DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill Review

DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill Review

Editor Score: 4.7/5

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The DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill is a great product for amateurs or specialists hunting for a lightweight, affordable choice. It is hugely strong and will come with three speed choices, thanks to its brushless motor. Genuinely, just about anyone who demands a hammer drill will be happy with this model.

That reality is no shock given that this hammer drill is a merchandise of DeWalt. DeWalt has been a top power instrument maker for virtually 100 many years. With their long-standing custom of affordable nevertheless powerful equipment, they continuously deliver items like the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill – they just really do not disappoint.

Regardless of whether you are a newbie searching to renovate your home or a expert wanting a hammer drill to toss in your package, the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill may be the option for you. Study on to understand all about this hammer drill and hear what other folks have to say about it too.

DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill – A Quick Look

  • Powerful
  • Brushless technology
  • Extended run-time
  • 3 speed options
  • 3 mode LED light
  • Affordable
  • Great for anyone
  • Complicated settings
  • Questionable longevity
  • Speed selector sticks


Producer: DeWalt

Product: DCD996B

Design: Drill bare instrument

Electrical power Supply: 1 lithium-ion battery

Voltage: 18V

Bodyweight: 4.7 lbs.

Guarantee: 3-yr constrained warranty

DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill Review

Brushless Motor

Though it is only driven with a lithium-ion battery, the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill is extremely strong. It characteristics a brushless motor that is 82% more strong than other hammer drills within the line.

Not only that, but the brushless engineering allows for the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill to be more quickly and lengthy lasting. In comparison to other hammer drills, it gives 2.eight moments far more runtime and has a two.8 more rapidly software pace.  In comparison to brushed motors, it has fifty seven% a lot more runtime. That is all thanks to the brushless motor that gives 820 models watts out.

3 Speed

Even though the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill is quite strong, you really don't have to be concerned about it becoming too considerably for your job. This hammer drill arrives with a few various velocity alternatives. These alternatives let you to pick a speed based mostly on the precise undertaking at hand.

DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill Review


The DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill is amazingly light-weight and compact. It only weighs lbs and is eight.4 inches prolonged. This small dimensions certainly helps make it a significantly much more compact hammer drill than other related alternatives on the market place.

To some men and women, the dimension of the hammer drill could not matter significantly, but if you use the device for long intervals of time, the fat turns into an crucial problem. The more compact the hammer drill is, the less complicated you can use the tool for extended durations of time. As a outcome, the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill fights fatigue and is easy to use.

Additional Features

On best of all that, the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill will come with a quantity of luxury features, way too. For instance, it arrives with a three-method LED light. This mild assures that you can function successfully, even if you are doing work in a dimly lit region.

The LED highlight method even will come with a twenty-minute shut off perform. This shut off operate enables you to work for an extended sum of time in a dim room without having the need to repress or readjust the light-weight.


How does this hammer drill compare to others?

The DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill is a wonderful choice for those who want a high performing hammer drill at a lower price. Total, this hammer drill is much more cost-effective than other large performing versions, but it is not s powerful as all other hammer drills. Nevertheless, you won’t discover a more effective design that beats the value.

Does this hammer drill come with a warranty?

Indeed. Like other DeWalt goods, the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill comes with a three-yr restricted guarantee and one-yr service and consumer support. This guarantee is pretty impressive for a hammer drill, specifically 1 as cost-effective as this a single.

Is this model ideal for commercial use?

The reasonably priced value and brushless technologies make the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill a very good alternative for several folks, such as specialists. If you are a specialist with intensive hammer drill needs, you might want to choose for a a lot more effective alternative.

With that being stated, the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill is a great addition to any professional’s bag thanks to its cost-effective price, power, and lightweight design and style.

What the Users Say

Like other DeWalt items, the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill had truly large evaluations on all of the sites we seemed at. This tells us that we did not take a look at a fluke and that you can count on excellent outcomes when purchasing this item. Here’s a closer appear at what other consumers thought about the device:


Like us, most customers had been pleased with their DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill. Frequently, end users praised the energy on this hammer drill. Someone went as much as to say that they had been able to drill holes into concrete in beneath a moment, proving the strong nature of this instrument. Even some pros cited it as being strong adequate for their professional demands.

Consumers really like the LED light as properly. On some products, the LED gentle can be much more problem than it is value, but consumers did not consider this was the circumstance for the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill. Instead, it really assisted them complete their task with minor to no additional hassle.


Most of the negatives of this design are nitpicky, but they can impact the usability of the device. For illustration, some people famous that the 3-speed selector sticks at moments. They explained that the speeds themselves ended up great, but the selector often made it irritating to alter the speed.

A handful of individuals also claimed that the DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill did not previous them extremely lengthy. Far more than a single user explained that their design broke all around the six-month mark. From our stop of things, the resource does appear resilient, and most users agree with us, but there are a number of that say it’s not quite lengthy-lasting.


The DeWalt DCD995 Hammer Drill is a wonderful hammer drill that provides each energy and affordability. Each amateurs and specialists looking to preserve a handful of bucks will undoubtedly like this model. Just be conscious that some people have problems with the longevity of their hammer drill, but this merchandise will come with an exceptional guarantee to make certain you really do not have to worry about that simple fact.

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