Do Gutter Guards Work? Are They Worth It?

If you’ve ever owned a residence, you know the trouble that can come with cleansing the gutters when or twice a calendar year. Every little thing from lifeless insects and birds’ nests to fallen leaves and twigs can slide into the gutters, cause clogs, and eventually flood about your house. But are gutter guards the answer? When it arrives to efficiency, are they worth it?

Yes, gutter guards do function pretty effectively as an efficient method to stop gutter clogging and possible home flooding. Not only can they preserve you hundreds of bucks for every 12 months and gutter cleansing, but they can also give you peace of mind when your house is strike with periods of weighty or a lengthy rain or large winds. Carry on reading to discover far more about the rewards of gutter guards.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

Gutter guards function by basically blocking the inside of your gutters from particles and other objects. They occur in a lot of distinct kinds. They can go inside of of the gutters, on leading of them, or on the edge of your roof so that particles primarily slides off of the roof and straight on to the ground.

The performance of the gutter guard will depend on the kind you pick, the design of your gutters and roof, and how they are set up. In some circumstances, you can put in gutter guards by yourself, which is perfect if you are hunting to preserve cash on labor fees.

But some gutter guards, exclusively individuals that are mounted to the decrease edge of the roof, could require to be mounted by roofing specialists. Nonetheless, it is crucial to observe that gutter guards might not be a totally foolproof remedy to safeguard your gutters from particles, specially if they do not go over the gutters completely.

What Are the Best Gutter Guards for Heavy Rain?

A single of the main causes why most homeowners have gutter guards is to offer protection for the duration of hefty rain. Even so, some guards perform better than other individuals when it comes to avoiding waterlogging. Below are a few features to consider when searching for gutter guards that function greatest in these situations.

Aluminum Frames

Guards with aluminum frames typically weigh considerably less, which in flip places considerably less strain on the roof in the course of periods of hefty rain or snow. This is helpful for houses with more mature roofs or eaves.

Raised Mesh Screen Designs

Mesh screens are excellent for durations of heavy rain, as they permit large volumes of h2o to easily circulation via the guards while filtering debris that can cause blockages.

Reinforced Fasteners

Some gutter guards demand fasteners to secure them to the best of the gutter or base of the roof eaves. These fasteners keep the guards in place to fascia boards (the long board behind the gutters) rather of snapping them in situation. This can turn into an concern in the course of prolonged intervals of heavy rain or windy situations. If you stay in an area susceptible to these situations, you may possibly want to think about guards with this extra components.

Should I Install My Own Gutter Guards?

Whilst a lot of kinds of gutter guards can be self-installed, some may require the help of specialists. These are normally guards that are retrofitted to the gutters or developed to suit on best of a particular sort of gutter. But if you’re common with tackling home assignments and aren’t frightened of heights, you can undoubtedly find gutters that you can install oneself.

Common alternatives incorporate people produced of mesh screens or bristles. These guards are relatively effortless to set up and most merely sit appropriate within of the gutters. Other sorts of guards, this sort of as reverse curve or floor stress guards, are put on best of the gutters and normally consider more time and energy to install. As a result, they might pose challenges for a Do it yourself novice–especially if you are not common with fitting gutter elements.

Factors To Consider Before Installing Gutter Guards

Just before selecting to install gutter guards on your home, it’s helpful to consider certain elements that can influence the kind of guard that will work for your residence, as effectively as their total expense and efficiency. Here are a number of factors to feel about just before purchasing gutter guards.

Size Of The Gutters

It is critical to evaluate your gutters ahead of purchasing any guards. Gutter guards are generally sold by the linear foot, and most are about 5 inches extensive. Nonetheless, some gutter guards appear in widths of four or 6 inches. Bear in mind, if the guard does not suit effectively, it’ll be way much less successful.

Your Budget

Are you hunting for the least expensive way to put in gutter guards for your house? If so, you may want to go with foam, PVC, or aluminum mesh display guards. They are normally the least high-priced, and they can be very easily self-installed.

It aids to create a price range for the whole task following you make a decision which kind of guard program you use. Also, roofing companies will usually cost by the linear foot to install the gutter guards, so the for a longer time the gutters, the larger the expense will be.

Local Climate Conditions

Yet another thing to consider are the neighborhood temperature circumstances in the area. For example, if you dwell in an spot with heaps of tall trees and wildlife, you might want to pick a guard system that performs successfully to hold out leaves, twigs, and birds’ nests.

Or, if your home is inclined to lots of weighty rain or winds, guards with the mesh screens or fasteners may be greatest to stop drinking water logging and displacement. Areas prone to hefty snow and ice might fare far better with guards produced of hardy components such as stainless metal and PVC.

Roof Design

The layout of your roof will also engage in a position in how significantly roofers charge to install your gutter guards. Generally, chapel-fashion roofs or other roof varieties that are a lot more challenging to access, will incur higher price general.

How To Prepare For Gutter Guards Installation

You can obtain gutter guards from local components merchants this sort of as Lowe’s and House Depots, or you can purchase immediately from a company. If you’re putting in mesh screens, bristles, or PVC guards, the method is pretty easy. Right here is an overview of methods to prepare your gutters for the guards.

1. Clear Out Gutters Completely

Prior to installing the guards, it is essential to first distinct out the gutters. This implies that you’ll have to get a ladder and bodily get rid of any debris from the gutters beforehand. And of course, if you really don't want to do this your self, you can always shell out a gutter and roofing specialist to do this for you.

The average value for a gutter cleaning is all around $100 to $300 an hour, depending on the duration of the gutters and their accessibility. Numerous professionals also advise employing your h2o hose to pour h2o down the gutters to remove tiny traces of dirt and debris. Performing so will also test the existing functionality of the gutters to guarantee that they aren’t damaged–something that can lead to troubles with guard set up.

2. Take Proper Measurements

Following cleaning the gutters, you will want to evaluate them. 1st, measure the width of the gutters by putting measuring tape sideways throughout the best portion of the gutter. The width must evaluate anyplace from four to 6 inches. Up coming, use your measuring tape to evaluate the total length of your gutters.

It is ideal to commence on a single facet of your residence and function your way to the other aspect from leading to base. Be certain to have your mobile mobile phone or a pen and paper to publish down the measurements. Notice that correctly measuring the gutters is completely critical to receiving the suitable guardfitting.

3. Determine The Proper Tools For The Installation

Following you’ve prepared the gutters and bought a new guard, you’ll need to have to get any equipment needed for the installation approach. You will need to have a ladder which is stable and sturdy, and you will want to obvious out any obstructions on the side of your house that may possibly block the route of the ladder. Also, be positive to have other equipment such as a screw gun, screwdriver, tape measure, and electric noticed or shears to make any very last-moment adjustments. Then, all that’s left to do is install the guards.


Gutter guards can, in fact, be an powerful way to prevent your gutters from turning out to be clogged. If your location activities frequent rains or if you have problems with wildlife clogging the gutters, guards might be a great alternative to consider. Prior to putting in gutter guards, it’s useful to just take a look at the numerous sorts to determine which one particular will function very best for your residence.



Highlighted Graphic Credit score: 123switch, Pixabay