Do Dryer Sheets Repel Mosquitoes or Other Insects? The Interesting Answer!

Numerous savvy DIYers think that dryer sheets aid repel mosquitoes and other insects. But is this real or fallacy? The truth is somewhere among the two, which is why we took the time to appear up with this guide and crack down every thing that you want to know about utilizing dryer sheets as a mosquito and insect repellent. Spoiler alert, although, do not ditch the bug sprays just however.

Do Dryer Sheets Repel Mosquitoes?

There are no studies that present that dryer sheets repel or don’t repel mosquitoes.

This is an region in which the jury is nevertheless out, so there are many conflicting thoughts out there. It is well worth noting that most dryer sheets contain an component known as linalool, which is a identified insect repellent.

With linalool as an ingredient, it is surely attainable that dryer sheets can aid repel mosquitoes, but correct now, we just really don't know for sure.

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Do Dryer Sheets Repel Other Insects?

While we don’t really know if dryer sheets are an successful way to repel mosquitoes, we do know that they can support repel other varieties of insects. One examine by scientists at Kansas Point out University and the University of Illinois found that “Bounce” dryer sheets operate as an successful fungus gnat deterrent.

Moreover, scientific studies have proven that linalool, an active ingredient in several dryer sheets, acts as an exceptional deterrent for bugs like mites, beetles, weevils, and some types of cockroaches. Although we do not know for positive how efficient dryer sheets are for repelling mosquitoes, they can at the very least aid preserve other kinds of insects away!

What Is Linalool?

Linalool is a naturally taking place material that you can discover in over 200 types of vegetation. It is common in citrus fruits and lavenders, and today, you can find it in a wide selection of merchandise and applications. It’s a widespread ingredient in various vital oils, sedatives, and even alcohol.

Linalool is an very versatile and successful component for a extensive variety of apps, so it’s no surprise to locate it in dryer sheets.

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Other Ways to Keep Mosquitoes and Other Insects Away

Just due to the fact we don’t know if dryer sheets operate at repelling mosquitoes does not imply you just need to settle for obtaining these bugs around. The most efficient way to keep mosquitoes and other types of bugs absent is to use a committed, substantial-good quality bug spray.

Bug sprays can also prevent a broader range of bugs than dryer sheets with linalool can. Of program, you can hold making use of dryer sheets, but we advise pairing them with a more effective strategy, like bug spray.

Final Thoughts

Whilst there might be some fact to using dryer sheets as a mosquito repellent, there’s just not enough proof to say for sure either way. Even so, you can maintain absent specified insects, like fungus gnats, mites, and even some cockroaches, with dryer sheets, so they do have useful houses.

But if you are making an attempt to maintain insects absent from you the following time that you are out, we advise actively playing it risk-free by going with a leading-notch bug spray as an alternative of stuffing your pockets total of dryer sheets.

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