Curtain Wall Vs. Window Wall: What Are The Differences

The one factor that we enjoy most about glass is, it’s an component that’s adaptable in character. And versatility is the kind of attribute that makes some supplies preferable than other folks in business development.

For eons, we have noticed contractors integrate glass into the exterior partitions of different properties to make them productive. And successful, they typically are. However, effectiveness is not the only reason they’ve been carrying out this.

You see, covering that exterior surface area utilizing glass also helps make the building seem a tad bit a lot more gorgeous and exclusive. In simple fact, that’s why this apply has turn into more and more popular more than the a long time.

Simply because we want you to make the appropriate choice when deciding which outer masking to go with, we considered we must share our understanding about the distinguishable functions of window and curtain walls.

Curtain Wall Overview

Curtain Wall Vs. Window Wall: What Are The Differences
Curtain wall architecture building (Image Credit: Navaneeth Krishnan S, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)

Assuming you’re hunting to invest in genuine estate, and you come across a building that fascinates you in a way, you will clearly attain out to your agent. They’ll explain every little thing you require to know about that creating, including the kind of partitions that it has. If you hear them discuss about how the walls of the constructing are non-structural, that would suggest they are not created to get on any of the building’s fat. That would also indicate that the building’s design and style supports curtain walling.

These sorts of walls are basically glazed panels that have already been framed in a materials which is lightweight and can only assist its fat. A very good instance of this kind of substance is aluminum, which is infamous for being resilient.

Are Curtain Walls Worth It?

Any keen trader will be ready to inform curtain walling is the architectural option at the minute. There are so several new buildings in the metropolis that are created using this type of wall, as it delivers several benefits. Let’s appear at the value of development, for illustration.

A important chunk of any construction’s budget generally goes to the foundation of the building because which is the component that retains the weight of the complete construction. But given that curtain walls are manufactured of components that really don't put too significantly force on foundations, the building charges generally go down.

Lights is the other purpose why so several buildings are now exploring the curtain-walling route. Glass will often permit all-natural light into something, that's why creating all rooms and areas look broader and brighter. You are going to no lengthier have to change on the lights the moment you walk into a area, meaning your energy charges will substantially fall as well.

If the believed of saving far more income doesn’t tickle your fancy, believe about aesthetics and safety. In the context of aesthetics, curtain partitions often make an impact. They’ll make any building search stylish, polished, and a lot more importantly, modern day.

When it arrives to basic safety, you must know curtain partitions are designed to be weather conditions-resistant. You’ll by no means have to offer with dampness attempting to penetrate the walls, or robust winds blowing papers about the workplace. Viewing as they are typically custom-made, the glass panels generally in shape the building like a glove.

What’s The Downside To Installing A Curtain Wall?

A single of the numerous important classes in daily life is, everything has a very good aspect and the negative facet — curtain partitions are no distinct. We kicked this off by telling you guys that we want you to be ready to make sound choices prior to investing. We imagine that will not be attainable if we don’t discuss about the downsides.

For starters, the installation method is normally not as basic as they’d want you to think. They’ll explain to you it is less difficult or simple since it’s mounted from the outside the house, but that’s really the explanation why it is strenuous. Setting up from the exterior signifies possessing to offer with diverse weather problems, including extreme heat and rain. And who needs to be rained on whilst working? Or even offer with the UV rays from the solar.

Servicing is the other con on our record. Making certain that that glass sparkles at all times can be quite the problem, if you question us. Well, that and the fact that tiny particles preserve piling in among the frames.

Letting in sunlight is an gain, but depending on how you search at it, it can be a downside as properly. Gentle is very good for any place, but what if that light becomes too significantly for some people? Some authorities recommend working with darker inside walls and flooring, and that is a wonderful solution. However, it doesn’t just take into consideration the fact that men and women have various preferences and choices. Some people just really don't like darker floors or partitions.

Photo voltaic heat could also make the room temperature rise to hazardous stages. Unless air conditioners are put in, some occupants may possibly move out due to heatstroke.

