DeVilbiss Tekna ProLite Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

DeVilbiss Tekna ProLite Review: Pros, Cons & Verdict

Editor Rating: 4.8/5

Build Quality

Review Summary

This is a specialist quality spray gun for professionals, but one particular that is straightforward enough for newcomers to use as well. It lays out the primer, foundation shades, and clear coat with a manufacturing unit complete seem. This gun has excellent atomization thanks to advanced fluid dynamic engineering, resulting in the use of much less substance per inch than several other spray guns. It is outstanding for solvent-dependent coatings and waterborne ones as nicely. It’s also optimized to work in a extensive variety of temperature and local weather conditions, from sizzling and humid to dry and clear.

This gun is extremely easy to use, it is very light and ergonomic in your hand with dials for admirer and fluid on the rear, creating adjustments fast and intuitive, even throughout the middle of spraying. The integrated electronic air meter tends to make dialing in what the MSDS sheet specs claims uncomplicated and straightforward. There is no guesswork.

Launched by Toledo, Ohio medical professional Dr. Allen DeVilbiss, this organization specializes in automotive portray gear of all types. Nicely acknowledged in the racing entire world, they sponsor race vehicle driver Ryan Dalziel.

Tekna ProLite Model 703566 Spray Gun – A Quick Look

  • Professional quality
  • Excellent atomization
  • Spreads material further
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Lightweight and ergonomic
  • An impressive array of accessories
  • Works in a wide range of environments
  • Carrying case not included
  • Uses more air than other guns
  • It is louder than most other guns


Brand name: Tekna from DeVilbiss

Merchandise Kind: ProLite Spray Gun

Model: 703566

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Dimensions: 10 x 5.8 x five.four inches

In The Box: ProLite spray gun, 900cc aluminum cup, HAV-555 air changing valve with digital gauge, gun wrench, color identification rings, TE10 & TE20 large-performance air caps, and one.2mm, 1.3mm, and one.4mm fluid tips.

Use with: 40-sixty gallon compressor at 13cfm at 40psi

Non-Stick Coating

This spray gun has a coating with non-stick homes on the outside the house of all the uncovered metallic surfaces. This is a blessing to anyone who’s experienced to commit hrs washing the paint off their spray gun since they forgot and left it sitting down out for a couple of several hours following employing it. Accidents happen and it’s great to know you will not damage your spray gun due to the fact of a single.

Wide Environmental Range

By mother nature, vehicle physique outlets are not usually temperature controlled – to say the the very least. This spray gun was designed and engineered to operate in a extensive assortment of environments, no matter of temperature, humidity, or other elements. When bay doorways open and close these elements can change swiftly again and forth, numerous moments an hour in some instances, and you can’t often wait for the perfect problems to start spraying. With this gun, you really do not have to.

Excellent Atomization

Very good engineering on fluid dynamics guarantees that this spray gun spreads content further than many other guns on the industry, even though achieving the same, or better, coverage. A small financial savings below and a minor personal savings there, and fairly shortly you’re talking about true funds. In a specialist place of work, these varieties of financial savings right impact your bottom line, creating you far more rewarding without having sacrificing any high quality.

Terrific Product Warranty

DeVilbiss consumer support has an superb track record for likely above and past in their attempts to preserve you pleased. Typically moments they’ll exceed the written demands of their warranty. There is absolutely nothing saying they have to do that, but it makes an outstanding effect when they do, and generates a satisfied customer for daily life.


Why does this arrive with two air cups?

1 is h2o-dependent coatings and 1 is for solvent-based kinds. They make other folks too, for other sorts of coatings and paints. See the guide for details.

Which idea should you use for what?

The one.3mm tip is the very best for all around spraying. You can use it for each foundation coat and clear coat. If you like to break up it up a little bit, use the 1.3mm for the base coat and the 1.4mm for the obvious coat. For a really slender distinct coat, use the 1.2mm suggestion for a manufacturing unit end spray.

What the Users Say

The Good

How it works

During our investigation, we uncovered practically universally great evaluations from a extensive assortment of consumers. 1 customer remarked, “This is the Porsche of paint guns.” One more mentioned, “It sprays like silk.” People were impressed with the way it lays clear coat down flat as glass, as great as, or often far better than, a factory complete.

1 individual, a skilled painter and body male, basically stated flat out, “Buy the gun you’ll love it.”

The superior fluid dynamic engineering resulted in atomization that used, according to 1 individual who raved about it, “. . . about one/three much less materials than my preceding gun would to shoot the exact same sized fender.” Nor was he by yourself in that evaluation. Other folks mentioned a lot the same issue.

The look and feel

Men and women had been also amazed with the look and feel of this paint gun. At 2.two lbs it’s very light-weight. Additionally, it is nicely-well balanced from side-to-aspect. Some spray guns feel lopsided when you’re holding them but no one complained about that with this gun. It fits comfortably in your hand and the changes knobs and dials are intelligently placed for simple use while retaining them out of the way so they really do not get bumped and modified in the course of use.

The bad


This spray paint gun is certainly louder than a good deal of other spray guns on the industry.  You’ll almost certainly want to put on some earplugs while portray with it.  It may possibly not be as loud as other pneumatic tools in a regular automobile shop, but it is a sound maker.

Air use

This gun also uses more air than most other spray guns, demanding the use and/or purchase of a massive compressor, at minimum in the 40-sixty gallon selection.  In protection, we have to say, this is a professional device.  It can make feeling it would require heavier, much more sturdy equipment to go alongside with it.


This Tekna ProLite Product 703566 Spray Gun from DeVilbiss is a high quality, expert quality spray gun engineered and made for large-obligation, ongoing use in a constantly shifting environment. It is built to stand up to the temperature swings common in most automobile physique shops and deliver a best spray in spite of it. It makes use of less material for each sq. inch than many other guns, saving you cash each time.

It’s ergonomically designed and balanced to be relaxed in your hand for lengthy intervals of time, which offers you the handle you want to get every single task done right. The changes are straightforward to make on the fly but don’t the manage interfere with your function both. They also really don't stick out exactly where they’ll be bumped or unintentionally changed.

It is a small bit loud and makes use of much more air than some other spray guns, but professional equipment often do that when compared to lesser top quality ones, and this is a skilled too.