Cricut Window Cling vs. Removable Vinyl: Pros, Cons, & Differences

Are you a big fan of decorating your windows with decals? Perhaps you like to lighten up the property with amusing things or develop thematic decorations for festivals and vacations? We’re chatting about Easter, the Fourth of July, and, of program, Christmas, to title a handful of. We’re appropriate there with you, but just before you get in sync with the internal artist and commence decorating the home to your liking, there is an critical choice to be made here.

Must you go with excellent outdated removable vinyl, or maybe decide for Cricut window cling? Could this (reasonably) new item be a far better pick for the regular sticker fanatic? Or is detachable vinyl nonetheless the king of the demonstrate? We have got heaps of ground to protect, so, without even more ado, let’s see what the two options have to provide, talk about the execs, disadvantages, and come up with a decision!

A Friendly Reminder

Make sure you keep in thoughts that no matter which product you decide on, you are going to even now have to use a device to minimize out the stickers. You start by creating a design on the pc (Cricut Style Space is a ideal device for that, and it is one hundred% cost-free). Subsequent, you print the decals out. To get rid of the negatives, use a weeding tool. It is offered for low-cost and will make your cling and vinyl reducing routine a whole lot much more enjoyable.

A seam ripper will also do. This is not a laborious work, but it does still need sleight of hands, and, much more importantly, a good attitude and willingness to operate for at minimum a couple of hrs. Alright, now that we have obtained the basics out of the way, it’s time to see what window cling and detachable vinyl all are about.

Cricut Window Cling Overview

If you have obtained children and love to have a great time with the household, we wager you previously know what a window cling is. Essentially, it’s a extremely adaptable and adaptable material that’s simple to minimize into various styles. Getaway decals, funny decorations, and “fancy” logos—it can all be completed with cling. It is available at a very reasonably priced cost and takes zero work to use: even the minor kinds can engage in about with it, which tends to make it an even much better select.

So, what sets it aside from removable vinyl? Well, window cling doesn’t have an adhesive side. It is one hundred% the same on equally sides: the identical color, consistency, and every little thing else. It’s comparatively thick and has more of a rubbery, modern feel to it compared to most vinyl products on the market. Additionally, it has a glossy finish.

Cricut Window Cling vs. Removable Vinyl: Pros, Cons, & Differences

Does Cricut Window Cling Leave any Residue?

The quick solution is no, it does not go away any messy, stubborn residue. That’s right: you can neglect about the irritating, messy adhesive that is found on the back of detachable vinyl. This is its most significant benefit over similar products and it is also one of the most significant reasons powering its massive rise in reputation above latest years. Cricut window cling is really pliable and perfect for decals. And, many thanks to the rubbery nature, it sticks to any glass or mirror in the property.

Getting rid of it doesn’t require any further power or knack, possibly: just peel it off—it will not resist or, yet again, depart any residue driving. In several approaches, Cling is the perfect selection for some temporary, getaway-themed designs that can be taken out just as effortlessly as they stick. If you’re working with multiple parts (say, it’s a truck, and you lower the tires separately), and you positioned one particular of the items in the wrong spot, you can instantaneously peel it off and shift it as numerous moments as you want.

Can You Use Window Cling Outside?

Sadly, no, this material isn’t developed for exterior use. You can, of system, use it on vehicle windows (kids actually like to put them on bus home windows), and it will adhere just fine. Nevertheless, given that it doesn’t have glue or any other variety of adhesive on the back, it’s not advised to use on outdoor surfaces. Temperature aspects like humidity/dampness, extreme warmth, and even wind will make brief operate of it.

The main goal of window cling is to be employed indoors. We’re chatting about glass, plastic, and steel. Nevertheless, it does not stick nicely to wood or any other tough surfaces.

  • Clings instantly on its own (no glue required)
  • Leaves absolutely no residue on the surface
  • Easily removable and reusable
  • Perfect for having fun with kids
  • Not very effective for outdoor use

Removable Vinyl Overview

Alright, so, what does removable vinyl have to supply? What’s it all about? Effectively, it has a matte complete and is normally utilised for equally indoor and outside symptoms and wall decals. You will see detachable vinyl at grocery retailers, financial institutions, and airports—pretty much any location with large, strong glass. Thanks to its elastic and resilient nature, it is just correct for things like timesheets and schedules, as properly as indications and tips. An additional widespread use for it is stickers for not too long ago married partners.

Vinyl is skinny and smooth to the contact. Just like window cling, it sticks to a lengthy checklist of surfaces, such as (naturally) glass, metallic (like steel appliances in your kitchen), and plastic. Plus, it sticks to unfinished wooden, which isn’t the circumstance with cling. And a single far more factor: vinyl is best for print-then-reduce designs (we’ll chat a lot more about that even more down this article).

Cricut Window Cling vs. Removable Vinyl: Pros, Cons, & Differences

Does Removable Vinyl Leave Any Residue?

Of course, it does. Birthday parties, Xmas festivities, and any other celebration can be lots of exciting with some removable vinyl here and below. Nonetheless, when the holiday seasons are in excess of, you are left with the cumbersome occupation of striving to get rid of the vinyl accurately so that you don’t depart any “sticky stuff” on the area. Yes, pulling vinyl off is a obstacle, as it doesn’t generally appear off effortlessly. It is not as negative as long term vinyl, but still, no issue how careful you are, very best believe some residue will be remaining.