  • Good lighting
  • Trendy
  • Saves on construction costs
  • Customized glass panels
  • Weather-resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • High maintenance
  • Strenuous installation process
  • Let’s in too much light sometimes

Window Wall Overview

Curtain Wall Vs. Window Wall: What Are The Differences
HK TST Isquare mall interior glass wall windows view Nathan Road 05 (Image Credit: Teipangshan102, Wikimedia Commons CC SA 3.0 Unported)

What is a window wall? A unitized cladding program that has been framed in aluminum, and primarily utilised on large-rise residential actual estate. Some people see it as a sort of curtain wall, and in a way, it is. What truly distinguishes one particular from the other is that the window wall spans between ground slabs.

Take a fast look at the bottom portion of this system, and you are going to discover its units laterally fastened to an aluminum angle. The angle, on the other hand, will be fixed to the slab, which has been designed to hold the vertical load of the unit.

At the quite prime, you will uncover aluminum straps usually utilised to tightly safe it to the slab’s underside. And in contrast to the curtain walls, its panels are installed from the inside to lessen the charges of set up and simplify the method.

Are Window Walls Worth It?

Panels in this wall are vision glazing, but some areas have opaque panels set up. The other thing to get be aware of is that it does not count on rubber gaskets to act as obstacles that hold moisture and air at bay. It relies on silicone, which is essentially a sealant which is well-geared up to offer with air and any sort of humidity. This implies the usefulness of the wall will hinge on the encounter and ability stage of the craftsman. It will not be one hundred% effective if the installation was carried out properly.

In comparison to the curtain wall, this wrapping method is a lot more customizable and permits for much more area to incorporate attributes such as balcony doors and extra windows. And because there is no space in between the cladding and slab edge, contractors believe it compartmentalizes its models in a far more productive way. In other words and phrases, it minimizes power usage significantly.

Moreover, its installation requirement, which says it must be installed in between flooring, makes it the excellent method to properly deal with odor, smoke, and audio transmission inside of the developing.

What’s The Downside To Installing A Window Wall?

There are only two reasons as to why any individual would decide the curtain wall over the window wall. And a single of them is load bearing.

The window wall is a load-bearing wall. What that indicates is, it’s designed to assist the roofing structure and/or a floor’s weight. Now, all that’s wonderful, but it also signifies that it comes with considerably less glass. Which interprets to less daylight.

The other situation is with leaking. Its silicone does a great occupation of protecting against drinking water leakages, but it have to be taken care of from time to time. 1 slip-up, and the complete creating turns into a pond.

  • Simple installation process
  • Manages sound, odor, and smoke effectively
  • It’s energy-efficient
  • Uses silicone as a sealant
  • More customizable
  • Susceptible to leaking
  • It’s load bearing

Factors To Consider Before Investing In The Walls


A terrible set up strategy could be the cause why your well-designed walling method is not serving you efficiently. We usually encourage traders to play it protected and go for curtain partitions, if they are not entirely confident they’ll uncover a person who really understands the window wall installation requirements. At the back of your mind, you must often keep in mind that bad placement of these highly engineered walls could direct to unanticipated repairs in addition to air and water leakages.

Maintenance Costs

On matters of expense, the window wall is significantly less costly to sustain in comparison to the curtain wall. There is no doubt about that. And this is a issue that one has to get significantly, provided it dictates what the services existence of the wall will be.

Water and Air Penetration

These two problems really do not just impact curtain and window walls, but all types of partitions. The five forces dependable for this occurrence consist of capillary motion, surface pressure, air strain, kinetic vitality, and gravity.

But as opposed to most wall sorts, the window and curtain walls have been developed utilizing components that are type of water-resistant. Of course, you’ll nonetheless have to deal with the leakages from time to time, if you skimp on servicing.

Thermal Performance

How successful is your wall when it will come to power intake? This is a single query that you want to request just before producing a verify. Some of these assemblies are so inefficient in this department, that you finish up investing far more than what the constructing expenses in the lengthy operate.


Which is all we had to say these days about the curtain and window walls. Of system, there’s nonetheless a lot more to learn, but we cannot genuinely go over almost everything about the market in 1 go. We have to split them down into simple easy to understand chunks, and hope they support you make informed decisions. Feel free of charge to attain out ought to you have any questions.

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Highlighted Image Credit rating: Left: Curtain Wall (Arcaion, Pixabay) | Appropriate: Window Wall (Teipangshan102, Wikimedia Commons CC SA three. Unpor