Do Adjustable Beds Fit in a Bed Frame? What You Should Know

When purchasing an adjustable mattress, a widespread query is no matter whether it can suit in a bed body. The response is of course, you can suit your adjustable bed in a mattress frame. These beds are intended to give your body the elevation it demands as you slumber without having possessing to transfer your entire body to suit your bed.

If you’re getting problems fitting an adjustable mattress into your mattress body, hold looking through for guidance on how to set it up, how it works, as properly as its professionals and downsides.

What Is an Adjustable Bed: How Does It Work?

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An adjustable bed permits you to alter the peak of the head and foot of the bed and the angle of each and every facet independently. A lot of types also let you to established a situation for each and every side. This way, you can preserve that placement whilst you snooze. So, if you are reading through in bed and want to lie down, you really don't have to reset everything manually.

These beds have several motors that let you to elevate and reduced the head and foot of the mattress. You can raise or reduced the whole mattress, either facet of the mattress individually, or transfer it to any placement you want. You can even control diverse human body areas at different firmness ranges utilizing different controls for every single adjustable mattress component.

It’s like getting many beds in one particular. You will be ready to lie down easily without worrying about your back or neck acquiring sore if they’re not in line with each other.

How to In shape an Adjustable Mattress Inside a Bed Body

Prior to buying an adjustable bed, measure the dimensions of your mattress frame. This way, you’ll be sure it operates with your bed frame. You will observe that some adjustable mattress frames occur with instructions on assembling them.

Soon after assembling the adjustable mattress as for every the directions, it’s time to set it up on your bed body. Here are numerous mattress frames and how to established up your adjustable bed on each and every.

1. Platform Beds

One of the most well-liked approaches to set up an adjustable mattress is on a system bed body. If your adjustable mattress will come with legs, eliminate them just before setting it up on the system bed. Use the included hardware to connect it for stability.

The only draw back of location up your adjustable mattress on a platform mattress is that no side rails increase earlier mentioned the slats. It implies that your adjustable mattress might be prone to sliding on the system bed.

2. Standard Bed Frames

Get rid of the box spring if you want to match an adjustable mattress on a traditional bed frame. Then, insert your adjustable bed. Alter the peak to match the adjustable mattress flawlessly onto the conventional mattress frame.

You can also insert more attributes to your classic bed frame, which includes aspect rails, a footboard, and a headboard. But the ideal point is that many adjustable beds have a headboard and headboard brackets.

3. Ground Setup

Most adjustable beds arrive with 4 legs. You can use this to established it up on the flooring.

four. Sleigh Beds

Typically, sleigh beds are made from wood. But since they absence the heart help of a common box spring, many adjustable beds may not provide adequate assist for the mattress. The best adjustable bed you can use on a sleigh bed is the platform adjustable mattress.

Get the slats out, then go the adjustable bed and position it on the sleigh mattress.

Benefits of an Adjustable Bed

  • Improved Posture and Ease and comfort: An adjustable mattress allows you to change the peak and angle of the headboard to aid maintain your spine in line with your hips. This way, you preserve a ‘neutral’ sleeping place that is comfy for the entire body.
  • Relieves Again Ache: An adjustable bed supplies support and relief to the backbone when lying down or sitting in mattress. You’ll minimize stress on your joints, muscle tissue, and nerves while you rest by adjusting the bed to your particular requirements.
  • Reduced Inflammation and Increased Circulation: An adjustable bed allows you to raise your feet previously mentioned your coronary heart level, a place that promotes enhanced blood movement and decreases inflammation in the legs. This is helpful for those struggling from swollen feet, ankles, or even edema.

Down sides of an Adjustable Mattress

  • Heavy: The major disadvantage of adjustable beds is the added attributes that make them cumbersome. These beds are made with metal frames. They also use motors to modify the top and angle of the headboard and footboard. Some have added characteristics like therapeutic massage, heat, and vibrating capabilities. The excess weight of all this makes it difficult for one particular particular person to transfer or raise an adjustable mattress on your own.
  • Costly: Adjustable beds are costlier than standard kinds, owing to the many additional attributes. The great information is that distinct types are obtainable on the market place today. So, locating one inside of your price range shouldn’t be as well demanding!
  • Mattress Compatibility: Adjustable beds need a unique kind of mattress able of altering to the distinct angles of the bed. These mattresses are usually much more pricey than conventional types. Aside from, they’re not usually straightforward to find in shops.
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Frequently Questioned Concerns

What is the very best mattress for an adjustable mattress?

There are a lot of kinds of mattresses on the industry today, ranging from standard innerspring mattresses to memory foam and hybrid mattresses. Nonetheless, it can be tough to find the perfect mattress for an adjustable bed. The greatest mattresses to use are latex, hybrid, and memory foam mattresses. The reason is that these mattresses are versatile and will correspond to the curves of an adjustable bed.

Can you use a footboard and headboard with an adjustable bed?

Indeed, you can use a headboard and footboard with your adjustable bed. These are created to fit above the controls of your adjustable bed. The two have two sides, one particular that goes to the still left of the controls and one more to the proper of the controls.

Can adjustable beds function with a box spring?

Adjustable beds and box springs really don't go jointly at all. Box springs are developed to be employed with beds that are not adjustable. The basis of the adjustable mattress acts as the mattress’s foundation, so you don’t need a box spring.


Adjustable beds are an excellent option for several people. That’s why they’re so well-liked! The best point is that they can effortlessly combine into your bed body with out significantly hassle. The only factor you need to have to do is ensure to get the right-sized product that fits in your bed frame.


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