would adhere to Sears Specifications. Craftsman was one particular of the first companies to offer a client loyalty system that presented repeat customers special discounts and other positive aspects. This reward technique started in 1991 and continues these days. Sears and K-Mart offered Craftsman resources until finally 2017 when Black and Decker Obtained them and permitted many other firms to promote them, like Lowes.

Brief History of DeWalt

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?
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DeWalt started in 1924 when Raymond DeWalt invented the Radial Arm Noticed. It grew rapidly and turned incorporated in 1947. The American Equipment and Foundry Organization obtained it in 1949 and sold it to Black and Decker in 1960, and as of 2001, they sell a lot more than 200 different driven hand resources and a lot more than 800 add-ons. In 2011, the DeWalt line expanded to consist of non-driven hand instruments for contractors, and in 2013 expanded once more to include automotive resources. In 2016, DeWalt the FlexVolt battery pack and began promoting cordless equipment.

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Manufacturing


Numerous factories manufactured Craftsman Equipment more than the years, such as New Britain, Moore Fall Forging, Stanley, Easco Hand Instruments, Danaher Company, and Apex Instrument Group who tends to make the equipment right now. China and Taiwan make the resources for the Apex firm. Even so, after Black and Decker purchased Craftsman, they began to create a plant in Fort Worth, Texas, meant to provide manufacturing to the Usa.


As of 2015, there are 7 producing amenities in the United States. They are in Connecticut, Maryland, Kentucky, Indiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee. There are also DeWalt factories around the world, like Brazil, China, the United Kingdom, and the Czech Republic.

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Product Line


Craftsman equipment have been accessible for a lot of many years, and they are possibly best known for their line of automotive instruments, such as ratchets and wrenches. Nevertheless, they also have a big selection of hand electrical power tools and out of doors tools. Right here are a couple of resources accessible in every classification.

Automotive Tools

  • Air compressors
  • Creepers
  • Inflators
  • Lift Equipment and jacks
  • Oil filter tools
  • Ratchets and Sockets

Power Tools

  • Nail Gun
  • Drills
  • Grinders
  • Heat gun
  • Impact wrench
  • Saws
  • Vacuum

Hand Tools

  • Cutters and snips
  • Screwdriver
  • Hammer
  • Pliers
  • Knives


Although DeWalt and Craftsman are each owned by Black and Decker, the DeWalt merchandise line is effectively recognized for their potent and resilient electrical power equipment and their latest cordless line, so their number of instruments is somewhat bigger. Like Craftsman, DeWalt’s le of equipment also includes hand tools and outdoor tools, and many equipment and specialty instruments. Listed here is a shortlist of some of the equipment you can locate in every single group.

Power Tools

  • Drills
  • Impact wrenches
  • Circular saw
  • Nailers
  • Grinders
  • Sanders

Hand Tools

  • Clamps
  • Handsaws
  • Knives
  • Pliers
  • Ratchets

Outdoor Tool

  • Chainsaw
  • Leaf blowers
  • Lawnmowers
  • String Trimmers
  • Snowblowers

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Price

Craftsman equipment typically expense considerably less than DeWalt equipment and target residence end users and the Do-it-yourself market place, although DeWalt is ideal for the house owner and caters to the commercial marketplace. DeWalt energy resources generally have much more energy and are durably built. DeWalt top quality is comparable to Makita, Bosch, and Milwaukee, although Craftsman tools are related to Ryobi, Balk and Decker, and Kobalt.


There are many Craftsman electrical power instruments that you can acquire for below $fifty, which includes the CMES610 jigsaw and CMCG400B angle grinder. Paying just a handful of a lot more dollars can acquire you a cordless drill or cordless admirer, and there’s a big choice of sockets, saw blades, and other components.

The high-end Craftsman resources consist of the CMEW020 benchtop jointer, CMCS714M1 sliding miter observed, and the CMCCS660E1 chainsaw. You can assume to pay much more than $200 for any of these tools. They also sell numerous kits made up of many equipment and components that are expensive upfront but include up to considerable savings in excess of purchasing every single one individually.


It is not as simple to locate DeWalt power resources beneath $fifty, but you can purchase the DCV517B cordless vacuum, DWE6423K orbital sander, or DCS312B cordless reciprocating saw for significantly less than $a hundred. Nevertheless, several of their drill bits, lithium-ion batteries, and socket sets are accessible for much less than $50.

DeWalt’s large-finish line includes the DWS716 miter saw, DCS391B cordless jigsaw, and the DWE7485 table observed that each and every cost more than $three hundred. Like Craftsman, they also promote large kits that contain numerous instruments to offer you with most of what you need to have to get started in a single bundle.

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Warranty


Craftsman supplies a 3-yr warranty for most of their electrical power equipment except if you obtained them just before 2018, when they had been most very likely to give a 1-12 months warranty. Several of their hand equipment, these kinds of as wrenches and pliers, arrive with a lifetime warranty. The three-yr warranty for the energy equipment does not include areas that break thanks to wear and tear or misuse.


DeWalt also offers buyers with a 3-12 months guarantee on most of their power equipment, and you can often improve it to seven a long time. The 3-yr warranty is equivalent to Craftsman’s and doesn’t go over parts that break because of to regular use and tear. However, DeWalt’s guarantee will come with a one-12 months free of charge support prolonged guarantee that does protect worn parts, and they will mend the tools free of cost.