That’s exactly why removable vinyl is not a extremely very good option for short-term labels/decorations. You will have to apply lots of pressure to clean the adhesive from mirrors and you may well accidentally scratch the glass. To avoid that, it is recommended to use vinegar (blend a ¼ cup with one quart of heat h2o). Rubbing alcoholic beverages will also do. As an alternative, you could get removable vinyl with repositionable adhesives. They will nevertheless go away some residue, but not nearly as significantly as common vinyl.

Can You Use Removable Vinyl Outside?

You most certainly can. Nonetheless, you’ll have to make certain that the vinyl is a hundred% waterproof and UV-resistant. That indicates it will be able to face up to weighty storms, pouring rain, and even very scorching/cold temperatures. Of course, dampness and the sunshine are the most significant enemies of any adhesive. So, if you stay somewhere in the South with sky-high humidity levels, or, say, in LA in which scorching sunlight rays are just as normal as palm trees, the vinyl demands to be rough and difficult.

Usually, these types of decals final outdoors for up to 3 a long time, which is really remarkable. Even if you purchase a typical removable vinyl without having any extra levels of safety, it will nevertheless be a significantly greater selection than Cricut window cling. In contrast, the typical lifespan of cling is 6 months. Right after that, it loses suction furthermore, grease and dust get between the surface area and the sticker, creating it fall off.

  • Easily handles temperature extremes
  • A great choice for outside decorations
  • Can be used for print-then-cut
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Leaves sticky, hard-to-remove residue

Print-Then-Cut: Vinyl vs. Window Cling

As the name implies, print-then-reduce is a process in which you 1st print some thing on the sticker using a regular printer and then minimize it with a cutting machine (like Cricut). If you like to take your decals a phase further and give them special types, this is how you do it. With this “feature”, you can get super inventive and make present tags, playing cards, invites, and, of course, stickers. So, the large issue is—what’s the ideal content for this?

Removable vinyl will, most surely, perform. All you should do is make positive it’s of the right size for the printer, placement the style correctly, and fireplace absent. In contrast, Cricut’s window cling tends to be problematic. You’ll have a difficult time “feeding” it to a printer. Furthermore, the ink will not stick to it simply. The explanation: cling is a slippery materials. That’s what makes it possible for it to stick so effortlessly, but it also tends to make it a undesirable decision for print-then-lower.

You could, of course, go for it, and some individuals do make it function. Even so, that will entail a good deal a lot more hassle than with removable vinyl. 1 factor you could try out is long lasting markers. They dry on cling but really do not search that fantastic.

Does Cricut Cling Cost More than Vinyl?

Just like removable vinyl, window cling is a highly reasonably priced solution. Even if you are on a restricted price range, but nonetheless want to beautify the residence with stickers, both choices will be a realistic investment. The dimension of the roll will have the largest impact on the value. Say, a normal Cricut window cling is one big (12” x 48”) roll. That need to be more than sufficient for your Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Xmas.

As for detachable vinyl, it’s accessible in all shapes and measurements. And, once again, it expenses roughly the exact same as cling. Nonetheless, if you decide for high quality-high quality vinyl (water-resistant and UV-resistant), it will be more costly than the standard things. On the bright facet, it will previous lengthier and adhere far better. So, only think about this alternative if you’re significant about outside decorations and it is not just a temporal factor.

Which Product is Best for You?

This tremendously relies upon on what variety of stickers you’re into. If indoor decals are the identify of the match for you, then Cricut window cling will be the superior selection. It does not go away any residue, additionally normally takes zero work to take away and to reuse. Unfortunately, it’s not created for outdoor use. If which is a mood killer for you, detachable vinyl will swoop in to save the day. As talked about, high quality-good quality vinyl can survive the great outdoor for as lengthy as a few many years and withstand unforgiving temperature.

On top of that, it is a reliable choose for refined (and fulfilling) print-then-cut initiatives. In concept, cling can also be printed on, but it will most likely not “sync” with the printer correctly, not to point out the ink will have a difficult time adhering to it. Removable vinyl is sticky and messy, though—let’s not fail to remember about that. So, once again, at the finish of the working day, it all depends on what you are in the industry for.

When to Choose Cricut Window Cling
  • You’re looking for an easily reusable sticker
  • Messy residue decals are a deal-breaker
  •  You’re a big fan of themed parties
  • Flexibility is what you’re opting for
When to Choose Removable Vinyl
  • Outdoor decorations are a priority
  • You live in an area with a harsh climate
  • You do lots of print-then-cut projects
  • You want the stickers to stay on for good


Decorations are often exciting, no subject how outdated you are or what time of the 12 months it is. And which is just why it’s so essential to have the appropriate tool for the occupation. Detachable vinyl has usually been a fan favourite, but, as it turns out, Cricut window cling is, at the quite the very least, a worthy opponent, one that could grow to be the next huge factor in many years to appear.

If you’ve acquired wonderful indoor suggestions, it will be the far better pick. On the other hand, as we uncovered before, for out of doors use (like sticking a brand to your car’s windows), detachable vinyl is even now the favored choice since it stays on for more time and withstands temperature fluctuations. In any situation, stickers and decals should be exciting so, make certain to have lots of it!

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