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Customer Service


Most folks say that Craftsman has wonderful customer services. They are friendly when they answer the phones and help remedy issues. If you require components, they send them out speedily, and they get there in a couple of times. Even so, they do frequently need that you shell out for shipping to return the objects.


Like Craftsman, DeWalt has superb consumer services and are friendly when they reply the cellphone. They make confident your problem is solved and send out parts quickly, which typically arrive in a handful of times. They do not typically need you to shell out for delivery.

Head-to-Head: Cordless Drills

Craftsman CMCD710C2 vs DeWalt DCD991B 

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

Each the Craftsman CMCD710C2 and the DeWalt DCD991B Cordless Drill are about the identical cost. Equally are cordless and use a twenty-volt lithium-ion battery to get the function accomplished, and each use brushless motors to boost torque and lengthen battery daily life. Every single model has a LED headlight, variable speed cause, and a 50 %-inch chuck. The Craftsman involves two batteries, but the DeWalt only consists of one. Even so, the DeWalt creates marginally a lot more torque and greater RPM. It also has a much more compact, lightweight design and a three-position pace selector, in which the Craftsman only offers two-velocity choices.

Our Verdict: DeWalt DCD991B

If you have plenty of very light-weight, responsibility perform to do, you might decide on the Craftsman. However, most people would be greater off with the DeWalt, and that’s our selection.

Head-to-Head: Angle Grinders

Craftsman CMCG400B vs DeWalt DWE402 

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

The Craftsman CMCG400B and DeWalt DWE402 are equally 4½-inch cordless grinders that use 20-volt lithium-ion batteries and weigh about the same at a tiny over six lbs .. Neither resource contains the batteries necessary to use it. The Craftsman is a little thinner and less difficult to maneuver and charges fairly a little bit considerably less. However, the DeWalt uses oversized brushes that final substantially lengthier than the normal kinds in the Craftsman. It also has far more torque and reaches a greater RPM.

Our Verdict: DeWalt DWE402

The Craftsman could be fantastic for light-duty responsibilities and if you have modest arms, but we located it often bogs down when employing it simply because it lacks the DeWalt torque. If you need to cut nails or grind metallic, you will require the DeWalt.

Head-to-Head: Circular Saw

Craftsman CMES510 vs DeWalt DWE575 

Craftsman vs DeWalt: Which Power Tool Brand is Better in 2022?

Equally the Craftsman CMES510 and DeWalt DWE575 are 7¼-inch, corded circular saws. Equally use 15-amp motors, but the Craftsman costs considerably less and can attain a somewhat higher RPM. The DeWalt has a somewhat larger bevel potential. It’s lighter bodyweight and has twine pull out protection.

Our Verdict: Craftsman CMES510

If you are a woodworker who makes use of these saws every working day, you want the DeWalt, but it’s hard to justify the extra value for most individuals who only require the noticed a couple of occasions a calendar year to full Do it yourself projects close to the residence.

Overall Brand Reputation


Edge: DeWalt

Craftsman’s corded electrical power equipment aren’t that considerably behind DeWalt, but when you are speaking about cordless instruments, DeWalt is the clear winner. DeWalt is a pioneer in cordless resources, and the lithium-ion battery and their instruments often supply greater RPM and substantially more torque. More of DeWalt’s cordless instruments also use brushless motors for improved performance.


Edge: Craftsman

Craftsman is the obvious winner when it will come to value. Their battery-run tools can almost halve DeWalt’s price depending on the tool, but you can also purchase corded and even hand instruments with a important price cut over DeWalt.


Edge: DeWalt

Considering that their inception, DeWalt created longevity a single of their main promoting details. They even make a smartphone you can fall. All of their equipment use thick, resilient housing resources, substantial-grade metal, and effectively-created machinery. Craftsman also can make higher-quality equipment well acknowledged for their reliability but acquiring tools into customers’ hands at a fair cost takes precedent.


Edge: Tie

DeWalt instruments are frequently characteristic-rich and all set for skilled and business use. Nonetheless, the additional functions and thick, protecting housing material typically tends to make them heavier and considerably less ergonomic. On the other hand, Craftsman usually skimps on features and employs a thinner, much less sturdy housing content to decrease value. These cost-chopping measures let the resource to be much more compact, lighter, and a lot more ergonomic.


If we’re speaking hand-tools or corded equipment, we recommend picking based mostly on utilization. If you use the resource a great deal, we suggest likely with DeWalt. We also suggest DeWalt if you are a contractor, mechanic, or other specialist. If you hardly use the instrument but want to have it on hand, go with the Craftsman. Even so, it’s not so effortless to select cordless resources due to the fact they all use the identical battery, and you have to dedicate to a brand or spend a fortune for batteries and chargers. We still advise DeWalt, but a workshop entire of DeWalt cordless instruments can price many hundred bucks a lot more than a workshop filled with the exact same Craftsman resources.

We hope we have answered your questions and assisted you select among these two resources. If you located it useful, remember to share this Craftsman compared to DeWalt shootout on Facebook and Twitter.